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Expired Passport

New MessageExpired Passport (modified 0 times) Whammy
My passport expired 9 years ago. I am residing in US, and recently obtained my PR status here. I would like to renew my passport to return home for a visit. I have all my documents -old IC, and my birth certs. What problems will i face? I can't leave the US, for too long of a period for it will cause my PR status to be voided. Anyone been through this process? or facing such problems?
I have heard of such situations, where the embassy would require the person to return to malaysia to renew their passport. If it is a guaranteed renewal and in a timely fashion, yes it would not be a problem. However, that may not be the case, which then falls into the problem of my US PR being revoked. I have to return to US for work and my family. Pls advise. Thank you.
17 Dec, 2009 14:56:23

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Rakyat
Iíd be very much interested in responses with a solution to this problem Ė Iím in a very similar predicament myself.

Whammy Ė do you have a MyKad? I donít. (I have all the docs you mentioned). My concern is if the government considers citizenship as ďabandonedĒ. I understand that citizens are required to 1) register with the embassy every year AND 2) return home at least once every five years.

In any case, I understand the normal procedure is as follows (abbreviated). Submit application, fees and all supporting documents to the embassy. Once inspected and everything is in order, they in turn send everything to KL once a month. Normal turn around is 3-6 months.

Thank you in advance.

12 Jan, 2010 02:48:37

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) YaYa
Looks like this question has been asked many times in different forms. No responses?? Many could benefit from an opinion. Thanks.
10 Feb, 2010 15:54:31

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Overseas M'sian
Would suggest that your expired passport be renewed at the nearest Malaysian mission in your country. Not advisable to return to Malaysia to do so as recently M'sia has started refusing renewal in cases where the holder has overstayed in a foreign country. The period where a passport will be denied ranges from 1 year onwards.
24 Jun, 2010 00:25:32

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Rajah Brook
Whammy I forsee two problems for you.
1 You can renew your Malaysia passport with your old IC overseas, but, but,but you may not get a 5yr passport. You could be given a new short term malaysian passport (depends on the guy behind the counter) and take a chance to go back to Malaysia and there renew your IC provided you have all your birthright doccumentation. Realise that you may be asked why you are so late in applying for a MyCard IC. New MyCard ICs take about a month if everything is in order. If you know somebody like a "dato" or "datuk", then the turbo kicks in. Otherwise bare the pain of waiting. MYCards cannot be applied for overseas.

First things first. Renew your Malaysian Passport at the nearest embassy etc. See how long they give you and then decide further. If the staff refuse to renew your passport, challenge them. They do not have the right to refuse a passport application provided you have the correct doccumentation

2 Malaysia does recognise PR overseas, but does not allow dual citizen. Possession of a foreign passport is recognision of foreign citizenship. If you do not have a US passport, how will you return to the US? Will you have any recognised documentation for you to reenter the US?? If you can reenter, and time is on your side then go for it

From your note I think you understand the constraints of your situation. Unless you have plans in the long term to settle home in Malaysia, you may want to consider that just visiting Malaysia is adequate for your purpose

24 Jun, 2010 03:01:43

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) LoyerBrook
You have ONLY one way: You should use US Passport, since you Msian Passport had expired 9 years ago.

Do not trouble youorself getting all unnecessary hassles and LONG WAIT for the approval.

29 Jun, 2010 10:10:57

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) orangkamapung
i am now a us citizen and holding a valid malaysia passport, should i just check into malaysia as an US tourist like you guys suggest in this forum, will immigration be able to find out the other valid malaysia passport that i am still holding as a m'sian.


29 Jun, 2010 18:09:09

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) LoyerBrook
For Orangkampung,

Whether to use US Passport or Malaysian Passport?

A good question that needs a lot of Common Sense to answer in Practice.

If your Malaysian Passport is still valid BUT will expire soon, and your purpose of coming back is to Renew your Malaysian Passport, then, you MUST use your Malaysian Passport.

WHY? The Tactical importance is to match your Last EXIT DATE (left Malaysia few years ago) and get the ENTRY DATE Chopped NOW on your passport.

If WITHOUT ENTRY DATE chopped on your Passport, when you go for RENEWAL of Passport, even the most ssttuuppiidd Immigration Officer could find out that you hold another Country's Passport.

They will ask you: MACAM MANA KAU MASUK BALIK KE MALAYSIA? (HOW DID YOU ENTER BACK to Malaysia?) They will surely know that you hold another Country's Passport to ENTER.

