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Opening a clinic
Legal Procedure to Open a clinic

New MessageOpening a clinic (modified 0 times) izwan

I'm planning to open up a clinic soon. My friends say, to open up a clinic, it's not neccessary to open a company. Just use my APC (Annual Practising Cert) and just apply the license from the local authority (e.g MPSJ) and once I ahve the license, I can straight away open a clinic.

Is it true?; OR

Do I have to register Enterprise or Company?

04 Oct, 2004 16:38:20

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Are you Bomoh or real Doctor? Easy thigns is not for Doctor to ask free questions. Please this is for poor people who need our help when they have legal problems okay? Ask for NEP helps please or something.
06 Oct, 2004 19:57:18

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) izwan
Is this how you answer someone who asked you properly and humbly?

If my question is rude, ridiculous or irrelevent, why don't you just wipe it off the database, so others won't read and you save some spaces and peace of mind.

I could have asked that with my fellow lawyers out there, what I did here just for some early exposure before I ask some potentially stupid questions to them.

Btw, can you show me the link to "rules and regulation" of this forum? Maybe I've forgotten to read it, or maybe you never read nettiquettes on the Net.

07 Oct, 2004 17:55:02

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) judgemenot
Just ignore the beckside peddlar Ah Seng.He is subhuman anyway.
You are right, just as lawyers, doctors are regulated by their professional bodies and you do not need to register a company.
07 Oct, 2004 18:52:22

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Observer
We should all now just ignore what this AhSeng has said or trying to say in this forum. Don't reply his comments... Let him "talk" to himself only. He will be very happy if someone replying his posting, that's his intention!!!


08 Oct, 2004 11:33:50

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
I just smell a something is fishy!!! why your fellow lawyers could not help you. I thought so maybe you were making joke or something. So I say sell beckside because you must be joking. I not asking you to go somewhere?

If I am rude for answer your question just a joke I am sorry. But maybe you also must told the truth? open clinic no problem. just fill out some forms.

09 Oct, 2004 19:54:43

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Halo, do you wnated some advice?? you can also registered as company or partnerships and opening a clinic. This way is people wanted to sue you the company can protected you. Okay this is free. Sorry I said something and you are angry. I am senior middle three not doctor or lawyer like some people are thinking.
11 Oct, 2004 17:32:20

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) judgemenot
So you see Ah Seng - you can be nice and helpful if you want.
11 Oct, 2004 20:36:11

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Please dont talk to me. You are a pass water. No one asks you. You are a trouble maker. You understand what is Batu Api??
11 Oct, 2004 22:55:10

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) kick seng
what Ah Seng888 needs is to shovel up a 3 meter log in between his legs, then he will quiet down like a well mannered child
03 Nov, 2004 13:14:58

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Skyhigh
I should say AhSeng is talking sense this time, as he mentioned about registering a Partnership "Sdn. Bhd" (Private Limited Co.).

Should financial problem arises like: Bankrupcy etc...You woould be responsible to a Limited extent.

05 Nov, 2004 08:34:15

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Smallsilver
I have a question here. Is the below answer is only for operating the clinic in west malaysia or both applicable to east malaysia as well. One of my client, a practising doctor, ask about can he operate his clinic under "sdn bhd". We have this query is because we only see the clinic operate under "sole prop" or "partnership" here in sarawak. Or is there anyway i can get the guideline for this? Thank you.
15 Feb, 2012 14:56:25

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Tarra Panda
Usually Clinics will operate under sole proprietor or partnership. This is because to incorporate a company, the yearly maintenance cost is much higher as you are required to retain a auditor and company secretary. The issue usually boils down to cost factor. However, if you are looking at exposure of liability, then, one should consider setting up a private limited company.

Hope this information help

31 Jul, 2012 11:02:29

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) YouGotMe
You can ask the subcon company for A to Z procedure to set up a clinic and also License application process..
here's some company doing A to Z for start up doctors wishes to open new clinics or branch.
16 May, 2013 14:55:24

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) justshared
Please read here :

Guidelines/Procedures to Open a Clinic in Malaysia - MMA

13 Mar, 2014 22:09:13

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) derekwilson
Yes you are right, you don't need to register a company.
17 Nov, 2014 00:18:24

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) james
Really that was amazing information on your forum with great and lot of topics. Thanks for sharing.
12 Dec, 2014 02:54:35

New MessageRE:Opening a clinic (modified 0 times) Bechside Bhai
My advise to you is to form a company which will own the clinic and employ you. The directors of your company can be individuals such as your wife or relative or accountant or some else. The purpose of using a company rather than yourself is that your liability is then limited.

If say you perform a procedure on a patient and the patient suffers permanent damage or is incapacitated, their insurer or they themselves in thir own right could sue you for large amounts of money. As an individual your liability is unlimited. As a corporation (company) your liability is limited to the value of the company in its paid up capital amount. Additionally your ability to wind up and to move on unscathed is far greater than it would be if you were operating as an individual.

It always pays to do a risk assessment of your position when considering such options. Medicine and the practice of medicine is fraught with risk.

11 Jan, 2016 18:24:09

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