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1 Cintai malaysia Card
Threaten by Cintai Travel Card

New MessageCintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Advise Needed
I have the same problem where some one call me threaten me that I must upgrade to gold card if not they will continue charge me annual fee. I think we need to find out a way to stop all these crook. I had never use the service and never sign an agreement to upgrade. How can they force us to upgrade. Should we complaint to the consumer association?
15 Jan, 2011 15:06:02

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) SitiSharif
You have the absolute right to reject their offer to upgrade your card existing status. Tell them politely that you do not have money for that. They will not pursue you if you are broke. Have a nice day.
17 Feb, 2011 10:29:02

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Living in Uneasiness
I am facing the same problem where the telephone operator keeps on calling me despite being told politely initially to cancel my membership since I have never used any of their services. Then they called again saying that there's no such thing as cancellation. After telling them again and again I don't want to continue with the service, the operator keeps on calling, harassing and threatens me that if I don't upgrade to their platinum card which of course, have to pay few hundred ringgit....that my name will be shifted into another list where they'll charge me annual fee. Best part is this time they claim to get the banks involve too. To Cintai Malaysia Company, kindly investigate this matter and stop the harassment done by the operators. I am now living in uneasiness after receiving the call today. My name is MEGAT MUHAMMED FAISAL. Kindly help me.
09 May, 2011 15:22:58

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) kenk
I also have the same kind of problem facing by them. The cintai Malaysia operator keeps calling although you already inform that you don’t want the card. I still remember the operator name call siti which use the phone no 0123301703, say although you say don’t want the card and membership still need to pay the money to upgrade to platinum. She still insist that their will keep calling and charge us monthly membership fee. I think the government needs to take some aggressive action against this issue. Kindly help me.
08 Jun, 2011 13:20:19

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) asnah
I just received the same call from the staff cintai malaysia. Woman with the name of Nurulakma. she asked me if I upgrade to a platinum card, I said no because I think I lost because I did not use, you had to pay RM599 Upgrade, I have twice paid but not used, so I said do not upgrade, he sounds angry, I said I want to terminate my credit card . sHe said I know your card still active . Even if i disagree they would be deducted from my maybank credit card. SHe said each credit card must have a backup credit card which is cintai malaysia card. so I call maybank officer, then he said no such thing. To all let's do a complaint with the NCCC mass public.I never sign any agreementwith cm.
29 Jun, 2011 16:06:14

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mav3rick
hey all,

i was also duped into this Cintai VIP card back in 2005. Paid over RM400+ however i did not utilize its services and also the 2day 1 night free stay. Back in 2009, i received a call from them stating that i need to renew and upgrade to the Gold Card as they are retiring the previous one. When they told me i had to pay over RM500+ i told them to go fly kites as previously they told me the card was a one time payment for life. They threathen me that if i do not pay this amount, i will be charge monthly. So i told them to cancel my membership. Subsequently, they threathen me that other companies will chage me RM600 if i do not sign up for this. When i enquired further, they said that it is other companies that provide the same services as them. I was puzzled. Why would other companies want to charge for things/services that i do not sign up with. bottomline, i told them to buzz off.

Now today, again i'm receiving their calls asking me to upgrade to PLATINUM. can you believe this?? :D To me this company conducts business unethically and is very unscrupulous, full of deceit. If anyone you want to launch a complain to NNCC, do include me in. Thanks.

13 Jul, 2011 17:36:05

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card - trap (modified 0 times) najwa
Dear All, this is complain from victim of Cintai Msia & answer from NCCC (posted Tuesday, 19 April 2011 22:41) :

link page from NCCC :

NCCC telah melanjutkan perkara ini kepada pihak Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) dan kepada pihak Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) untuk siasatan dan tindakan. Hasil daripada siasatan pihak SSM mendapati bahawa Syarikat CINTAI HOLIDAYS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD menjalankan kegiatan pemasaran melalui panggilan telefon. Semakan mendapati lesen jualan langsung Syarikat tersebut telah dibatalkan pada tahun 2004.

*Then, should we just ignore their threat?? I'm also the victim of Cintai Malaysia & so hopefully this answer would relief everyone...

14 Jul, 2011 12:24:39

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Iza Isa
I received called from Cintai Malaysia treating me for the same reason too. Forced me to upgrade my card to Platinum and cannot cancel the membership. If no one report to consumer association, i will do that.
22 Jul, 2011 10:42:37

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mav3rick
Hi all,

even though there are already a couple of complaints to NNCC as posted by Nawja below, i personally feel that those of us affected, should still continue to lodge our own individual reports. The more the merrier. We need to let NNCC understand the severity of this issue. I will be lodging mine by this week. i hope more of you will follow suit. Thanks.

25 Jul, 2011 16:05:44

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Bingji
Hi All....

I just received the same call from the staff today n immediately submitted my complaint to NCCC. With hope government should take some aggressive action against this issue. Kindly help me

08 Aug, 2011 15:00:19

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) lovelymy
Hi all,

I received several calls from them few months back. Keep asking me to upgrade to Platinum Card which need to pay a ONE TIME PAYMENT RM599 for LIFE TIME. I refused as I did not use mine since I signed up the membership few years back. Then, the sales rep said I must take the offer. If not, they will charge me annual fee of few hundred RM. Then, I said I wanto cancel the membership since I don't use it. The answer is so fantastic! she said I can't cancel coz it is a LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP! what is this non-sense?! I argued with her on this funny explanation but she just keep telling me the same. Somemore, they will become rude when u say NO. What should I do now? I want them stop calling me. Really annoying!

18 Aug, 2011 15:27:16

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) skidall
Dear all,

Looks like we have the same issue here.
Just got a call from them after 2-3 weeks rest..heh
Same threat,same story bla bla i have been on this planet yesterday.
i paid they want me to upgrade? What The Fish? Fed up...i just hang up and tak angkat phone dah..

How can we complain? Where do we complain? And will complaining stops all this BS?

14 Sep, 2011 14:47:15

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) hassan
Hi all,

thank you for sharing. I am also the victim of Cintai Malaysia Card... recently (year 2011)they force me to take up platinum card or else they will do something to me. I took up their offer on 2008 and I thought it was one time payment and they will not bother me anymore. Now, a woman operator called me and ask me to accept their platinum card. If I wont, they would charge me with annual fees. I told her I do not want. then she told that she will send the card to my address and will deduct an amount of money (RM550) from my credit card. what happened to all of you has happened to me as well. recently, there is a man called me and told that the card has been send to my address and I have to pay for that. I just hanged up the phone and then, 1 week after that (22 October 2011) he called me, I took up the call and I just remained silent and he acted like he is superior. FYI, their websites are still active: and

26 Oct, 2011 21:23:41

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Joseph
I have the same thing happen to me just now. a woman operator, Yandy (019-2656865) saying that my name has been submitted to HQ. she is trying to help me to close my name from the system. she ask me to take up the platinum card and pay an amount of RM 599. if i dun take it, then they will charge me an annual fees or RM 450 every year. i told them i wan to cancel my membership, and she said the membership cannot be cancelled. and keep on persue me. i have rejected many many calls oredi and it is wasting my time for answering all those calls.....
02 Nov, 2011 16:14:59

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Cheng
I just received a called from the so called Head of Marketing (a lady) & I was also ask to upgrade to RM590 or else early I had to pay RM490. They kept on calling me for the past few months different mobile phone number & different name. If this so called Lady Head of Marketing from Cintai Malaysia, she sound aggressive & persuasive & not professional & harrassing. I am wondering if NCCC is doing anything or not? When will it end for good?
17 Nov, 2011 11:02:28

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) joe_kl
Same with me. Received call today by very annoying women asking to upgrade membership to Platinum then only I'll not received such call anymore. I refused and the women told me that I'll be paying annual charges for the whole of my life. I still refuse to upgrade and want to cancel my membership, but received same answer repeatedly in very aggressive and "kurang ajar" tonne. I did scold her that why you being so "kurang ajar" and you expect me to pay and feed someone like you. She threaten me to send official letter and will affect me bla bla bla...I responded that I'll bring this matter to Tribunal Pengguna and she keep on threaten me. At last I just say bring it on and ended the stupid conversation. I've just raised my complaint in NCCC few mins ago. Being in banking sector previously, I know there is no such thing they can charge my credit card without my written or phone consent..So be it stupid Cintai Holiday and their operator staffs..They'll definitely get more "pedas" word from me if they call me again..
28 Dec, 2011 00:37:56

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) asnah123
just received a called from a lady of cintai Malaysia to upgrade to RM590 or else early I had to pay RM490. They kept on calling me for the past few months different mobile phone number & different name. If this so called Lady Head of Marketing from Cintai Malaysia, she sound aggressive & persuasive & not professional & harrassing. I join in 2008 and do not know she collect my phone no I agree to join because she said 1 payment only for whole life. Then the second time I paid 599 that in 2009 but I did not go any where and she call again and again when and scolding me like hell and I change my phone no and I do not know from where she can
get my new no. Same thing asked me to pay again I off my phone. Just let her mad.
18 Jan, 2012 12:04:53

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) AHmad
Hi, I just get call from a lady, said she is from Cintai Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. I search on internet, and found this page. I even told her that I'm reading this page. I said to her there are so many negative comments about them. The way she talk like Cintai Holidays (M) Sdn Bhd is different from Cintai Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. She said the company is already 15 years and several person she call before me already have their card. So now she ask me. She said all credit card user suppose to have their card - Backup card (RM599). I said, I already use credit card for so long, why you not call me earlier? I never heard your company or your card before. She said, now is my turn. I even ask their SSM number because I want to know her exact company name but she said that she need to ask her supervisor.
The offer with RM599 once time payment includes:
1. 3D2N holiday package worth aroud RM400
2. life insurance worth RM40000 for one year. (so this is the opportunity for the to call for renewal.)
3. up to 15% discount for umrah, even for family member. Originally she said "up to", but later she fix to 15% after I argued that "up to" means "15% or below".
4. 30% credit card rate for 3 years, originally from 54% (18% per year times 3). So she said that 24% save. But if I paid full settlement each time, this is useless. Furthermore, my card rate is around 13% per year, which is 24% saving is not relevant for me.
I have so many doubt, so I reject the offer.
Later, she sms me the address, which is similar to the address of Cintai Holidays (M) Sdn Bhd.
19 Jan, 2012 13:15:41

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Fida
same situation happened to me..
I got few calls from them and just now I received another call.
When I told her that I'd informed them long..long time ago I already cancelled my membership, she kept talking about payment that i've to make.
Since she called me during office hour.. I told her to call again later but for sure I won't answer it.
20 Jan, 2012 12:10:42

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Dude...
Hi..I also receive so many times call from fed up...problem same with you all...for about 1 month I didn't pickup if cintai call..if anyone still have their agreement please inform me...tq..
30 Jan, 2012 11:42:24

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) anne
hi everyone…
i'm facing same problem with u all...
recently (i think last week) i have made a report to tribunal pengguna malaysia through online…
and suddenly today morning one staff from cintai holiday claimed that it is scam which done by their own people…weird huh???
so, i said to her that they should give me an official letter so that i can withhdraw my report to tribunal…
she promised by today her manager will issue out an official letter to state that any payment of upgrading member card not required since I’ve already paid once I registered (which is 5 years ago)….
so guys…you have to act same thing or else they will charge your credit card without your permission…
30 Jan, 2012 13:36:02

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Dude
Good for you...which website...nccc or kpdnkk..? I also want to do it..tq
01 Feb, 2012 15:16:33

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) zack
hi, i'm one of their victim..they keep on calling me to purchased CLOSING card means platinum or what so ever and asked me to pay RM599 or else will be keep on paying for yearly RM700...the girl who called doesn't have proper english and keep on forcing me to purchase..i will find back their agreement as they told before that its ONCE in a life time activation and have no other payment..really worse because i have no time to use the so called free 2 nights package...seems to be annoyed and yet will issue this matters to the tribunal..hope can clear something..really #### off...

where can we find their SSM registered ID..?

thanks to all the helps..!!

