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car being reposses

New Messagecar being reposses (modified 0 times) alan
hi all... my car just been repossess by ambank... i understand that its 2 months 21days and i owed few months. the car is under my dads name.. im the guarantor. my dad suffered stroke n cant use the car as i m doing the payments and using it now

its like this .. my due date is every 10th of the month today is the 10th
i was sending stock to my supplier then 2 guys stop me.. said i owe car loan n needed to tow the car
i said im working now and will be paying after my work at 5pm.. then the show me the repossession letter dated 10th dec
4.27pm ...

i been paying the bank every 10th of the month for the pass 6 months(i kept the receipts) why today so different? its still the 10th they come repossess d .. the letter date was 10th dec 427pm they came repossess my car at 455pm.. wow that was fast.. pakat with bank meh ? i was not given any warning or letters on my payment.. as im the guarantor dont tell me a simple call to warn me also cant?

so wat can i do next? pay the amount or fight the case... seriously AMBANK IS THE MOST FARKUP BANK!

10 Dec, 2009 20:14:53

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) alan
forget to add... i was been paying every 10th after 9 pm at CDM machines.. just now after the car was being repossess

i cant bank in the money its stated "none authorize acc" last 6 months no problem only today..

n the repossess men was so rude n even scared my GF.. she was the only witness there hair dye yellow color.. 2 malay 2 indian... gangster looks ... haihz...

10 Dec, 2009 20:19:49

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) vkpc
You can pay the 3 months outstanding plus RM 1k repossession fees to take back your car.
Don't wait more than 21 days......
10 Dec, 2009 21:41:59

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) alan
how izzit possible that ambank issue the letter at 427PM and the repo men found my car in 28 minutes

was i stalked ? can i make a police report on this ? my car was not at home, i was at my suppliers shop located way outside town ..

unless i was stalked/ followed

by the way ... i was not even given any notice for my repossession period.. "4th schedule"

11 Dec, 2009 01:46:15

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) notalawyer
If you were not sent the Fourth Schedule, it is an offense by the bank punishable by 6 months jail.
Are you sure you didn't change address?

Within about 7 days after repossession, the bank must send you the Fifth Schedule or it is another offense.

11 Dec, 2009 06:28:53

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) ....
No point talking about this.This is how AMBank people work.They got their own gangster.You want to win them you need to have your own gangster.They cannot take your car if your car parked at car porch (house).Thats the rules.Just pay the outstanding and make sure you dont have outstanding more than 30 days.AMBank are blood ######.Now you have to pay more than your outstanding.Parking fees,Lawyer letter,for the gangster to collect your car and extra ...........Fire the officer that release the letter.Give him a good advice.Tell them dont act so cheap just for 2 months outstanding.
11 Dec, 2009 08:42:46

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) alan
thanks for replying ..

i paid the full amount today and take back my car.
when i check my car inside was in a mess they rent sack like trying to find something.
money i can get anytime. but seriously after i took over the payments from my dad i was not late i did not miss a single month

when my dad fell sick i took over the payments did not know that is was 3 months due
cos i did not receive any phone calls or letters.. i even kept all the payment receipts
u know wat the bank officer told me? "its ur problem not ours.. so how? do u want to redeem ur car? pay this this this.." " the bank cant help u on ur matters" "you think over la i want do another customers case"

they claim it was on my old address i already pindah house 5 years ago.. i remember i DID change the address 3 years back
the bank officer claim that (same old words) "its not my problem guess our system did not update it" my mom was there
imagine she was so upset.. i did not inform my dad.. cos he is very sick... been almost a year sick.. my life really ####up ... this banks... i really hope they burn in hell

fARK AMBANK n their gansters


forget it .. i learned my lesson.. i will be more cautious now

11 Dec, 2009 21:17:49

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) damsickofambank
I too got my car repossess just today as I were just late in my payment, It is not that I didn't want to pay but my company is facing some financial difficulties so didn't get any salary for the last 4 months. They came with the letter date today date with time is just 12mins ago. Wah! how come they know where i were today? I guess they might had follow me to my customer place from my house as I had feeling that someone followed my when i left my house. Total 4 of guys, all chinese gangster look came attacked me with vulgar and nasty words. I called the bank and ask them if they could just gave me 2 more days and I will settle the amount. But they said no way since the letter is out no way for them to retract the letter or the repossess job. I had to give in as I am lost on what I can do.
Understand that all the bank are the same when they hire car repossess ppl. By the way, I still had only 6months left to pay off my car.
03 Feb, 2010 00:59:44

