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renounce malaysia citizenship
renounce malaysia citizenship

New Messagerenounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) hanneng
I am applying citizenship to another country soon, and chance to get the approval is quite high.

I have a few questions here.

1) What I need to do to renounce Malaysia citizenship?

2) What happen to my EPF account?

3) Currently, I have Bank Accounts, Property, and Insurance Policies under my name in Malaysia. I can close all the bank accounts easily, however, can I still hold the property and insurance policies under my new identity (foreign nationality)?

Thank You

09 Sep, 2004 04:47:20

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Typical. Want to traitor to your own country because you think they are better in the other country. Why do you wanted to keep your insurance etc in Malaysia. You should not do like this because actually Malaysia is your country. Typical like Ms Wendy. Sell beckside better. Maybe we should told the government who you are. Stupid
10 Sep, 2004 22:14:28

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Alice
To Ah Seng888,

You are such a j*rk and very annoying! If peopl want to leave their country, this doesn't mean they are traitor, they hate Malaysia...etc. This is their personal reason, yea, maybe they found a better place to live in. Why don't you just leave this forum, this is not a place for you....j*rk!

18 Sep, 2004 15:59:49

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Please don't use filthy word to me **%. I am senior middle 3 education and still like to learning. Some of my friend has asked me why I don't be politics or lawyer because I likes to help people. My English is not number 1. But bad words is not number 1 also.

I am just try to help if you don agree is also okay. I say traitor because people who wants to leve Malaysia ask their new country to help. Why asks us?? just a point from me.

18 Sep, 2004 19:39:27

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Some info

Here's what I know.
1. Fill in Borang K and submit in person to Immigration in PJ.
2. Submit a photocopy of your new country citizenship certificate
3. Surrender your Malaysian passport and IC
4. A "receipt" or certificate will be issued confirming your renounciation.
It should only take one day to get it done.

For EPF contribution, you can still contribute the 11% employee portion, but your employer is only obliged to contribute a small amount (not sure what the amount is). Not sure about the property ownership issues, etc. but you may have to declare it in some other way.

PS: Don't waste your time on low-life pariah jerks like the one that responded to your question -- they simply have very low self-esteem and crave unwanted attention. And yes, really poor English too.

Good luck.

19 Sep, 2004 02:46:18

New MessageMalaysian citizenship (modified 0 times) Starter
I am now staying overseas for more than five years without returning back to malaysia.I have not gain any citizenship of this particular country nor a permanent residence.I am wondering if my citizenship in malaysia will be revoked after so many years of absence.Or is it automatically I am no longer a citizen of malaysia now?
Please enlighten me for anyone out there have any idea on this case.
02 Nov, 2004 11:56:19

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Unni
You have a legal obligation as a citizen of Malaysia (applicable to other countries as well) to register regularly with your high commission or embassy abroad. Remember that inspite of all the theories, the fact is that if something happens to you whilst abroad wherever you are, it is their responsibility to come to your aid. But think, how can they achieve this if you do not let them know through regsitration where you are?

There are benefits that go with citizenship. Together with these benefits come responsibilities. One of them is registering with the high commission if you live abroad.

No one is going to arrest or beat you up for failing. All you now need to do is to call up the high commission and ask them. Tell them you had no idea till someone reminded them. Then send your passport in or go in to have it stamped in or whatever.

Good Luck

02 Nov, 2004 14:31:51

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
You also sell beckside. Traitor of Malaysia. Why you not became a citizenship of your other country. Maybe matsalle country. If you did n like Malaysia please don't asking for help from Lawyerment is Malaysia.
02 Nov, 2004 21:23:17

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) idiot ah seng888
what a F..khead. Ah seng888 can't spell, write the simplest Grammar or any grammatically correct English. Ah Seng888, you are such a mentard, i.e. mentally retarded!
05 Nov, 2004 14:06:13

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Please don't tried to use the big words. I am not scared. Just be a better words and understand the law. Traitor is something go another country and talk big. You are passwater. Also sell beckside. Thats why you talk to much.
05 Nov, 2004 21:53:08

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) idiot ahseng888
Now get a log in between your legs, the larger the better. That way you will feel better. Pea brain like you serves no one except your own egoistical attitude. Next time you wanna reply, think of yourself a dog barking at me. No matter what you reply, you will always be a dog barking at me. I ignore dog barks. Got it, no big words?
09 Nov, 2004 14:33:30

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Ah Seng888
Why you wanted to qarral only and big words.You think I am a peas brain so what are you. At least I am argue like a lawyer with no pea brains. You cannot say the propor words so you say the bad words only.And why you wanted to call yourself ah seng also?

Please don't use the big BAD words. You are idiot really. What is the point? what is the law for this? waht is the meaning of traitor did you really KNOW!!!! sell their ........something to another country then complained the Malaysia is not best country. If you wanted to go somewhere don't tell us. Just ask the other country to help you OKAY!! You are passwater you UNDERSTAND???!!! Like a bigger dogs barking

09 Nov, 2004 22:00:22

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Xmsian
Big Mostake if you do that.
Malaysia is not a perfect country, almost nowhere else, but still your motherland.