13 Feb, 2012 19:01:38

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Dude
hey all have to complain to nccc n kpdnkk...believe me....after 2 weeks my name already clear from cintai holidays....dont need to upgrade n I still can use my old card..don't to pay yearly fee...they call me that they didn't call me but another scam people make it...yeeyyy...clear...clear...
16 Feb, 2012 12:57:44

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) lynn
Im facing the same issue. They keep calling and calling ask me to upgrade to platinum card.....they said if want to close my account have to pay 599 due to some backup card service and ridiculous as i have paid 500++ previously for gold card upgrade still have to pay for closing my account? Where's the lifetime membership now????? After reading all the info shared in this topic...i better log complaints ASAP.....
08 Mar, 2012 17:34:59

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mrs Kay
Hi all...

I just received a call from a lady, Afiza from this no 0192747865 around 4pm this afternoon. merely the same thread unto me. Plus, new tactic: "We have sent you a term book. It was your mistakes not reading the book and u missed the chance to cancel the card. The card can be cancelled within 6 months from the moment your received it" I doubt this bcoz i only received a booklet of vouchers and flyers, back in 2007 or 2008. I paid rm480 during that time, and now they asked me to pay rm599 for another lifetime payment, or else i have to pay rm 599 annual fee each and every year ahead. Last time they told me that they will pass my name to other company, and they will charge me rm600 each year.

Today, i would like to invite you, all the victims of Cintai Malaysia Sdn Bhd or Cintai holiday (M) sdn Bhd to join me and lodge reports against them to KPDNKK and TTPM. Let us lodge our own police report. I will call press meeting to create awareness and to pressure the company. I welcome all of you to email me at together with a copy of your police report. I think this is the time for us to unite and act systematically against them. I will arrange the press meeting once I have 11 emails and police reports in my email, and will call the victims to attend the press meeting. Utusan Malaysia currently interested to highlight this issue. Thanks you.

14 Mar, 2012 19:46:13

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) arif
i just received a called from Cintai Malaysia also on the same matter, and request me to pay for the same amount, how is it? what should we do?
19 Mar, 2012 11:46:40

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) sik kedah
I was also face with this problem.Since April 2011 until March 2012 i have received not less than 5 called from different person cintai holidays. Also different phone numbers. They told me that i must upgrade my gold card to platinum card by charged RM599. When i said i am disagree, they said they want to charged me the annual fee. I feel very fed up. But when i read the massage in this forum, i know that many people have the same experience with me. Now i think, if i have a new call from this company, i want to ignore them because nothing Act in Malaysia Law give the permission to charge any costumer without signing any agrement.
28 Mar, 2012 16:13:26

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Alice
same thing happen to me.. last year I’ve rcvd about 5 calls from them...until i cannot tahan anymore & i scold one of the girl. I informed them last time their staff said that this package is one-time payment, but she said that staff was cheated & already been fired, she also threaten me about that monthly payment that i need to pay if did not accept the disclosure package but i threaten her back that his company is cheating the consumer & i will report to persatuan pengguna..after that I’ve try to called the agent (which i bought this package from) but she already resign & her colleague said that this package is correct (one-time payment) & ask me to ignore the calls as i can choose whether want to upgrade it or not & I gave her the contact no. & the girl’s name who called me & i thing she did call that girl coz after that i have not rcv any calls frm them anymore until last week, have other person (Indian guy) call me & today again call me about this.. but i told him that my agent said no need to upgrade or pay anything. He said will talk to his manager & call me back but so far no call from him..
11 Apr, 2012 16:22:25

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) laila
nampaknya saya juga telah menjadi mangsa Cintai Holidays. pada 2010 saya ada membayar rm599, believeing that it will be the last payment and i asked for membership termination. Ingatkan dah settle, rupa2nya semalam diaorg call minta bayar lagi untuk upgrade ke platinum sedangkan i dah reject masa 2010 dulu tu.
Hari ni, 4 orang silih ganti call i, Mr Sam, Syed, 2 org lagi tu i tak ingat nama, asik pester me to bagi cc no.

I minta diaorg fax T&C stated that we need to pay some amount in order to terminate our membership, but they keep saying it it P&C so cannot unvail to anybody.. #### laa! diaorg bagi the so call termination contract tapi mcm tipu2 je..

what shall we do now? thanks

19 Apr, 2012 18:11:09

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) CINTAI MALAYSIA
sorry coz menyampuk.sorry i would write this in bahasa malaysia.
i very surprise with all this statement.
i have no problem with this.
i will story to you when i retire.i scare if they read this.sorry.
24 Apr, 2012 03:56:30

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) lwthin
I have the same problem as all the ones that commented on Cintai Malaysia card. They keep saying that its the last time (which was mentioned to me since the beginning they offer me the card). In the beginning they mentioned that the membership is forever and its blue card and that I only need to pay once. But after 2-3 years time, the staff from Cintai Malaysia called and advised to upgrade from Blue card to gold card. I paid for it and was informed and promised that its the last time to pay. Need not pay anymore in future and membership is forever.
Last year July, the staff from Cintai Malaysia called me and mentioned that I have to upgrade to Platinum card and I need to pay RM599.00 to close my account. Once done, the process will be complete and there will never be any more upgrading and forever I need not pay a single cent. The problem is that I was promised twice and its happening again. Thus, I scolded the staff and refused to upgrade it. He cut off the line and never called back. Today, 28/04/2012, history repeats again. I received a call from an Indian lady 012-3318527 , saying the same thing to me about changing the card to Platinum card. I said no, and she passed me to her manager, which is another Indian lady. The manager repeat the story again by giving me 2 choices. Either I agree with the upgrading or my name will be transfer over to other company to charge me a yearly fee of RM700-00 to RM800-00 instead of RM599-00. I rejected her by saying I want to cancel the whole membership. She said that cancellation of the membership is not allowed as this is a life time thingy, even though we are the buyer. We have no rights to cancel it. If I did not pay either the RM599-00 or yearly RM700-00 or RM800-00, I will be sued and that costs even more to me cause it involves legal fees.

It really sounds like a big SCAM group that has been calling us to make money from time to time with empty promises.

28 Apr, 2012 19:05:35

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Amat
Hai kawan semua, sekiranya anda mendapat panggilan daripada syarikat ini sila abaikan. Ini nasihat daripada Bahagian Jenayah Perdagangan PDRM. Selagi anda tidak tandatangan sebarang persetujuan, tidak ada sebab mereka boleh mengugut anda. Itu hanya tektik kotor mereka. Kalau anda setuju dengan saranan mereka, ugutan sama akan berulang lagi pada masa akan datang.
06 May, 2012 15:47:45

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Laila
as at todate, i refuse to pay any single cent to them but they keep on disturbing me. I asked them to fax me the termination letter before i proceed for payment, yes they did but of course i need time to think, right. The funny thing, Mrs Ashini 012-3301703 asked me to refax the termination letter even without my signature. I got confuse here, why they need the letter without me giving any permission? don't they have the copy of the letter? .. so kelakar kan.. then she sms me : 'KALAU PUAN TAK HTR BALIK SURAT ITU PUAN AKAN DIKENA KAN YURAN TAHUNAN PUAN SO PLZ SEND THE LETTER' ..

frens, i need your advise, what shall i do? shall i ignore? make a police report? report to NCC?

08 May, 2012 11:31:05

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) teraniaya
same thing happened to me..just received the annoying call..shud do something abt this..this tht number they used to call me 0192673865..kurang ajar mereka ni!
09 May, 2012 11:26:09

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) wak jowo
hello....sama la...saye pun baru dpt telepon suruh byr dl dari bahagian akaun company...byr dulu baru emel surat termination ......jadi camno ni...x payah layan ke?
09 May, 2012 13:15:09

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) ababba
yes...just ignore this call..dorang hanya ugut je...sebenarnya tak wujud langsung YURAN TAHUNAN tu..bila saya tanya sama kawan saya yang kerja di situ...(dah berhenti) .dia kata xWUJUD pun YURAN TAHUNAN.itu mmg skrip yang diberi kepada pkerja dan ayat itu akan jika cust. x setuju...mereka kena la cari cara untuk dapatkan sale...mereka akan kata mereka pegawai,atau salahkan kononnya...orang bawah mereka itu menipu...atau mereka akan kata orang itu xpernah wujud.mereka akan bt cust. percaya dengan pelbagai cara..samada mereka bersetuju dengan pendapat cust..pastu mereka akan kata begini2..sehinggalah cust.tu AGREE.saya pelik walaupun ada yang mengugut dan membuat laporan..tapi tak ada sebarang tindakkan yang di ambil.
dan kadang2 cust. datang sendiri untuk buat bayaran kepada mereka..mereka tak rasa takut langsung.malah mereka juga tak kesah kalau cust. mahukan surat pengesahan atau mahu menyaman mereka..mereka dengan rasa xbersalah mengatakan tak ada sapa boleh saman kita.jadi all of you just becareful
10 May, 2012 22:51:36

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) crux
do any body knows where is the office..what is their registration number.. i want to make the report to tribunal and a police report.. they tried to force me to pay as now they sound like wanna send me some SAMAN what so i say please send me if you want an i'll be waiting far as i know.. i di not sign any letter with them..this issue seems to be long run and they are making tons of money from us...88
21 May, 2012 14:21:46

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) tertipu
sy juga hadapi situasi yang sama, hampir setiap hari berlainan orang yang call utk suruh buat penutupan kad ahli dan cintai akan caj rm599. last sekali dia call semalam, dan sy tidak dapat tahan sabar lagi dengan putar belit diorg, xtahan kena maki terus dia letak telefon dan mula berbalas sms dengan sy dengan bongkaknya cabar buat report, dia juga bgtahu kalau nak complaint dalam suratkhabar pun buatlah, katanya lagi bagus sebab ramai yang akan buat penutupan nanti dan dia akan dpt caj. kat ni dah nampak dah targetnya mmg dia akan suruh kita terminate keahlian dan dia akan caj, lagi memualkan bila dia beritahu ada 350k customer dan cuma sy sorg je yg xpuas hati.....dan dengan berlagaknya bgtahu companynya TIDAK AKAN ditutup sbb dah operasi 15tahun n dpt pengesahan kementerian..last sekali dia bgtau KALAU DAH TAK MAMPU BAYAR BUAT CARA TAK MAMPU JANGAN BISING-BISING......sebab sales person ni dah kehabisan idea untuk putar belit, sy minta evidence or aggrement yg mengatakan sy perlu bayar yuran tahunan dan perlu bayar bila nak dah terminate pd 2009 bila servis yg diberi macam minta sedekah....padahal bila suruh join ayat manis, bila kita cari balik person yg offer kita dulu dia akan cakap ,,oh dia dah naik pangkat dah xjaga sales, atau dia dah berhenti....atau guna nama lain?.....diharap pihak kementerian memandang serius perkara ini memandangkan ramai yg tertipu.
23 May, 2012 14:46:00

