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Divorce and Marriage
Divorce and Re-marriage

New MessageDivorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Mike
I stayed and worked in Malaysia in 1995, and then got married that same year in another country. However, my marriage has broken down and we stopped talking and meeting with my wife. She has told me that she is filing a divorce. In 1996, without thinking well, I committed a grave mistake, I married my former girlfriend in Malaysia and went to R.O.M. and registered there.

in 1999, I asked my wife did not sign the divorce papers. Then recently in 2003, I asked another lawyer to settle with my wife a divorce. After my divorce and it is absolute. Can I re-marry again my girlfiend (the one I married in Malaysia)? Most have told me that she has change her name under my family name ,; can we remarry again without persecution? Or I will be penalized for my past mistake. I want this to be right,...whether re-marry her again since my first wife and me are already divorced.

Please help...I want my life to be right again....I truly love my former girlfriend which I married in 1996, and still want to remarry her...Please advise.

Should I marry in Malaysia? or in Singapore? What options do I have to correct this mistake.

16 Sep, 2003 00:56:51

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Vince
You are already married and have registered in ROM with your Second Wife. What re-marry again?

Your First Wife did not even bother to take action against you before your absolute divorce?

If she wanted, it would be long before the divorce. And she wouldn't have accepted the divorce. You are lucky that she did not find out the facts earlier.

So, after the absolute divorce, it's finished. Just keep everything as a Secret; that's all for you.

What re-marry and mistake AGAIN?? You must be looking for trouble!!

16 Sep, 2003 06:54:23

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Mike
what I meant was that the second wife marriage is considered null and void since my divorce was not final that time. Do I need to register again with my second wife? since my divorce with my first is already absolute.
16 Sep, 2003 23:24:29

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Vince
Human Error does not change the Laws.

Unless the ROM Officially informed and rejected the records and legality of your Second Marriage, otherwise yours Personal "Presumption" also does not change the Laws.

17 Sep, 2003 23:26:58

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Vince
If in doubt, ask to ROM for clarification.
17 Sep, 2003 23:29:21

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Mike
WHAT i MEANT , I want to make the second marriage official since the divorce was finally over with my first wife. But since 2nd marriage was before the divorce, will it hold still ? or I need to register again with the second wife?

Here is my story:

Before I got married, my second wife and I were just friends before and I was courting her. But the problem was , she had a boyfirned. Anyway, we kept on writing with each other even when I was reassigned to another remote area for work. Finally , I resigned and called her telling her that I want to visit her after she accepted to be my girlfriend. But when I went to her , I observed that there were a lot of guys calling her. , she was my girlfriend. The we were doing fine and my 2nd place of work was near hers. we go out on weekends. The after 2 years , she went to the U.S. to work there. Called her several times but she was having problems with work or visa... our communication broke down. I became more jealous and she became more angry and avoiding my calls. SO I also worked overseas,..and had another girlfriend for 2 months (before i left overseas). After working overseas,..i became lonely..I tried to write to my old girlfriend and told her I am getting married in December. But there was no reply. so I went back and married her (2nd)... didnt realize I didnt love her that much. I stayed with her during my honeymoon (2 weeks). Our marriage didn't last long..after 2 years away from each other put a strain on our marriage and our letters became painful for both of us.... My first girlfriend WENT home and read my letter; she realized that she still loves me...she visited me here and said ,;;;to say goodbye after I told her that I was married. But after we met,..I realized that I still loved her. we stayed together for about a week then she went back. Meanwhile, my wife was telling me that she is contemplating divorce,..I told her I am agreeaable,..I went to a lawyer after 3 years,..but later on my wife didnt sign.......I got frustrated and got married here( first girlfriend).

After further negotiating with my wife,..she agreed after she demanded a big lump sum of money ...however, my second wife (first girlfriend),...realized I cant join her since my marriage to her was done before the divorce so I cant join her. So, what can I do so my second marriage will be accepted...since the first marriage was already dissolved.

18 Sep, 2003 02:00:16

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Mike
So my question is...will I still be penalized even after the divorce with my first wife was final? Will my marriage to the second wife be legal? How can I make the second marriage be legitimate? How to correct this problem?> I am searching for a solution to this problem....even though my divorce is final, second marriage was done before the How can I correct this and make my second marriage be binding? I truly love my second wife and want our marriage be my final....

Please help.....under Malaysia to solve this case??

18 Sep, 2003 23:52:19

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Mike
This is my point ...if I ask the ROM ...I am afraid they might penalize me ....for that past mistake ...
18 Sep, 2003 23:54:20

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Vince
I am going to, directly tell you something you do not like to hear and see.

I don't know whether you are PURPOSELY looking for trouble or "Sick-in-the-mind", but the fact is:

1. Your Second Marriage is already Legal.

2. You don't need to register again.

3. Your "Second Wife" is purposely "Picking Bones in an Egg"; either she loves or does not love you.

4. She could have purposely Dug and generated such Topic just for the purpose of Ignoring and to Hint you that she does not want you.

5. IF YOU STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND then, here is an example and illustration for you:

IMAGINE that you intended to buy and pay only for An Apple, but you had taken TWO Apples for the price of one, will you tell the Police that you had taken an EXTRA Apple either intentionally or unintentionally and you were a THIEF?????

So, don't ask ROM, unless you are inviting problems for yourself.

The Main problem now for you to judge is:

You should suspect the "SINCERITY" of you present wife towards you, NOT the LEGALITY OF YOUR MARRIAGE or LAWS!!!!!

You have not committed any offence, UNLESS you DIG IT OUT to EXPOSE IT!!!!!

Good luck.

19 Sep, 2003 20:49:19

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Jubes
LOL!! You guys are the funniest I've ever read! Thanks I had a good laugh at goofus here today... Duuuuhhh
27 Nov, 2003 18:12:59

New MessageRE:Divorce and Marriage (modified 0 times) Vince
Happy to see that you enjoy this forum.

After all, the Other Side of Law is Ridiculous in nature. Many people have had Fallen Prey.

It depends on each individual's Perspective of Understanding, Interpretation, Acceptance and Preference.

28 Nov, 2003 20:02:04

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