For instant, I was ####ed on the unfair and discriminatory system some 25 yars ago. Back then, most of the Malay was uneducated, at least to me, were bunch of uncivilize spoiled brads whom depends on social assisitances and feeds on other hard working ethnics taxes dollars.

Now I am older and consider wiser, the society in Malaysia back then need such move in order to move the country forward. In the past few years, I've been return for as short as few months to as long as a year. I begin to realise almost everyone is equally educated and open-minded and get along, what a significant diffrences.

I am happy that I didn't renounce my Malaysia Citizenship that makes hell lot easier for mr to return as part of the member after few years long term settlement. If you do renounce, i think you will be encounter lot of hard time when you regret that the new country yu adopted isn't what you expected in the near future.

Think with your heart and brain, not your 2 apples on lower back.

31 Dec, 2004 05:20:09

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) xmsian at the msc
I would think hanneng is smarter to know that it is better not to renounce the Malaysian Citizenship. I believe there are certain clauses in the other country's agreements which are forcing Hanneng to renounce his Malaysian Citizenship, if he is to pursue the other's citizenship. In a general sense, I would think it is better not to renounce the Malaysian Citizenship. Then you can be either here or there. Better to have 2 countries accepting you.
The words used by AhSeng888 is called : flaming. In the Internet world, there are certain parties that ' flame ' forums, though I would say that AhSeng888 is certainly a very, very agressive flamer, perhaps extreme too. Calling another : passwater, is utterly ridiculous, and nonsensical, targetted to rouse anger in the reader. I have captured his Address, but I'll need a few more of his postings to pinpoint his location.
AhSeng888 : better go to different cybercafes to do postings in future. Otherwise, sooner or later, I will CATCH you. Wanna call me names too ? Perhaps I'm another passwater too ? Be creative, think of another name for me and post in this thread too. A word of advice, if you want to let out your air by flaming, do it on a political site. That's the channel. Certainly not in this site. I'll be waiting for your replies in this thread. Otherwise, you have lost ! Get it ? I used to be a flamer too, but a polite one. You are a disgrace to other flamers in this world.
11 Jan, 2005 22:15:42

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) manzsin
I do not pretend I know "HANNENG" legal position to be. I purely think aloud what appears to me is the obvious.

I am more familiar with the Australia and New Zealand situations. The first step for the "migration" is to be a permanent resident. For all practical purposes over there, it is virtually the same as a citizen there. There is not restriction there requiring a permanent resident to convert into a citizen of that country. However, for some sensitive employment appointments like the Ministry of Defence, the citizenship of that country may be called for. One of the obvious difference is only the citizen there can represent that country to compete in international sports event. I am surprised a PR there is allowed and encourage to vote for their national and local council elections. The PR can be elected local council member, but not member of parliament for the obvious reason. Otherwise PR there enjoy the same benefits in social welfare, health, education etc as that conferred to their citizens.

Consequently, many Malaysian citizens becoming PR there seldom take up the citizen of that nation.

Absence from Malaysia and living in overseas country as a PR of that country, I believe, does not deprive one of his Malaysia citizenship. I suppose it is important to note that living in a foreign land as its PR is NOT a crime. The motive of becoming a citizen of another country is of that person's concern.

Revocation of Malaysia citizenship can come in several ways. One is the citizen's voluntary giving up the citizenship. The second is the Malaysian government withdrawal of the citizenship on ground that the citizen has taken the citizenship of another nation. I believe the taking of a foreign nation's citizenship is making the person's Malaysia citizenship VOIDABLE, but NOT VOID. In simple words, the person's Malaysia citizenship is liable for revocation by the Malaysian government, but it is NOT "automatically" rendering the Malaysian citizenship null and void.

In practice, I understand many Malaysian citizens who also hold foreign passport [reflecting their embrace of foreign citizenship] generally do not have problems from Malaysian authorities unless the authorities have the evidence of dual citizenships.

Currently, the Thailand / Malaysia entanglement over the South Thailand separatist movement reveals that many people in the boundaries holding dual citizenship. Similarly for Filipinos in East Malaysia; as well as the Indonesians in Malaysia. From the statistics I casually come across, the chance of Malaysian government withdrawing its citizenship on group of dual citizenship is very small. Perhaps rarely that having 5 cows and goats along the Federal Highway.

EPF. As I understand EPF withdraw for those contributors leaving the country for good are entitled to withdraw their EPF in full. The requirements I understood a year ago was to surrender the identity card [not the passport or citizenship certificate], a confirming letter of permanent residency or citizenship from a foreign nation and showing a 1-way ticket out of Malaysia. I believe there is no compulsion for the EPF contributor to withdraw his contribution on leaving the country.