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mav3rick
seems like they're still resorting to such bullying tactics. Should we allow them to continue? Can we do something bigger? Complaining to NCCC doesnt seem to have any impact. Should we like take it up with some adun, call in press conference to get a bigger response?? They've so far not contacted me this year.. i refused to pay them last year and i did not see them charging me the yearly fee..
25 May, 2012 11:45:25

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) sangat tidak puas ha
post sebelum ini sudah menunjukkan ramai yang tidak puas hati dengan cara syarikat ini. buat komplen kepada kementerian yang berkenaan supaya kegiatan mereka ini dapat dihentikan. saya ada membuat komplen kepada KPDNKK, dan mereka akan menyalurkan aduan kepada kementerian yang berkenaan. saya telah dimaklumkan bahawa kad pelancongan ini adalah tidak diiktiraf. kepada wakil cintai holiday, tolong hentikan kegiatan ini, jangan mengelirukan orang ramai. Manis mulut, pengaruh orang ramai jadi ahli, bila tidak mahu upgrade kad, keluar semua perkataan yang tidak menyenangkan. kalau begini la servisnya, sememangnya patut ditarik semula lesen perniagaan syarikat ini. pada mula kata 'bayar sekali untuk seumur hidup' setelah tahun ke dua atau ketiga dan seterusnya minta lagi bayaran untuk upgrade kad. sentiasa call untuk itu....macam kita ada hutang dengannya. selepas bayar untuk upgrade, kita minta untuk keluar keahlian, kena lagi bayaran RM599 untuk penutupan akaun dan mengelakkan cas tahunan kononya...selepas itu apa lagi bayaran yang diminta. syarikat ini cukup pandai mempengaruhi orang ramai. pandai mengambil kesempatan, kalau company dah tidak mampu 'survive' tutup je la. jangan mengharapkan duit orang ramai untuk membayar semua perbelanjaan company.
07 Jun, 2012 22:41:40

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Friday
Hi everybody, looks like everyone is in the same boat. In my case its even funnier. I have been refusing to talk to anyone from this company eversince they asked me to pay a fee for terminating my membership ( which i thought what the heck?). And 2 days ago i received a call from their legal department a lady by the name of Miss Neha said that she received a complaint from her client Cintai Malaysia that I am being uncooperative. So what, is she threatening me by pretending that she is the lawyer for this company?? I shall make a police report for the harrasment so that in case one of you actually get the Utusan or Star to publicise this , u have another police report to add on.
08 Jun, 2012 02:17:35

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) blank & angry
this company realyy f**k ler.. pasal susah sgt nk terminate kan dia nyer keahlian.. kolo orang dah tak nak service dia.. so.. f**k off laa.. stakat bagi voucher hotel yg x brape tu pun nk kecho hebat.. ####n..
sy dah wat report to NCC pun still nothing happens to this company.. or NCC take no action at all?.. is here any other consumer bodies that can take the action against them.. jangan nk kumpul 100 orang baru nk wat keje plak..letih la..
11 Jun, 2012 13:46:31

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) abcde
sama macam kes mak saya juga.... dari tahun lepas (2011)lagi cintai malaysia telefon dan mak saya suruh mereka batalkan keahlian.... mak saya bercakap dengan org nama umie .... dan telah pon bayar RM599 untuk tutup akaun..... dan tahun ni 2012, syed pula telefon kate kad masih belum dibatalkan ... bayaran tahun lepas hanya untuk upgrade saja.... kalau nak tutup kena bayar RM599 melalui kad kredit.....mak saya dh pertikai kan yg dia dh tutup keahlian dr tahun lepas lg....tapi syed masih lagi suruh bayar RM599 ..... jadi mak saya dh malas nk bercakap dengan syed dan setuju nak bayar tapi melalui bank-in.... bile mintak no akaun bank dia kate dia akan sms .... bile sms no akaun bank .. ianya ialah no akaun bank persendirian atas nama muhammad naufal .... sebenarnya mak saya bukan nak bayar pun RM599 tapi sbb dah malas nak bergaduh cakap dengan orang tu ... call NCCC pun mereka kate dah banyak kes psl cintai malaysia ni ..... NCCC pun masih tak dapat kesan di mana pejabat operasi cintai malaysia...
26 Jul, 2012 11:59:10

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Miss Ryn
I baru sahaja menerima telefon dari Cintai Malaysia ni pada pukul 4.10 ptg td dgn menggunakan nombor telefon 0123952195. Die nak minta fees untuk tutup kad n i know die mesti nak charge RM599 nye..sebelum ni de operator yang lain dari company same call i cakap kene upgrade kad to Platinum and cost me rm599...die yang nk upgrade kad kite then tetbe nk PAKSA kite bayar plak?? what the hell??mmg kene maki dgn I mase tu..bile i xnk bayar die kate nnt die tuka pada annual fees plak bayar rm700..i nk terminate die kate xleh terminate...then die kate ade 1 clause dlm agreement kata lps 2 bln terima kad tak boleh terminate so skang ni i dh mcm terikat dgn dorg..then i ckp i xde wit n credit card dah xde..die kate tgk pada bank credit card u ni active lagi..
and for today nye crite, taktik baru bdk2 cintai malaysia ni dorg akan threat u as if dorang nak bagi SAMAN kat i..sbb die kate nak buat confirmation ngn IC and i br kol cc bank i block credit card n nk apply replacement card..takut nnt dorg guna number blkg kad i tu sbb mase mule bayar i ade bagi number tu kat dorg..nak buat report police pn ade jgk ni...dah melampau plak rase nye company ni..btw, if anyone here yang kje kat SKMM plz check this company registeration number yang i dpt from booklet die bagi dl

cintai holidays (M) sdn bhd (454917-W) KKKP/PL 3426 or West Dyna Quest Sdn Bhd (527019-H)
wisma cintai no 247, Jalan mahkota, taman maluri,551000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 03-92069400/9200 fax : 03-92069401/9402
emel :

26 Jul, 2012 17:14:51

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) skid
aku dah terkena dah.... after years of ignoring this assXXXXX, they did something which i never knew possible. Charging my credit card for the RM599 to close my account. WTF betui dorang nih. Called up Maybank yesterday and they told them about this. All Maybank can say is that the company has my CC number and the three digits( which FYI, kalau nak book flight kat MAS pun they will ask the same thing).
So, what will stop from other ppl charging my card without authority????

Tomorrow, i will write an email to this Cintai scammers, requesting them to cancel this, or else i will report them to authority. BTW, sapa authority yg patut buat keje nih?
And then, i will go to Maybank branch to put in a dispute along with my mail to the Cintai scammers. I am also thinking of cancelling the card if they give me answers like the cannot guarantee this would never happen again.

To others in the same boat, cancel your card to avoid hassle. As for me, Cintai farkers has cross the line.

05 Aug, 2012 22:18:50

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) lovelymy
I received a call today from this company again. The guy, Halim, asking me if I have upgraded my card to Platinum and do the closing of account. I said yes. Then he said the company has a new card and will transfer my name to another dept for upgrading (another RM899!). Gosh! I told him I don't want any upgrade. Somemore I have closed my account. He said close account not equal to termination. Also, eventhough I have closed account, my membership is still active. WHAT?! Does this make any sense???? I told him I want to terminate the membership coz I never use the card not even the free stay voucher since I signed up in 2004). Then he said I can do so by paying RM200! What the hell!I hv to pay RM200 to terminate the membership?! I told them so many times I wanto terminate the card they say cannot coz that is a lifetime membership (I don't know what kind of non-sense is this). Now, I can terminate but need to pay. Anyone of u came across with this kind of situation where u need to pay to terminate your membership and in fact u hv paid so much for a membership tat u nv used?? What the hell! Then he said, their agent cannot terminate the card, only he can do. I ask him which dept he is in, he said he is the assistant manager in Card Cancellation Dept, Cintai Malaysia. A minute ago, I received the so-called sample of Termination Letter via email. That is not a letter, just a scanned copy of the terms and conditions of Platinum Card membership in bahasa version. And it stated there, the card is issue by West Dyna Quest. I'm going to ignore this and ask them to fly kite if they call again
06 Sep, 2012 17:03:24

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Gentleman
Hi all

I work as Mgr in one of Credit card center in our local bank.
This month my bank 1st time received complained regarding this RM590 membership, dan I terus proceed utk buat chargeback.

Based my experiance utk hadapi this type of company dan seumpamanya :
1. Report ke bank dan mohon buat chargeback
- tapi make sure kita jgn sign any document dgn mereka, kalau tak : invalid chargeback.

2. Replace your credit card
- sbb mereka dah tahu card no and CVV no.
- but after you replace, diaorg still call dan tahu no terbaru credit card you, maknanya ada org dalam
(bank)yg bocor info.
- Kalau ni berlaku, apply card lain (others bank) dan buat transfer balance. Report to Bank Negara

3. Kalau dah buat chargeback, but your bank call chargeback tidak berjaya :
- minta supporting document dari bank yg menyebabkan chargeback tidak berjaya.
- kalau dlm supporting document, you tak sign apa2 or dia org ciplak sign you, buat laporan polis dan
surat penafian, hantar ke bank semula untuk buat 2nd chargeback
- Then you tunggu 45 hari, confirm you akan di refundkan semula (huhuhu.. ada rule dari mastercard tu.)

So, sesiapa yg kena ugut nak kena saman ke.. apa ke.. dont worry, tu gertak je
kata kat diaorg 'ada aku kisah!!', then letak phone.

FYI, my customer dah dapat refund pun RM590 tu setelah chargeback di buat.

So, any yg x faham or ada sebarang kemuskilan berkenaan card credit or any financial or investment related boleh email i : (free service maa!!! )



18 Oct, 2012 17:31:13

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Libra
same thing happened to me today.....this is very ridiculous!!!!!!! i had subscribe membership for cintai holiday since 2006.i have canceled my card a year after...but today rcvd a call twice from stupid guy name Tengku Faris (ade aku kesah) phone no.0123326182, he said that my name is still active in their system and they cover my yearly fees since 2007 WITHOUT my approval.He kept saying that i need to read the T&C. and to cancel the membership i need to pay RM599. HELLO...RM599 is not small amount for me and i need to pay you for nothing WTH...if not he will transfer my name to another department and again charge me yearly with the same amount. Very stupid...after i maki that guy sesedap rasa ....then i put down the phone.

Kindly do advise me what should i do if they call me again.