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) ouch!!
wow... I faced the same situation last year... without notice and call, the tow man came to my workplace to 'tarik' my savvy... If only i know that this ambank is ####!! I never want to deal with them !! frustrated I paid the amount and the next day I went to pay for 1 1/2 months to a nearest ####ambank... The bank officer said he did call but the num was not in service.. Believe it or not I was visited by 2 different tow "agents". That morning a chinese man came with a dusun man asking for rm400...Then late in the evening around 5pm, another car from lawas came to my house saying that they were instructed by ambank lawas to tarik my savvy..(what is happening???) My husband was #### angry because we already paid the earlier ambank tow "agents'... I show the letter from ambank kk brought by the 1st agents...and the payment we made to the tow "agents"... Luckily these men have some mercy to me... I agree with alan and ####sickofambnk..... I cant wait to finish my savy installments..
14 Sep, 2011 22:04:38

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) bugsbunny
the repoman r agents for the bank..if u c anyone with a laptop, looking at cars n punching car numbers than they r repoman..they have a list of all defaulted cars in there n all they do is wait..once its confirm the car is due for repossession then they request for the repo order
recently gomen had amended the HP act whereby if a hirer has paid more than 75% of the cash price,the bank must get a court order to repossess the get a court order it takes another 1 to 2 mths n the bill is around rm1.2k to most banks will only apply if its worth it..kancil or saga i think is safe la
30 Sep, 2011 00:21:19

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) mimo
if the tow officer asked to pay money,if not car will be tow by tow truker,the money we paid is go into the tow officer pocket or bank?It is legal?
08 Nov, 2011 20:30:42

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) kitboy
Dear all,

I work in a finance company dealing with hp. This is how it works:

1.) If you defaulted in 1 month payment, the FI will send you 1st reminder. Usually by call, sms or letter.

2.) If you defaulted in 2 months, a 4th schedule is out informing you that pls make payment or face being repo. FI will keep calling you, sms you or send you the letter.

3.) If 3 months defaulted, a 7 days notice is out and its called "controller" form, pink in color and its stated that within 7 days you must make payment. Sms are being send out, letters or even calls.

4.) By the 8th day no response, RO, repo order is out.

5.) Those repo guys have a listing of all defaulted cars and they will ring once they found the defaulted in payment target cars to the FI to confirm. Once confirmed, the bank will fax the RO to the repo man. Nowdays repo man has notebook and printer attached with them for fast response.

6.) Before they took your car or tow away, you can always tell the FI i am making payment now and usually they gave you like a couple of hours to make the repayment else if your car in the process of being tow, the repo guy will called the FI to "stop payment", barring you from making payment.

7.) Now when they have your car, the FI will send you a 5th schedule telling you that you have 31 days to redeem your car or else being auction off. If auction off and no shortfall, considered yourself lucky and if auctioned off and there is a shortfall, FI will pass the case to credit recovery agencies usually.

8.) When you redeem your car, basically you will have to paid your total months arrears o/s, repo fee, legal letter, RO letter and can be from 2k and above depending your amount.

9.) Just makesure you make payment promptly to your car loan on time and every letter the Fi sends out will cost you.....

Hope this help...cheers.

18 May, 2012 18:24:00

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) robert88

if i received the 4th schedule, and it showing im still owed RM1616 for the outstanding arrears as stated in the Fourth Schedule notice. i think the rm1616 is for 3 month instalment (RM560 per month).

if i only pay rm600 for it. (1 month instalment), will the bank issue the Fifth Schedule notice for me?

15 Jun, 2012 20:42:16

New MessageRE:car being reposses (modified 0 times) kitboy
5th Schedule is only when your car being repo and you have 21 days to redeem your car else being sold off or auction. 4th Schedule is a process before issuing repo order. So if the 4th schedule saying you are woing 3 months, just go ahead and make 1.5 months payment or 1 month minimum and the 4th schedule will be cancel.
13 Jul, 2012 15:29:53

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