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CTOS Checking.

New MessageCTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) Credit Card Victim
Recently i was having a CTOS check and found that there is a samam against me on a credit card from a bank. in the CTOS, it indicated that the samam hearing was on Dec 2003 and the amount claim was RM5k. there was no any futher information show there.

Now already 2012. in fact what that mean when the hearing date i was not attended. what is the impact to me as at now. will the limitation act still can apply to the case? or now can the bank still sue me for bankruptcy ? please assist . thank in advance.

02 May, 2012 17:07:06

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) Advisor
there is not impact to you as the case still carry on once they have the judgement on you regardless of how many year already over, therefore , the limitation act is not take place and you have to pay back the bank.

hope you get what i mean.

16 May, 2012 10:36:21

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) vkpc
After 6 years after 2003, the bank can't even take your TV without asking for permission from the court.
After 12 years after 2003, the bank can't even ask for permission from court to do anything to you.
Since the amount cannot reach 30k within 6 years from 2003, the bank also cannot make you a bankrupt.
So, legally you owe the bank nothing.
If you pay a partial amount to the bank, it would mean that you admit that you still owe the bank and then the bank can make you a bankrupt.
16 May, 2012 11:43:08

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) Emily
Very good advice!
16 May, 2012 23:59:28

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) Credit Card Victim
thank for the advise. but the problem is now they already have the judgement from the court which i dun know what is about. the six year time bar is from the judgement date ? can they keep on apply for another judgemnt when time close to six years? is the limitation act still imposes even the bankk already have the judgement from the court?

please advise.

17 May, 2012 11:42:18

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) unclear guy.
hi vkpc.

what you mean "After 6 years after 2003, the bank can't even take your TV without asking for permission from the court" . What is mean that? is it mean even after 6 years as per the limitation act, the bank still can bring us to court with the permission from court. what is the % for the court to allow the bank to re call the file after the six years time?

17 May, 2012 11:49:16

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) mad guy
Yes. the court will normally allow the bank to extend the time , the bank can apply to court to extend the get another judement before the time of six year without impforming you. Therefoe, you all guy dun think of using the limitation act to cover you all. I alway believe justice is alway there . so please think to settle it and dun hope of using the act to escape. that is my advise. i beleive vkpc will also agreed with me because what i advise is the fact and true.
17 May, 2012 12:06:49

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) Mr Nice Guy
if you got enough money to pay your debt, just go to bank, find anyone who in charge. But if the bank ask you to see debt agent collector to negotiate, u just tell them u only want to deal with the bank not the ####ing collector. collector like [xxxxxx name removed], zuri, p n a solution and many more just thinking to grab your money. the real bank collector from bank had tell me that these outsource collector job just to remind debtor to pay n they got commision if they got payment.. that y they treat u like hell.hahahaha REMEMBER DEAL WITH THE BANK if u got money to pay.
17 May, 2012 16:54:53

New MessageRE:CTOS Checking. (modified 0 times) worry
As one of my friend he now is singaporean with his singapore passport and he 6 years ago have bankrupt in malaysia but coming this year 2014 he going back to malaysia as per normal but this time have stop by Jb immigration say that you can come in to malaysia but c
11 Feb, 2014 21:33:57

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