30 Oct, 2012 17:16:24

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) diganggucintai2u
saya pun kerap digangu...x yah crita kat sini pun sebab modus operandi sama macam yg lain lain kena.....
ni nombor yg call 1)016-226 2813 2)012-335 8627 3)019-238 8897 4)012-330 1597 5)019-274 7865 6)012-335 0923 7) 019-267 3865 8)012-335 0792 9)012-335 8677
07 Nov, 2012 08:23:28

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Miss Ryn
I dah buat replacement card for cc yg i sign up for this bull#### company and it worked! No more call from this people! Yayy! My life lebih tenang tanpa perlu maki dorg ari2...what i did was
1) call the cc bank to block my old card
2) g bank then isi form for card replacement
3) after 2 weeks or 2 month ( sori guys xigt exact time) dpt kad baru by post


18 Nov, 2012 17:30:58

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mong
Hi everyone,

Cintai Malaysia Card staff really harassing, they use my credit card with my approval and false my signature on a agreement letter and keep asking for payment.

They said they will take legal action if I refuse to make payment.

Although I already told them in Y2011 to terminate my membership yet in Y2012 they still asking for annual member fees.
Please drop me a help to email

Your piece of advice is very appreciate. Thanks.

17 Dec, 2012 12:11:38

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) apitdevious
Taktik terbaru Cintai malaysia.. saya baru terima panggilan seseorang yang mangaku sebagai lawyer syarikat cintai malaysia. Katanya dia akan menghantar surat saman kepada saya kerana tidak membuat Upgrade card seperti yang mereka minta. saya diberi dua pilihan yg:

1: membayar rm599 atas nama Wise dyna quest untuk menutup akaun. katanya selepas membuat pembayaran mereka akan keluarkan surat penutupan akaun.

2. Jika tidak menutup akaun saya perlu membayar rm 15++ untuk saman dan akaun saya masih kekal.

(saya hampir tertipu untuk membuat pembayaran)

Tindakan saya:

1. Semasa perbualan saya ada meminta alamat penuh, no tel, no fax dan no pendaftaran syarikat tersebut peguam tersebut untuk tujuan pengesahan, tetapi katanya maklumat tersebut adalah rahsia syarikat. saya mula curiga dengan individu yang menelefon saya tersebut.

Pagi ini saya telah terjumpa dan membaca forum ini terlihat no tel 012 3350792 adalah sama seperti yang terdapat didalam forum. Makna individu terbabit sebenarnya bukanlah lawyer tetapi staff cintai malaysia yang menyamar.


rujukan dari post sebelum:
"saya pun kerap digangu...x yah crita kat sini pun sebab modus operandi sama macam yg lain lain kena.....
ni nombor yg call 1)016-226 2813 2)012-335 8627 3)019-238 8897 4)012-330 1597 5)019-274 7865 6)012-335 0923 7) 019-267 3865 8)012-335 0792 9)012-335 8677"

24 Dec, 2012 10:16:15

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Vctim
Same old stories, but one very cunning sms fm them. They sms me through this, 0193888274 - West dyna marketing 5621 4240 4730 maybank acc, must pay rm300 for termination of life time membership frm Cintai Malaysia..att Sonia legal advisor (Adli & Co advocates and solicitors, pudu,kl. Fax number 03 92810610 or email west Kindly do the payment before 6pm. TQ..I WAS ABOUT TO BANK IN TO THEM, UNTIL I SAW THIS FORUM. Tq for the information guys..
08 Jan, 2013 16:35:19

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Victim
Ohmaiigott! Thanks all for your info. I received a call from Sonia (Adli & Co) but my fren ask me to google the lawyer firm but I only found one in Melaka, I called the Melaka's office but they said they don't have any branch in KL. The so called legal advisor gave me 2 options. pay RM599 or surat saman for RM1800++ with legal fees.. ask me to bank in before 6pm some more. Luckly I found this forum. Thanks everyone!
25 Jan, 2013 15:47:19

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Victim
Thank God i found this forum. Got a call from Dania from Adli & Advocates..Bagitau nak hantar surat saman sebab i ada hutang yuran tahunan tertunggak with this bull#### company which total up about rm1500. Hairan jugak sebab they call me from a mobile number instead of fix phone number. Tapi, i hampir2 tertipu la..the girl said, i'm not only one yang terkena with this bull#### company and since I never use the services, she advise me to just agree to close the account by paying rm599 instead of paying rm1500. So, i tanya jugak...kalau i tak pakai the service, i nak tutup akaun, why i still need to pay rm599?..Bukan sikit tu. The girl said, memang kena bayar so that they can process to close the account. " Tapi ikut suka puan la..samada nak suruh saya hantar surat saman ke rumah puan atau puan nak tutup akaun dengan membuat pembayaran rm599" ugut saya plak. SInce i pun memang malas nak peningkan kepala, i get her to mail me all the related document la for me to make payment..dia kata, tak boleh..kena bayar dulu baru dia boleh post surat. I dah macam pelik..then dia sambung lagi.."kalau i hantar surat, maknanya puan kena bayar rm1500, sebab saya akan hantar surat saman...takpe lah..saya akan email puan akaun bank untuk puan buat pembayaran penutupan akaun"..i pun, while waiting for her email, i google around for this number 0123350792..and luckily i found this forum...

After about 10 minutes, she called me back..asking i dah bank in belum..i bagitau dia..belum...since i tak dapat email dia..i cakap very soft spoken with her..i kata kat dia "i baru je talk to my friend...she's a lawyer..dia tak bagi i bayar..dia suruh i buat report polis, i nak proceed report polis terus la"...then dia macam ugut i.."oooo..kalau macam tu, puan nak saya hantar surat saman la kat puan?" i kata kat dia..."takkk..bukan i tak nak bayar..tapi, biar i buat report polis dulu ye.."..then, after a while i received la their so called email...memang sah2 bukan from's from them...and if you read it carefully, bukan closure tau..seems like we are extending our services with them and this is one way for them to keep asking us to pay them..anybody got kawan from utusan? berita harian? star? or whatever newspaper?...or know any peguam or orang dalam tribunal pengguna ni?..this company memang dah melampau!!.

Warm greetings from WEST DYNA QUEST SDN BHD.
Please be informed that your Platinum Vacation Card membership is due for closure effective 30/ JAN of 2013. To activate the closure, your are required to pay the closing charges which is amounting to RM599.00 (Five Hundred Ninety Nine Only). This will be the final payment and there would not be any further payment here after.
Upon this closure, as a gesture of goodwill from WEST DYNA QUEST SDN BHD. your good self will be enjoying the following additional benefits:
i. Closure for upgrading.
ii. Continue to enjoy the benefits of the membership without any further payment.
iii. A three (3) days, two (2) nights complimentary stay voucher with the validity period of 12 months from the date of issuance.
iv. Free towing facility, valid for 12 months from the date of issuance.
v. Personnel Accident Insurance worth RM40,000.00,valid for 12 months from the date of issuance
With this closure, your good self will be able to continue the cards benefit for your future usage. As such, I hereby authorize WEST DYNA QUEST SDN BHD to charge my credit card ___ Card Number ___________________________________ Last 3 Digit *** Expiration Date _______________________ for the total sum of RM599.00 (Five Hundred Ninety Nine Only) on 30-JAN-2013 for your Platinum Vacation Card Program closure for life time.

I also agree herewith to be bound by the Terms and Condition of this Membership of the said Benefit Card.

Nevertheless, should you receive any other calls from our personal after this closure payment, kindly contact us directly via 012-3318937 and we would be glad in assisting your good self for cancellation.
Best Regards,


…………………………………. ……………………………………………………………….
Raja Ashrof Abdullah
Programme Manager

30 Jan, 2013 15:48:38

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mangsa CINTAI
Hari ni saya terima call dari seorang wanita bernama Nurul Sofia bte Abdul Rahman, (0123318937, 0392069399). Dia kata dia dari HEP WPKL ada terima SAMAN kepada saya dari syarikat CINTAI sebab saya tak renew ahli dah 8 tahun. Servis pun saya tak pernah guna. Kalau nak batal kan ahli kena bayar Rm599. Apa punya company nak batal ahli kena denda sampai 599? pastu dia mintak detail kad kredit pulak. Masa ni saya dah syak mcm nak menipu je ni. Even kalau polis call mintak detail kad kredit pun saya tak kan bagi. Alasan dia nak kena bayar denda tu dulu baru dia akan pos surat pembatalan. macam tak logik je. Lepas saya tak bagi detail tu terus dia kata nanti deal sendiri dengan lawyer CINTAI. Rasa kena ugut je ni...####!!
16 Feb, 2013 13:02:07

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) lily
phewwwhh... saya baru saja terima call drp one lady (maaf, geram sangat sampai nama dia pun saya terlupa!)
1/8/2012 haritu saya dengan terpaksa sebab malas nak panjangkan cerita telah membayar RM599 untuk stop upgrade and saya request untuk TUTUP akaun dgn Cintai. so saya assume memang dah settle lah kan.. surat dia ada bagi sebijik macam kat post Victim 30 Jan 2013 tu..

tapi tup tup.. pagi ni pompuan tu call 012-3957285 konon nak confirmkan samada saya setuju dengan rela hati nak yearly upgrade the card atau Tutup Akaun. hangen laa makcik sebab dah bagitau haritu SAYA NAK TUTUP AKAUN..apesal kau telepon lagi pulak kan.. dia mintak i bayar lagi RM599 untuk tutup akaun, yang i bayar haritu untuk stop upgrading card jer... &^%$#$#@ .. kalau tak dia akan charge i RM899, kononnya yang RM599 tu ada diskaun laa...

terjerit jugak la tadi i, bgtau pompuan tu i nk discuss dgn my lawyer dulu. letak phone, terus masuk msg dr pompuan tu berbunyi . "Saya cuma ingin membantu puan, kalau begini cara puan bekerjasama, saya terpaksa htr fail puan pada upgrade department dalam bulan 3 ni akan datang kad baru so puan akan dikenakan fees around 899. nanti puan jgn salahkan saya 10 n bye" ..

apekahh... nampak sgt x pro and nak menipu kan.. So kawan-kawan senasib.. need your kind advise, apa yang perlu saya lakukan... TQVM

18 Feb, 2013 12:50:15

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) saman
"Hari ni saya terima call dari seorang wanita bernama Nurul Sofia bte Abdul Rahman, (0123318937). Dia kata dia dari HEP WPKL ada terima SAMAN kepada saya dari syarikat CINTAI sebab saya tak renew ahli dah 8 tahun. Servis pun saya tak pernah guna. Kalau nak batal kan ahli kena bayar Rm599. Apa punya company nak batal ahli kena denda sampai 599? pastu dia mintak detail kad kredit pulak. Masa ni saya dah syak mcm nak menipu je ni. Even kalau polis call mintak detail kad kredit pun saya tak kan bagi. Alasan dia nak kena bayar denda tu dulu baru dia akan pos surat pembatalan. macam tak logik je. Lepas saya tak bagi detail tu terus dia kata nanti deal sendiri dengan lawyer CINTAI. Rasa kena ugut je ni..."

Hari ni saya terima call cerita sama diatas yg menyatakan dia dari customer care unit , hal ehwal pengguna wilayah persekutuan. Tambahannya untuk batalkan boleh tapi kena terima card terakhir daripada cintai then baru dibatalkan. Bila saya tanya pasal saman, dia kata nanti lawyer akan call.

after 20 ke 30minit, saya terima call daripada laywer Adli & Co advocates and solicitors, perempuan berbangsa india (012-331 8527) menyatakan saya disaman oleh CINTAI.

by the way, i already call KPDNK & TOURISM M'SIA, they said don't believe it, make a report.


