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Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency

New MessageIrresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) pity family
My family hired 2 maids from an maid agency. One of them being returned due to unfit and one of them run away. Then the agency replace with another 2 maids. Unfortunately both of them run away. This incident happened within a months and we had paid totally RM12000++. And Yet the agency refuse replace with any others maid and refuse to return the 5 1/2 months salary that paid in advance per maid.
I have few questions as below:
1. The agency claimed that my parents who is illiterate had been signed a contract which state only 1 maid will be replace in any case. By the way, according to immigration agency are responsible to replace a new maid if maid is run away or physical unfit. Meanwhile, the agency refuse to send us a copied of agreement. Then when we involved MCA as mediator, MCA make a copy for us. We notice that the agreement was not stampling. May i know, this agreement consider valid under law of malaysia?

p/s: We on hook the payment of the last maid due to the agency on hold all the maid passport while we told them in advance we wanted it back in order to give them the payment. But again agency refuse to do so.

15 Feb, 2007 14:16:39

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) Marcos Family

Phillipino women are the largest non european sector in Australia. All mail order brides 78% of whom are divorced within the second year then engaging in extra marital affairs. [Removed]

16 Feb, 2007 04:41:45

New MessageRE: Runaway maids and Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) feeling_unjust
i can understand your aunt's maid ran away from her home 2 weeks ago and now has the cheek to approach the msia labour office and request for a refund of her salary!!! what audacity you would say...but its the truth...i just knew about it aunt was caught surprise the day she ran off and had to handle my bed ridden grandma all by herself. I really sympathized her but dun know how to help her...i dun even know what advice to give her cos I heard these indon maids can be realy crazy when pushed to a corner... i am more worried about their safety than to worry about the RM2k the maid is demanding for...She really had the cheek to come back and demand for the $$ when my aunt had to go through the ordeal of reporting her disappearance to the police dept and yet got a summon for it...what is this world coming to??? In order to get a maid replacement soon to take care of my granny's daily need, my aunt actually succumb to the maid agency's get a maid replacement at an additional cost of "RM8k"...I am really wondering whether there is any protection for employers like us!!!
02 Dec, 2008 21:03:28

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) Arthur da man
Why did they run away anyway? maybe they were ill treated by you..
06 Jan, 2012 21:58:45

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) justine
if there is any form of dispute, there are a few options to pursue the case. you could either approach a lawyer, fight the case out in the courts knowing that there are chances it will be heard in maybe 3 years. Again, knowing that, when the verdict comes around, you might or might not get what you want. There is another approach... talk and negotiate. For all you know it might be that simple. This is what MEDIATION is about. Maybe you think it is difficult for you to do it on your own. Well you don't have to. A mediator is a third party who is neutral and acts as a facilitator. I have used one along the way and they are based in Kl but do call them to see if Mediation can help you. His number is 03-22890775. You might also want to try 014-6417833. No harm asking him some questions on the mediation process. It is an impartial one, all discussions are private and it really is the party that decides on the really, you have the controls. the settlement agreement at the end of the day is prepared by the mediator and it is a binding contract . Plus the fees are really low compared to legal proceedings plus it is made known before mediation begins. Most importantly is that both party wins !
17 Aug, 2012 05:54:26

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) nicewan
Don't mistreat your maids.
31 Mar, 2015 20:53:13

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) Gopal
Go to the nearest immigration office, ask them if the agent is registered. This is a form of people trafficking which we are all guilty of supporting. You get desperate people, pay them desperate wages, let their "agents" (pimps) steal from them, you can expect no better from them. They will steal from you.

Most of the problems with maids in Malaysia stem from their employers not knowing how to treat them and their agents robbing them blind.

06 Apr, 2015 09:27:03

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) Cheated!
For public awareness - Just to share on my ongoing challenge with Precision Manpower Maid Agency (PMA), Penang HQ with branches in Alor Setar, Puchong & Cheras, who hadnt abided by my consumer tribunal award since last Sept. Good news is after much persistence in follow up with the Kpdnkk, the agent was finally summoned to appear before the magistrate court for a criminal offense charge. The entire process was facilitated by the Kpdnkk without the need of a lawyer.

Another victim whose multiple postings on public forums had led PMA to finally pay up on her award after 6 months. There is hope! Never give up in pursuing for justice!

24 Jul, 2015 16:04:26

New MessageRE:Irresponsible Dosmestic Maid Agency (modified 0 times) Oreo
What is wrong with you people here? Spouting employers mistreating maids and human trafficking while people are asking how to get back their money from the agent? So blind about human rights and forgot about the rights of the employer, consumer of the agent and maid's service?

Get in touch with legal aid centre if you cant afford lawyer, or get a lawyer to issue a notice to the maid's agent asking for whatever refund you can get. The lawyer will do all the proper company search on the maid's agent and advise you accordingly. A simple letter of demand could cost you few hundreds compared to the RM12,000 paid to the agent. Also, although the agreement is not stamped, it is still admissible under the law.

04 Dec, 2015 16:02:20

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