Other assets like bank account, insurance and property. I doubt this is a problem related to your new citizenship or permanent residency. I certainly doubt one would lost his control of the properties due to a change of citizenship.

Should a Malaysian renounce his Malaysian citizen after acquiring a new citizenship? I believe this is more of a personal moral matter. I have observed that many Japanese, Americans and Europeans settling in Australia and New Zealand have not given up their original passport after acquiring their Australia or NZ passports.

Finally, I believe many people tend not to distinguish the terms "permanent residency" with "citizenship" in discussing this matter. When confused, perhaps best to go back to the basics.

02 Feb, 2005 07:07:41

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) True Blue Msian
Hanneng and Alice,

I've read this thread to my great amusement.

Don't get too agitated over some negative passing remarks that is not associated with the topic in question.

Arguing with an idiot would only take you down to his/her level, and once you are there, he'll win you hands down just by experience.

Back to the topic at hand, I think for different assets would be handled differently. Some can only be held by Citizens, while you can continue to enjoy even as Foreigner.

My question though is about Amanah Sahams. How are these treated? Can they be transfered to say another family member who retains Malaysian Citizenship?

I apologise if this question has seemingly diverted from the category of this forum, but certainly would appreciate if anyone could assist...

25 Feb, 2012 01:54:01

New MessageOFF-TRACK topic - CIVILISED VS. UNcivilised~renounce citizenship (modified 0 times) Ah Boh
What made a country not appealling and not being able to retain its own citizens? Corruption and rotten civilisation.

Usually those who are 'sensitive' ' and hate OTHER PEOPLE'S migration are those who are very 'lawa' in their home country. For those who have developed different perspectives, their mindset changed, and they happened to be lucky enough to have choices, such as migration, they are usually condemned by those self-righteous 'lawa' people back at home.
Could the migrants be more needed in another country, may be they found their passion in something or someone in another country. Who are we to judge????????
Be civilised, so that we make our country attractive for residency---if we think we are very loyal to our country, that's what we should do.

With technology and cheap airfares, the world is very small. We are citizenship of the world, betray of what? How? Who? I think it's time we grow up and be educated as Malaysians.
Nobody should stay in one place all the time except those who 'HAVE NO CHOICE'; in this new age, we should be mobile with our pursuits, not narrowly locked up in one place, as we are globally connected through technology. Migration is just another way of 'moving house', is not a big deal.
But again, usually it is an expression of endearment, when someone misses you and they don't want to see you leaving, they called names. There might be situation when one tries to upset someone who is migrating or has migrated, because they can't , or they have no guts to do so. So they are frustrated. But don't lose cool ! Don't shame Malaysia's name.

22 Mar, 2012 10:44:16

New MessageRE: EPF (modified 0 times) Jasper
How may I as an ex-Malayasian obtain an EPF Statement as I could not register under EPF i-account? What documents do they need if I have to go personally to any EPF Office? Thanks.
06 Aug, 2012 09:32:28

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Cha Baii n Koo Chai
I say man Ah Seng888 you smart man lah. Sure clever wan!! Tolong me lah.
06 Aug, 2012 20:10:37

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Teh Tarik
Go EPF Office, update your citizenship in your EPF Account. At the same time, they will print your statement to you.
Bring your current ORIGINAL passport and Borang K (prepare a copy each.)
13 Aug, 2012 22:48:35

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Crow69
Hi folks,

Sorry to intercept this informative forum. I'm residing in Singapore for the past 16 years. After pondering for many years I've finally decided to renounce my citizenship after GE13. Finally gotten my citizenship here. question are, how do I make a total withdrawal of my EPF and how long will it takes for KWSP to release the funds? Heard rum ours here say that, KWSP will charge a certain percentage for total withdrawal. Is that true? Can anybody enlighten me on this? Deeply appreciate the advises.

16 Jan, 2014 18:57:33

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) ah kow
how is the weather?
01 Feb, 2014 04:34:07

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) no name

THIS HELPS. Please read this and will clear your question on how to do EPF withdrawal after renunciation Malaysia citizenship. just ignore the jerk (we do not need to lower down to his level).

09 Feb, 2014 20:51:49

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) BravoEchoEchoRomeo
Why renounce it? I am a US citizen now and has dual citizenship. The USA does not care if you still have Malaysian citizenship. Only DUMNO don't want you around. They have an agenda to drive all non-Malays out and they are succeeding. You should keep it and go back to vote them out at every election. This way, you don't have to worry about your EPF till you are ready to withdraw it when you happen to go to Bolihland to eat good food and also #### on the government.
12 Feb, 2014 10:22:18

New MessageRE:renounce malaysia citizenship (modified 0 times) Zuwider
I think you are all being Jolly Mean to Pass Water Ah Seng (PWAS)as he is Obviously a Top candidate to lead MCA.
Anyway, he must be Jolly Busy in Petaling Street these days and has no time to contribute further!
30 Sep, 2015 01:44:42

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