21 Feb, 2013 13:22:14

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Org yg tahu
JANGAN BAGI PELUANG MEREKA BERBICARA LANGSUNG! Mereka ini jurucakap yang terlatih untuk mengugut anda..Sebaik2nya jgn angkat panggilan mereka atau layan sms mereka..Jika "terjawab",cakap sahaja "saya tidak kenal kamu dan tidak mahu berbicara dgn kamu".Terus letak telefon dna jangan bagi peluang langsung utk mereka berbicara.Biar biadap asalkan tak ditipu oleh sipenipu-penipu ini.
11 Mar, 2013 10:29:58

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) JImmy
Ladies and gentlemen, I am so lucky that I received a call form 012-3350652 just now, a malay woman said she was represented Cintai Malaysia to make this call.She said will send the Legal notice to me because I REFUESD to renew their membership and she like to help me to settle this.
Option 1:
Paid RM 600 and she will prepare the cancellation letter to me.
Option 2:
Wait for their legal notice and paid RM 1600 for summons.

I said I will research this cases with my lawyer and request her to sms her name and lawyer firm's name to me but until now still no reply...

What is going on with this country ?!?!?

After I saw all these post from you all. Thanks god!! It seemed just a new tactic to cheat our money again...

First :

"Hasil daripada siasatan pihak SSM mendapati bahawa Syarikat CINTAI HOLIDAYS (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD menjalankan kegiatan pemasaran melalui panggilan telefon. Semakan mendapati lesen jualan langsung Syarikat tersebut telah dibatalkan pada tahun 2004."

Second :
"nothing Act in Malaysia Law give the permission for any company to charge any costumer without signing any agreement"


20 Mar, 2013 13:58:08

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) farid
Hi! i'm one of the victims. Baru kejap tadi dpt call dr one lady yg kononnya dari pejabat lawyer.
Macam yg lain2 cerita kat sini.. dia bagi 2 choices for me:
1. dapat surat saman & kena bayar RM1600; or
2. cancel the membership & have to pay RM600..

btw, no. yg call i tu 0123350652.

to make the story short, this girl told me that she's also a victim of cintai malaysia & she chose to pay the RM600 (closed/cancelled the membership). She said that's the only way because at the back of the document that cintai malaysia sent for the 1st time, there's a clause saying that to close/cancel the membership, that person has to pay RM600.

Alhamdulillah, i came across this web/thread before i make any decision.. syukur sgt2 sbb instead of making a decision, i asked her to call me back tomorrow. I think I will answer her call tomorrow cause I think i will ask for a proof saying that I have to pay again & again (which i only paid only for the 1st time & never use their vouchers).

20 Mar, 2013 15:55:23

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) farid
Hi guys!

semalam lupa nak bercerita that girl (wani) yg call tu kata dia dari Adli & Co.
harini terima lagi call dari no yg sama 0123350652 tapi dr org lain yg kata namanya Sonia dari West Dyna Quest. kalau dibaca mangsa2 Cintai Holidays ni ada yg bercerita Sonia ni mengaku dia legal advisor dari Adli & Co. tp harini Sonia ni mengaku dia rai West Dyna Quest & mendapat pesanan dari Wani, their legal advisor of(yang kononnya dari Adli & Co) utk hubungi i hari ini.

I tanya sonia tu nama penuh wani & alamat Adli & Co tp katanya dia tak tahu.
Then I mintak dia fax the following document:
1. any document yang ada tandatangan i masa beli membership (sbb i terlupa samada i pernah sign atau tak);
2. terms & conditions yg menyatakan utk terminate membership kena bayar RM800 (wani cerita semalam t&c tu wujud);
3. surat dari Adli & Co yg menyatakan kalau i memilih utk terminate membership, i kena bayar RM599; and lastly
4. i nak nama penuh wani, alamat pejabat "Adli & co" & contact no.

Sonia promised to fax it to me all the document & info yg i nak tu... now i just have to wait & see..

BTW, i ada juga call Adli & Co (the real company).. the lady yg layan i kata diorg dah pernah warning Cintai Holidays utk tidak gunakan nama Adli & Co utk menipu.. & i jadi org ke-2 utk tahun ini yg call Adli & Co utk dapatkan pengesahan.

So, anybody yg dapat panggilan kononnya dari Adli & Co, kalau boleh tolong call office Adli & Co utk maklumkan pasal penipuan Cintai Holidays ni utk mereka kumpulkan maklumat & bertindak ke atas Cintai Holidays.

21 Mar, 2013 16:26:01

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) mangsa lagi
Received a call from "Cik Ieda -0123395027 first said from laywer office then Cintai Malaysia.. to pay Rm599.00 or face summon rm1800.
Almost agreed to pay partially..then saw this forum. They give me time until tommorrow 27th march 6pm to make the payments or legal notice will be sent. Any idea what should i do? I told them never used the service even once and the FREE hotel voucher also not used. She reply ok. To cancelled just pat rm599 by credit card or rm600 by cash. My account with Cintai Malaysia will be closed. They wont proceed with legal action.
Should I pay or not.. please advise.
26 Mar, 2013 16:25:40

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) farid
nasihat saya:
1. kalau ieda tu call lg, tanya dia dari lawyer firm mana, address, contact details. Not to forget tanya nama penuh ieda tu, ask for ic no too (si wanie yg call saya tu taknak bgtau nama dia... kata nak sms tp harammmmm..)
2. ask for document (terms & conditions: cuba check kalau2 nampak document tu mcm diubah coz saya punya nampak macam item no. 15 mcm ditaip semula & ada typo error. ada juga item lain yg macam diubah; document yg mengatakan u kena bayar yuran tahunan/bayaran2 lain; any agreement yg u dah sign masa mula2 beli membership atau lain2 document yg u rasa boleh bantu u).
3. ask for account no. - kata nak bayar guna cash. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NO. kalau dia tanya kenapa tak nak guna credit card...pandai2 la u fikir.
4. contact lawyer firm 'tempat kerja' ieda & tanya wujud atau tak ieda ni kat situ. boleh cari contact details online/website malaysian bar. Normally diorg akan mengaku dari Adli & Co.
5. buat report/complaint - NCCC & KPDNKK. ceritakan dari A-Z. mention sekali si ieda tu mengaku kerja di pejabat peguam (details).
27 Mar, 2013 08:49:05

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Ezza
May God... I just received this call from 012-3350652 girl name nivi asking me to pay RM600 for cancellation or proceed with legal letter RM1800. Which is I already asked them to cancel since 2007 due to them forcing me to upgrade the card. Which is I never agreed on it.
Just now I did agree to her to pay RM600 after 2 days and after discussion with my sister, I did sms her back and asking her company details and fax me the copy of agreement that saying I need to renew every year, which she claimed that I didnt read in the contract.
I feel so relieved when I saw this website.. God Bless You All
01 Apr, 2013 16:44:41

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Bryan
Hi all, same to me, I just received a call from Nivi(60123323967) yesterday, saying that why I do not renew my membership, and now they going to give me a saman about RM2k together with lawyer fee or another option to terminate the membership by paying RM600.

According to her, when I signup the membership, I have to pay for another 2 or 3 years accordingly. Then I said, the sales person didn't told me about that. She said "You didn't read the contract"

She: You want to terminate by paying RM600 or through lawyer with min RM2K.
Me: I want to cancel the membership
She: Can you give me your credit card no?
Me: I don't use credit card
She: Then you bank in money to me
ME: OK, please send me the detail
She: when can you make the payment? by today?
Me: No, tomorrow 5pm
She: Too late, our office already close, 2PM can?
Me: OK

** The conversation is in malay & english

Here's the SMS from her.
Nie nom acc maybank 514404602779.. Sye nivi nie nom sye 0123323967.. Sebrng pertanyaan blh hubungi sye..

But, as I remember, during the time they call me on many years back, they told me it is lift time membership, I no need to pay anymore after the first payment.

After that, I do some research on this company, and I found this forum. I follow what you guys saying, request the Lawyer firm info together with lawyer name and IC no. Also her full name and IC no. Also as what Ezza said, request the copy of agreement that saying I need to renew yearly.

Now waiting for her reply.

The given bank account is not related to any lawyer firm, but "WEST DYNA QUEST SDN", which is Cintai Malaysia as well.

04 Apr, 2013 11:13:45

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) 07 Nov, 2012 08:23:2
ini post saya yg lepas

saya pun kerap digangu...x yah crita kat sini pun sebab modus operandi sama macam yg lain lain kena.....
ni nombor yg call 1)016-226 2813 2)012-335 8627 3)019-238 8897 4)012-330 1597 5)019-274 7865 6)012-335 0923 7) 019-267 3865 8)012-335 0792 9)012-335 8677

07 Nov, 2012 08:23:28

Semalam, saya dapat call dari lawyer firm mintak saya bayar renew atau legal file akan dibuka. dia nak tau saya nak batal membership atau renew membership. saya jawap saya nak batalkan tapi saya tak nak bayar apa apa sebab kalau kredit kad yang bagi lifetime free annual fees pun takde mengada ngada mintak duit (sendiri faham maksud FREE LIFETIME). then terus dia kata dia akan semak dengan cintai2u pasal kes saya.....

12 Apr, 2013 00:39:33

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Miss Ryn
Hello everyone!

my advice to all of you yang guna credit card masa buat 1st payment dgn this company dulu ialah replace ur credit card atau tutup terus kredit kad yang uols guna utk bayar fees die dulu tu. Kalau u xigt which credit card u use then replace sume skali! i penah kene kacau dgn dorg ni...i tpu one of them yang kol i ni..i kate i xde CC but she said my CC is still active so nmpk mcm dorg ni ade link dgn org dlm bank yg bleh check CC kte. It seems that they will keep callig you if they see ur CC is actively used...So i wat replacement card then no more calls from them!kalau u replace the card but they still calling u..that means ada org dalam bank tu bagi details better tutp akaun terus...i hope this advice dapat tolong uols sume (^____^)

16 Apr, 2013 10:41:31

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) ernie
HI.. my case sama mcm Bryan. orang yang sama.. ugutan yang sama.. dan sms yang sama.. saya hampir2 nak bank in RM599 untuk terminate.. huih banyak tu.. keje penat2 bagi dekat kompeni yang b**** ni.. i join masa 2006 pun sbb tertipu dengan diorg.. tapi tak pernah guna kad ke voucher or any other service.. tak hingin.. but now rasa sangat lega jumpa this forum.. i takkan bayar.. they all xboleh saman i sebab i tak pernah sign apa2 aggreement.. jom kita sama2 report.. so u all be careful dengan perempuan nama NIVI A/P MURUGAN 0123323967. kononnya penasihat undang2 syarikat b**** ni.. ada sesapa tahu siapa sebenarnya perempuan ni? GERAM!!
19 Apr, 2013 13:39:58

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Abang Jasmani
Hey geng, aku pun dapat call jugak, muslihatnya lebih kurang je. Kononnya ada legal notice, saman dari Cintai Holiday. Kalo nak batalkan surat saman tu, bayar RM600 secara bank-in. Kalo tak,kena saman, RM1800. TOTAL BULL####. Aku lebih sanggup upah gangster pukul si penipu tu daripada bayar dia,bukan takat pukul,rogol pun takpa. Celaka jahanam. Nak hantar surat saman? Hantar je la, aku bukan tak pernah dapat surat jenis legal notice tu,dari pihak yang syarikat lebih besar dan lebih terkenal lagi. takde mende lah. bleh setel punya. Kalo dia betul2 nak hantar surat tu,hantar je lah. Nak masuk court? Dengan segala bukti keburukan mereka yang dah ada kat internet pun dah lebih daripada cukup untuk menang kes. Tengok,siapa saman siapa! Bukan takat bleh menang,bleh suruh diaorang bayar segala kos guaman yang korang bayar untuk upah peguam lagi!
19 Apr, 2013 19:49:31

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Together
Prosedur sesuai:
Kalau dapat panggilan macam itu lagi, suruh dia hantar saja lah surat 'legal notice' itu.
Berani kah dia orang? Takkan berani...
KALAU /ANDAI KATA sudah dapat surat(kalau dia orang berani):
1. Tanya pejabat peguam,betul kah tidak surat itu?- confirm betul-betul dengan court.
2. Kalau betul-betul jadi kes, tak perlu takut sangat.
sebab- segala urusniaga sebelum tu adalah cuma panggila telefon,tiada hitam putih.
Boleh dilawan dan boleh menang, sebab:
i. Tiada bukti kukuh untuk mendakwa anda.
ii. Rekod buruk mereka- dah ada banyak di tunjukkan di internet- boleh menjadi bukti yang KUKUH untuk menang kes. Bila menang kes, mereka yang kena bayar segala kos guaman, malah, anda boleh saman mereka balik.
Malah, boleh minta mereka bayar segala kos yang anda bayar untuk upah peguam bagi kes itu.

Rasanya, takkan ada surat tu sampai ke alamat anda. Benda hal undang-undang ni, bukan sebarang-sebarang beb,
malah, kalau tak cukup bahan,kes itu digugurkan oleh mahkamah.

Lagipun,senang sikit nak tengok muka penipu sial tu. Senang sikit nak panggil geng kaki pukul belasah dia...
tak hari ni,hari esok, tak minggu ni, minggu depan, tak tahun ni, tahun depan...
si celaka tu tunggu je laaa....

19 Apr, 2013 20:17:27

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) radinnaz
saya baru je buat aduan dekat sorg kawan kerja di KPDNKK... tgh tunggu respon dia....nanti apa2 news... saya bgtau di sini.. sbb saya juga antara victim yg diaorg call isnin dan pagi td... tp pg td mls nak jawab
23 Apr, 2013 15:59:42

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mr. RED
Sama mcm U all kena. Tapi saya bagi dia F word dan suruh dia hantar surat lawyer. Tapi dia call from this number 012 - 395 7285. Saya akan buat report kepada NCCC utk pressure dia org. This kind of scammer should be put in jail.
01 May, 2013 10:33:05

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mr. RED
Dah hanto koplen pada nccc. Ok lepas ni nak konplen pada sapa plak.
01 May, 2013 10:56:49

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mr. RED
Also one more thing forgot to mention. I think they sold our data to other company. Last year I have been scamm during driving calling me saying they are from HSBC amanah insurance. I thought they were real as they are giving me my credit card number that i use to pay to cintai. Its from AZ-ZAHRAA travel. Later i cancelled my c.card and last week the cintai fella calling me to upgrade my membership to platinum failed to charge my card and ask me for my new c.c no. But I refuse to give them.

My advice. Just change your credit card to new account no. This just take me 2 week to settle last year and thank god they cant use that any more.

01 May, 2013 11:03:08

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Emil
Hi all,

I also receive a call from this number from yesterday 012 332 6150 say she is from cintai Malaysia, and told me the story as mention from all the above is totally same.
I almost Kena con lucky I found this page then only I know they try to cheat us.
Thank all sharing

11 May, 2013 11:43:13

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) teng

I also receive this type of call from Nurul 012-3358627. Firstly she say she is from Kementerian Hal Ehwal Pengguna then after that she say she is from lawyer firm and finally she say she is from West Dyna Quest Sdn Bhd... I nearly pay RM599 to terminate this card so they won't kacau and threaten me lagi. Luckily I found this page about this company.
Thank you so much for sharing. Will go report at NCCC. Hope this will help me ended this issue.So PENING!!!!!!!!!!!

13 May, 2013 12:57:49

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) AKU TAK BODOH !!!
Stupid… I baru lepas dapat panggilan from lawyer burok ni. Actually kes I ni dr 2005 and I dah x layan n cakap nak terminate then dia cakap ok. I cakap bg letter then until now dia x terminate. Dia auto deducted my crdt card and lucky my card dh close n terminated then dia x dapat tolak dia ugut me nak saman RM3000.00. I cakap if x nak she said can close case but bayar RM599.00 I cakap I x nak then she said I kene blacklist I cakap blacklist dari apa???? Then I cakap I nak saman dia cakap nanti I guna byk duit n just bayar jer then I mintak no company n she cakap line tgh prob tgh baik pulih and I saw this forum and ada no company I call then Sofea pickup the kene maki n she said nak call me back after 2 days. I told her that already closed but why suddenly nk saman? TIPUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

I call pihak bank n he said dia x boleh saman us bcoz kita x sign apa2 contract dr dia and jus thru phone jer. No black & white… So my keputusan is biarkan n jom kita try car solution utk ajar company Cintaik ni spy lepas ni ramai yg x akan jadi mangsa dia.

Paling sedih I call KPDNKK x pernah jawab… I call NCCC kene buat aduan online pulak.. lepas tu feedback nyer bila nk dapat?

13 May, 2013 16:07:33

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) AKU TAK BODOH !!!
i baru lepas call Bank Negara... they ask me to buat report polis... JOMMMMMM!!!

Dia nk saman kita based on what??? we never sign any contract and just spoke via phone right???

13 May, 2013 16:35:16

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) teng

Please cancel the card which you used to pay to the cintai holiday. Because they try to use my credit card without my approval. N they call me pretend they are from the bank and claim that the transaction can't go through. Luckily I had cancel my card already. I call back to the bank to confirm the card had been cancel and block. Teruknya!!

17 May, 2013 10:51:59

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) nurul
I am also their victim. They ask me to pay 599 for cancellation of membership charge. Otherwise they will issue summon for 1800.
20 May, 2013 12:59:14

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) nurul mangsa cintai
Saya pun dpt call dari cik shida 0123395027(no yg sama dgn Ieda) Dia nak bantu proses pembatalan membership tu konon tapi kena byr 599. Kalau tak saman akan di kenakan sebyk1800. Saya minta dia fax surat perjanjian berkenaan dgn membership tu atau surat dia fax surat utk cancel atau renew siap dgn hrg bayaran dan no akaun bank. Nampak sgt menipu...
20 May, 2013 14:36:46

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Shaz
Baru-baru ini saya telah mendapat ugutan drp Syarikat ini (Cintai Malaysia) untuk membayar RM599 utk 'closing charges' atau saya akan disaman oleh syarikat tersebut. Saya telah membatalkan keahlian pada 2004 & baru sekarang pihak syarikat itu menuntut kpd saya untuk membayar sejumlah wang itu. (Saman tersebut kerana saya tidak menyambung semula keahlian / tidak menggunakan kad keahlian itu sejak 2004). Saya rasa teraniaya oleh syarikat ini. Sila bantu.
20 May, 2013 15:43:59

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Nazfira
Baru lepas gertak dia...bodoh punya nivi....pegawai undang2...penipu..nasib baik aku jumpa forum ni..klau berani dia call lah lagi..kawan2 jgn kena tipu...sbnrnya yg kena bapak mertua sy..dia attack org2 yg xtau tntg benda2 mcm ni..luckily my husband nak tau lbh lanjut sbb dia keep calling my father...nsb baik credit card dia dah batalkan..mmg ade dpt surat dr company WEST DYNA QUEST berkenaan persetujuan penolakan..yg peliknya surat tu dah siap2 sign menandakan kite setuju dgn penolakan tu..wth!!dia bg kite surat tp kite dpt da siap2 ngn signature kite kat situ..bodohh...keje menipu org je...jgn dilayan org menipu cmni..peliknye kes dari 2011..aku yakin ramai buat mcm xde ape je berlaku..msh bole tipu org phone dia 0123323967 nivi..
21 May, 2013 14:57:04

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Mr AZham
Saya jg mengalami perkara yag sama. wakil cintaik ni nama Vini 0123323967 call saya pada 16/5/2013 dan cakap dari West Dyna Quest SB , lawyer dan suruh bayar RM500 utk cancel membership sebelum today 17/5/2013. If not they will take legal action and I have to pay RM3000 for summon. Tp yg pelik dia tanya ada bawa kad kredit tak? Kalau bawa boleh bagi nombor card dan boleh bayar terus. But I pelik, kenapa lawyer firm nak caj kad kredit. Saya cakap ok tunggu ja esok (meaning today). Then semalam I google nasib baik jumpa forum ni dan taktik mereka adalah sama. Pagi ini si Vini ni call lagi cakap benda yang sama dan saya minta alamat n detail lawyer firm ni. Terus tak mengaku pulak lawyer firm, tp cuma penasihat undang2 utk West Dyna. Saya push lagi minta SSM reg. no dan alamat. Terus Vini letak telefon. Kemudian isteri saya yang bekerja di salah satu lembaga di bawah kementerian kewangan telefon Vini dan minta nombor pendaftaran syarikat sebab dia akan bawa kes ini untuk dimajukan ke bahagian siasatan. Dengan tanpa takut2 dia kata ok teruskanlah dengan siasatan. Isteri saya dah semak data dua company ni Cintai Holidays SB & West Dyna Quest SB. kedua2 sykt ni pengarah yg sama dan alamat pendaftaran juga sama. Ini adalah detail alamat company ni.

1. West Dyna Quest SB
Date of operation: 1.1.2003
Reg. office: 29-1A, Jln Pandan 3/10, Pandan Jaya, 55100 KL
Mailing addrs: Chong Su Foh & Co, 30/AF, Jln Kosas 1/4, Taman Kosas, 68000 Ampang.
Business adress: 152-2-12, Kompleks Maluri, Jln Jejaka, 55100 KL
Nama pengarah: 1. Lim Puoh Sea, alamat spt di alamat perniagaan.
2. Lin Leng You, same,
3. Tong Soon Sin, no address.

2. Cintai Holidays SB
Reg. office: same as above
Mailing addrs: Suite 13, Level 8, Brem Mall, Jln Kepong, 52000 KL
Business addrs: Wisma Cintai, 247, Jln Mahkota, Taman Maluri, 55100 KL.
Nama pengarah: 1. Lin Leng Tih, same as business addrs.
2. Lim Pouh Sea
3. Lim Kim Hee
4. Dato Mohd Shafei bin Abdullah (share holder).

So with this information we can take further action dan pastikan mereka2 ini dipenjarakan dan bayar balik gantirugi kepada semua mangsa2 penipuan mereka. Kepada tuan2/puan2 yg tinggal di KL sila pergi siasat tempat mereka beroperasi samada wujud atau tidak. Jika anda semua memang berniat untuk ambil tindakan undang2, mari kita jumpa dan discuss perkara ini dan ramai2 ke Tribunal Pengguna. email saya utk kita sama2 ambil tindakan beramai2.

25 May, 2013 00:09:36

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) farid
Hari ini dapat call kononnya dari credit center yg juga kononnya buat panggilan bagi pihak cintai holidays.
Dengar dia sebut nama cintai holidays, automatic jadi moody & lupa nak tanya nama penuh dia & nama penuh "credit centre' tu.
btw, this girl tanya samada nak terminate membership atau continue. i said i can't make any decision coz i'm still waiting for a certain documents from cintai holidays.
bila dia tanya document apa yg i mintak, i suruh dia tanya sendiri kat CH sbb i takder masa.
before she could say anything & before i tinggikan suara terus i cut off the call.

So, get ready guys to get a call from this girl.

27 May, 2013 11:50:12

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) mamat
baru je one lady dr cintai malaysia call i, dia guna no 0123395027. kes nye sama je macam korang. terus aku naik angin. 2 tahun lps 10 kali dorang call aku bg tau aku nyer membership dah expired. aku bg tau xnk renew. cancell terus. aku tanya kenapa masih call lagi. u ni org ke5 call sy. sbelum ni dah 4 kali bg tau nk cancell. dia jawab mungkin departmment apa kejadah namanya x update kot. dia hanya di mintak utk je. orait laa dia kata camtu nt dia updatekan yg aku nk cancell. tp mmg lancau tul dorang ni. call gak lg. almost 2 years aku ingat dh setle. tp hari ni dorang lg kata nk saman aku. benda yg sama gak kn byr 599 or mahkamah.

apa lg menyirap laa aku. aku maki cukup2. atlast aku kata kita lawan kat mahkamah. bodoh punye org. tahun 2003 aku penah jadi membership one of international hotel. aku beli package worth RM11,000. aku bayar deposit 1000 je. pastu aku dh tak byar langsung. korang tau tak. dorang x pernah call mintak aku byr or nk ambik tindakan saman pn. cuma aku sent cancellation letter and card je. xder masalah apa pun. dari apa yg aku baca dlm forum ni ternyata scam. yg penting jgn buat apa2 payment. bila dorang call maki je. x pun dengar je perkataan cintai malaysia terus letak. kita buat bg dorang sakit jiwa plak. aku dh mintak kawan aku yg kerja di istina kehakiman putrajaya check Adli & Co.

06 Jun, 2013 11:40:57

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) hakimhusna
saya dah buat report kpd ncc dan kementerian pelancongan & kebudayaan...

Ini jwpn drpd Unit Komunikasi Korporat Kem. Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan pd 5 jun 2013, baru2 ni...
Terima kasih krn memanjangkan aduan ini kpd Kem. Pel. & Kebudayaan.Utk makluman puan, aduan terhdp Cintai Holidays BUKAN perkara br kpd kementerian. Puan disarankan membuat laporan polis di atas penipuan dan ugutan.

Utk makluman puan juga, Cintai Holidays dan West Dyna Quest bukan sykt pelancongan yg berdaftar dgn kem. Pel. & Keb. Di bwh Akta Industri Pelancongan 1992, sykt pelancongan dilarang menjual sebarang bentuk/jenis kad keahlian, kad privilege/ kad VIP dsb kpd org ramai. Kementerian juga tidak pernah bekerjasama dgn mana2 sykt atau agensi utk mengeluarkan kad seumpama ini.

Kesimpulannya, jgn takut kpd ugutan saman drpd sykt ini...biarkan mereka spt anjing menyalak bukit..
Spt sy yg juga terkena, sy dah tak angkat dah call dr no. yg sy suspek dr sykt ini.. dan jgn byr apa2...mereka ini penipu...

Semoga post ini dpt membantu yg lain..

07 Jun, 2013 00:29:24

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Annie
Saya juga mangsa yang terima panggilan yang berbaur ugutan ni. Terima panggilan pagi tadi dari Nivi, Dyna West. Dia nak saman saya RM3000.00 jika tak terminate akaun dengan membayar RM599.00. Mujur lah minta delay payment dan hari ni terjumpa forum ni syukur sangat. Cara mereka yang mendesak kita bayar buat saya marah dan terus google. Tiba-tiba ternampak forum ni, ia amat membantu terima kasih semua atas nasihat.
15 Jun, 2013 12:15:43

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Tasia
I have the same problem with the rest plus now legal case which need to pay RM599 to cancel & they had never say how to cancel it but macam gangster harrasing on the phone. 0123318527 this is the contact. They will fax a letter of cancellation & I will pass it to my lawyer for further action.
22 Jun, 2013 16:39:43

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Felik
Forward all your complaints & email directly to Ministry of Tourism Association. I did mine too. Please to attached aka scan your evidence to them.

26 Jun, 2013 10:50:23

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Deadsoul
Hi semua,

I dh terkena scam ni n dh byr pun rm599.. ape nk buat utk elakkan org lain dr terkena mcm saya..
Sy tgk kat forum ni rmai yg dh report kat NCC and KPDNKK tp sampai sekarang masalah ni tak settle..
Apa yg pihak bertanggungjawab buat?

27 Jun, 2013 20:28:48

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) pak din
tadi somebody dr cintai Malaysia call aku no dia 0123358627. dia kata dia dari federal constituition nak ambik tindakan mahkamah kat aku sbb tak bayar outstanding RM3000. Aku suh dorang fax segala document. dia jawab dia bukan agensi penghantaran. Aku bg tau kat kawan aku kat kehakiman putrajaya. dia punya lah gelak sbb term "federal Constituition" tu. Dah la guna term tak betul ada hati nk bawak ke mahkamah. bodoh punya cintai malaysia.
08 Jul, 2013 16:30:05

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) farah
my advise to everyone her please read carefully before sign up for anything whats the point if keep on blaming cintai malaysia but in reality we failed to think when anybody offer anthing for free.please think nothing is free
09 Jul, 2013 14:44:21

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) fuan
Tq semua bg info yg berguna buat saya salah seorang mangsa penipuan mereka...saya tak nak layan saman mereka
12 Jul, 2013 12:51:10

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) hustlebustle
Saya baru di call pada 13 Julai 2013. Caller nama Wani (West Dyna Quest SB- 0123350652) dan Lina (Cintai Holidays- 0123957285). Pada mulanya apabila dengar West Dyna Quest nak buat legal charge, goyang juga, then decide nak bayar RM599 utk cancellation membership dan juga legal charge, terus diorang minta credit card number. Ape hal??? Saya berkeras tolak credit card sebab dah terkena ngn diorang dulu pada 2007 (satu jangka masa yang lama kan). Saya minta number akaun bank supaya senang nak bayar RM599 tu then kene bayar pada hari yang sama sebelum jam 1.00 ptg, or else mereka proceed ngn legal charge. Saya minta delay sampai hari Isnin (14 Julai) sebab bank tak buka hari Sabtu, sebab saya kene draw duit pakai buku bank. Lepas tu dia kata kene call manager then call saya semula. Punya lama tunggu, saya call balik number dia then tanya apa keputusan manager diorang, dah panas time tu, diorang cakap boleh bayar pada hari Isnin. Wonder juga kenapa kedua-dua syarikat tu menggunakan number handphone, kenapa tak gunakan fixed line TM, then diorang cakap itu adalah talian official syarikat yang menggunakan simcard. Dalam masa yang sama, saya bertengang leher juga dengan Lina tu sebab time tu juga saya buka website ni dan bertanyakan perlbagai perkara seperti number syarikat, ramai dah buat aduan kepada NCCC, KPDNKK, Polis. Tetapi Lina tu cakap mereka takde terima apa-apa aduan dan siasatan. Lastly, saya tak setuju nak bayar apa-apa pun dan mereka kata nak proceed dengan legal charge, saya pun cakap teruskan je la....

Hari ini (15 Julai) saya call seorang sahabat yan bekerja dengan Law firm. Dah terangkan kepada dia panjang lebar then nasihat dia - TAK YAH LAYAN PANGGILAN MACAM TU, KAU BUAT REPORT POLIS JE SEBAB MEREKA UGUT KAU. Btw, takkan law firm Cintai Holidays adalah West Dyna Quest Sdn Bhd? Sebab kalau law firm yang betul mesti ada nama contohnya Abu and Ali Co. atau Abu and Ali Advocator and Solicitor.


p/s: Cuma saya syak kenapa mereka masih aktif hingg sekarang adalah kerana maybe mereka dilindungi oleh 'PIHAK TERTENTU YANG BERKUASA'. Ini bukan hasutan, cuma conscience saya.

15 Jul, 2013 16:46:21

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) ashrof
call the manager 012-330 2359
30 Jul, 2013 12:30:51

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) marul
Company mmg menyusahkan...penipu....
td bru dpt call ..katanya dr jabatan pendaftaran dan pengeluaran saman Mahkamah majistret KL. Mulut manis ckp sbb i bumi so diorg call dulu sblm kluarkan saman kat I. so dia tye samada I ank buat settlement atau terima saman, I ckp bg masa 3 hari I fikir. Biala I check ngn sister in law, dia ckp takde plak nama Nurul Sofea Abdul Rahman kat situ.Bila tgk thread nie no tu adalah no Cintai Holiday.012338627.
Tunggu dia call balik 3 hari lagi mmg nak kena maki ...
15 Aug, 2013 16:22:26

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) shazli
Lebih baik u call manager dia..daripada tunggu dia call selepas 3 hari...
19 Aug, 2013 10:51:43

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Firzy
Lepas 3 bulan hantar email pada kpdnkk baru hari ni dpt feedback..itu pun dia tolak pergi jabatan lain pula.naik rimas nak layan panggilan dari cintai2u ni..

Salam Sejahtera dan Salam 1Malaysia,


Pihak Kementerian mengucapkan jutaan maaf di atas kelewatan ini. Masalah ini berlaku disebabkan masalah yang terdapat di dalam sistem emel Kementerian, bagi mambantu pihak puan di dalam masalah ini, adalah dinasihatkan pihak puan agar memfailkan tuntutan di Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia (TTPM) yang terdekat atau layari portal http;// bagi tujuan tersebut.

Sekali lagi pihak kami memohon jutaan maaf di atas kelewatan ini.

Sekian terima kasih

20 Aug, 2013 11:06:03

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) AIZAT
Salam semua,

Received lagi call dr DYNA bla bla bla n regarding cintai card issue. Ingat kan dah solve coz dah maki hamun sampai ke manager pn kena regarding saman..

seems a new tricks to us yang ignore their scam..i ask for their copied of terms pn they cant nak saman.. i cakap that i did not sign any on paper and everything was on phone..funny when they say cant send a copy to mailing address but can FAX..idiot..

so ask them to proceed if nak naik court n what so ever coz i knew this thread since first time kena scam dulu...

same phone number 012-3395027..not sure the lady name..go and find their FB..cintai holiday...

seems this thing have been disturbing us all, ape cadangan or pandangan to stop this.. other than tribunal for consumer and police report..not mistaken that lady told me their office at maluri area.. this thing is getting worse and may affect other victims later on right...

Thanks all for the info too..!!

28 Aug, 2013 11:51:45

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) farid
ada yg mengaku dah dapat surat saman.
pada pendapat aku pada sesiapa yg sblm ni tak pernah sign apa2 document dgn CH ni... you have nothing to worry sbb diorg tak ada bukti yg korang tu pemegang kad CH.
kalau diorg still nak saman... confirm diorg yg akan kalah.
jgn lupa kalau siapa2 yg kena saman tu (plus tak pernah sign apa2 document dgn CH)buat tuntutan balik apa yg patut..mintak gantirugi sbb gangguan diorg yg rajin call mintak duit tu pun boleh.. kalau korang guna khidmat guaman sbb kes ni, korang boleh tuntut diorg bayar kos guaman korang tu sekali.

pd yg kata dpt call dr jabatan pendaftaran pengeluaran saman Mahkamah majistret tu lg la nampak yg CH ni menipu... tak ada maknanya pihak yg kononnya dari jabatan pengeluaran saman tu nak call & buat offer mcm tu sbb tu bukan tugas mereka... yg jelas, CH cuba gunakan tipu helah yg bodoh utk dapat duit.

28 Aug, 2013 12:12:38

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Hairul
Hi All,
I just receive a call from "Rashid Hamdan" - Cintai Malaysia (012 335 0923)also claim as a lawyer from Zainuddin & Co. Same thread they want to sue me for RM3000 and also as usual, to cancel it they ask to pay RM599. After read all this feedback i search thru bar council on Zainudin & Co (Ampang). In the internet the have the company profile and phone number but the number no longer in sued. Thru Bar council Malaysia ( there are no Zainudin & Co was registered and there are no lawyer name Rashid Hamdan. So i call back ask him to provide me the company registration number and also his lawyer registration number at BAR Council Malaysia. He mention to call me back since he don't have in table but when i ask him earlier he in the office.

I just try to call all lawyer firm that are registered in BAR Council (2 of them and only 2 registered) and they me never heard about Rashid Hamdan??? Until now he never return a call.

P/s: Each legal lawyer shall have a registration number and most of them remember it since it will be the lenience of their carrier.

30 Aug, 2013 17:05:13

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) ashrof
call the manager 012-330 2359
02 Sep, 2013 12:07:41

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) FAISO
Yup..same happen to every year...keep asking me to upgrade the card whereby i have already have lifetime membership. From the beginning, they claims that there will be no upgrade or no payment anymore after the subscription...From Golden card they force me to upgrade to Platinum card that costly another RM599..The same thing the staff will said, all the conversation will be recorded and they claims there will be no payment or upgrading anymore..But next year...they will come to you and ask you to pay and pay with threatening that they will sue us. WHAT IS THIS????

I will advise you guys to change your credit card number and your 3 secret key at the back of the card as i found they keep the information with them.. IT IS VERY dangerous.

Moreover, it is better avoid call from 012++ which is not being save in your address book as normally they will call from this number. MUCH BETTER.. CHANGE YOUR NUMBER.


11 Sep, 2013 11:52:12

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Cintai Hater
Dibawah ini dilampirkan kandungan surat dari KPDNKK. Tiada apa tindakan susulan dari jabatan berkenaan. Hari ini dalam sejarah, setelah setahun lebih masih terima call dan cakap dari syarikat pengeluaran saman. First2 aku hingat saman AES ke hape....last2 cakap dari CINTAI.....dah puas aku maki hamun smpi dunia akhirat....last2 aku cakap nak bagi saman, bagi je la....tak payah la call2....dah nama surat saman....trus ok.....ADA TAK APA2 TINDAKAN LAIN YG PERLU KITA LAKUKAN BERSAMA: CONTOHNYE;DIRECT JE SURAT PEGI MENTERI TERBABIT........INI BUKAN MENGGANGGU LAGI....NI DAH KIRA NAK MENJAHANAMKAN ORANG.....

100, JALAN PUTRA, TEL : 03 – 4045 4555
50622 KUALA LUMPUR FAKS : 03 – 4045 8480
Rujukan Kami : 498/12 WPKL
No. Aduan : Aduan 01203319
Tarikh : 10 Mei 2012

Dengan hormatnya saya diarah merujuk kepada aduan tuan bertarikh 12 April 2012 mengenai perkara di atas.
2. Adalah dimaklumkan Pejabat ini telah menjalankan siasatan lanjut berhubung aduan tuan pada 09/05/2012. Hasil siasatan mendapati bahawa terdapat salah faham antara pihak tuan dengan agen pihak yang diadu berkenaan dengan promosi kad keahlian percutian yang tuan sertai.
3. Pihak tuan disarankan supaya mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut daripada wakil syarikat tersebut iaitu En. Raja Ashrof di talian 016-3358515.
3. Oleh itu, aduan tuan akan ditutup dan dianggap selesai.
Sekian, terima kasih.
Saya yang menurut perintah,
b.p: Pengarah Perdagangan Dalam Negeri,
Koperasi Dan Kepenggunaan,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.
s.k. 1. Ketua Setiausaha,
Kementerian Perdagandan

29 Oct, 2013 19:37:30

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) HELP
Same case here. This morning, someone called Rahmat called me regarding my card since 2008. I said I never use the service and when then staff called me again, I said I not interested to continue when they offer to upgrade my card.
Now, the lawyer Rahmat advise, if want to cancel, must pay RM599 or go to court to settle. He advise to pay the RM599 to cancel the service. I read this forum but I still can't get what is the final conclusion here. Anyway, I going to Consumer to lodge complain later.

Please share what is the latest update.
Thanks all

10 Dec, 2013 12:40:07

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) bassyee
Just received an annoying call this morning saying i was being saman for not renewing the member card.. well, i subscribed to this card since 2003 if not mistaken.. after i received the promotion package, since then i never receive letter or what so ever from CINTAI MALAYSIA CARD. No updates on promotion, no reminder of membershio renewal. But after all this year then i receive a call saying that i'll be summon if i do not pay for the card renewal or termination for RM599. Just lodge a report and i've block the phone number. And they rquested my credit card number as well.. is this relevant???
11 Dec, 2013 14:26:48

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) bassyee
Latest update.. 2 hours after i lodge the report, i received call from Kementerian Perdagangan. She states that this case is under The Board of Tourism. She also states that the Tourism Board is currently having a court case with West Dyna SDN. BHD. She suggested that we also need to file a police report under crime act for the threat. Here is the person in charge for Board of Tourism : Encik Muzammil : Tel: 03- 88917230 or email : thank you.
11 Dec, 2013 14:58:53

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) HELP
Thanks for the info.
I already put complain report to CAP (Penang) and NCCC. Just wait for Cintai Malaysia to send any letter. Now if I see any call from them, with similar number, I never answer.
Hope this Cintai Malaysia will kena summon and not only the person, but the owner and big boss will be penalised.
15 Dec, 2013 21:29:26

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Atuque
Hi All,
I am facing the same problem with these Cintai Holiday or Cintai Malaysia or West Dyna.
I have received so many calls too, since 2011 asking me to upgrade to Gold or Platinum Card. But I said that I wanted to cancel my card due to not using it since I joined membership (paid rm599 if not mistaken) on 2008.
Then they (so many different people) said I will have to pay RM599 to cancel it, but I told them that is a free-for-lifetime membership and etc... So, they said they have to send report to the legal firm for action.

So, TODAY, I received the 1st call from so-called "legal advisor" name Patricia (012-5848569) and she said that she was about to send a summon to me which costs RM1200, due to not able to pay the cancelation fee. So, even though I was shock to get that call, I told her that I am not gonna pay any cent because that Cintai Holiday is cheating people by asking people to pay more and more... So, she asked me if I want the legal action taken or to pay the cancelation fee, and to pay it has to be done before 5pm today... I said, ok lah.. I will pay if I get letter black and white from the company, & I will bring the letter to complain to E-Tribunal. There she said that letter can only be sent after payment made.. WHAT!!! Okey whatever!! Then she still asked if I am going to pay or want to have that summon, I said I choose pay cancelation (just to see how they gonna go). So, she said she will inform the Card Cancelation Dept about that.
So, then after 5 minutes, I received a call from this number 016-6581003 (forgot to ask her name), and she confirm with me to verify my name, IC and address. Then she said she will SMS me the bank account number for me to bank-in to... WHAT THE F***!! I asked her, I want it to be sent thru fax or email so that I will use & report this to E-TRIBUNAL. She said that she will have to ask the legal advisor if she can do that or not, and she will contact me again. Hahahah!! That really SCAM.
Then I Googled "Cintai Holiday" and found this thread.. Marvellous!! I am not afraid anymore.
Until this moment, already 5:20pm still no call from them yet. Am I getting the Summon Ticket or What? I guess not.

I think I will spread this issue on their FB soon so that the company will face trouble soon.

Thanks for those who started this Thread on Cintai Holiday, so that many people will now know that it is a SCAM.

03 Jan, 2014 17:27:46

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) Ahli Cintai
Saya pun banyak kali terima panggilan dari mereka.Dah banyak kali bertekak dan bermacam-macam ancaman termasuk akan disaman.Pada 02.04.2014 yang lalu saya terima satu panggilan yang mengaku dari Pejabat Guaman nak failkan saman RM 2500 kerana saya dikatakan tidak membayar yuran tahunan. Tapi dia cakap boleh tolong saya sekiranya nak close akaun dengan bayaran RM699. Dia minta saya buat bayaran sebelum pukul 5.00 petang. Saya cakap tak sempat dan mintak tangguhkan keesokkan harinya.

Besoknya saya terima panggilan dari satu Private Number mengatakan dia menerima panggilan dari Pihak Lawyer mereka bahawa saya bersetuju membuat bayaran sebelum pukul 12.00 tghari. Saya berpura-pura setuju dan meminta mereka memberikan No Akaun mereka.Dan saya dapati akaun tersebuat adalah di atas nama West Dynas Marketing.

Saya menyemak semula transaction keahlian saya yang dibuat pada Tahun 2011 dan saya dapati nama syarikat tersebut adalah West Dyna Quest Sdn. Bhd. dan bukan Wesy Dynas Marketing.Saya terus membuat panggilan telefon ke Customer Service West Dyna Quest Sdn. Bhd. (Cintai Holiday yang sebenarnya) untuk membuat semakan keahlian saya. Saya dimaklumkan bahawa keahlian saya masih aktif dan tidak memrlukan sebarang upgrade kerana bayaran keahlian adalah cuma sekali seumur hidup.

Saya juga dimaklumkan bahawa West Dynas Marketing yang memnta wang untuk penutupan akaun tu adalah tidak mempunyai apa-apa kaitan dengan Cintai Holiday dan mengambil kesempatan untuk menipu kerana mereka mempunyai banyak maklumat ahli-ahli Cintai Holiday.

Nasihat saya kepada kawan-kawan yang sering diganggu panggilan telefon dari mereka, jangan merasa takut dan jangan membuat apa2 bayaran. Sekiranya ingin penjelasan lanjut hubungilah customer service West Dyna Quest Sdn. Bhd.

Moga2 penjelasan saya ini dapat menyelamatkan kawan2 dari sebarang penipuan.

04 Apr, 2014 11:56:08

New MessageRE:Cintai malaysia Card (modified 0 times) - Editor -
We'll be closing this thread. Please click here for continued discussion:
04 Apr, 2014 23:04:21

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