For those people who had Expired Malaysian Passports, then no choice, just use another Country's Passport to come back as Tourist.

30 Jun, 2010 00:15:56

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) orangkamapung
My purpose for this trip is for vacation back to home town, am i ok to just use the US passport ?

I appreciate you reply very much Loyer Brooke

30 Jun, 2010 03:41:23

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) LoyerBrook
If you do not plan to stay long in Malaysia. Just use your US Passport. But, you MUST NOT Over-stay.

Leave Malaysia before Expiry Date of Visit Pass, as any good US Tourist would leave.

DO NOT PUBLICIZE about your Nationality. Do not bother about Malaysian Passport then.

Do not worry about Citizenship. Kau memang seorang Warganegara Malaysia, known to yourself.

If you intend to stay long in Malaysia, then use your Malaysian Passport. Again, you have to consider the Technical Application of your situation as US PR. Is it OK on the US Immigration?

30 Jun, 2010 18:58:47

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) orangkamapung
Hi loyer brook, my malaysia passport is not expired till 2014, will they be able to find out from the system the time i check into Mal with US passport ?
02 Jul, 2010 08:14:53

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) LoyerBrook

When you travel with US Passport, then you are US Tourist. The Immigration should not bother you.

07 Jul, 2010 12:29:38

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Rakyat
I don't see how you can renew passport in US - M'sian embassies in the US stopped renewing passports; unless they changed the rules within th elast three months.
07 Jul, 2010 12:47:40

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Overseas M'sian
Mal Hi Comm here in Canberra, AU does renew (ie issue new passports)..
07 Jul, 2010 19:08:39

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Rakyat
Given the original poster, subsequent comments, and my dilemma, relates to US related passport/PR issues, Iíll stick with the same scenario.

I have a huge problem with this whole business.

I am a US PR. I don't want to lose my M'sian citizenship, therefore I never took up US citizenship. It seems like A LOT of people are doing it regardless!! How do you get away with it?? Are you blatantly lying to the authorities?? When you renew your Malaysian passport, they clearly ask you your current status in the US AND show proof. How do you respond??

08 Jul, 2010 16:51:28

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Rajah Brook
Rakyat, I understand and sympatise with your predicament. I am not familia with US immigration law. Question. Is a US Green Card a permanent feature for you to keep and ensure free passage in and out of USA?? If so then the info below is useful for you to consider. I have provided the link for you to peruse

3 to 6 monts is a long time to process a pasport. In the UK it's a day at the High Com London, and it does not have to go through Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, provided you have your original passport and IC.

As an aside, I think its time the Malaysian Goverment recognised dual nationality for its citizens, with regard to certain Caucasian countries that it has links with. Most of these Malaysians living in these countries including myself, contribute a tremendous amount of remmitances to Malaysia. I know a lot of BUMIES (I am one) and Malaysian Royals that have married so called Orange Putays, and have dual Nationality. The Malaysian Goverment turns a blind eye to this. Malaysian Goverment should do what the UK Goverment does, DISCRIMINATE, i.e. Australians and New Zealanders, Canadians etc can come and go as they like. Malaysian should practise what their former cclonial masters do, for their advantage, and allow dual nationality for certain countries. Pakistan has seen the light and done it for its "UK" citizens.

Embassy of Malaysia
3516 International Court, NW, Washington DC 20008
Tel: (202) 572-9700, Fax: (202) 572-9882, Email:


Effective March 1, 2009 all applications will be forwarded to Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Putrajaya, Malasyia for processing and approval. The estimated time of process is between 3-6 months.

To ensure a prompt processing please make sure that all supporting documents are certified by a Notary Public, failure to do so will only delay your application.

All lost passport applications must go through a thorough investigation by Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia before any consideration can be made for its replacement. Passport is an important document therefore it must be in the safe custody of the holder at all times.

All applicants living in District of Colombia area, Northern Virginia and Maryland MUST submit and collect document personally at the Embassy.

Please e-mail us your request to get the form and instruction to and include the following in your email.

1. Your name (according to Malaysian Passport)
2. Scan copy of your passport (page with picture and expiry date only)
3. Your current address in USA
4. Scan copy of US Visa or Green Card
5. Attention to "Consular Section"

All fee payments are through US postal money order only and made payable to Embassy of Malaysia.

Please follow the instruction carefully

The Embassy of Malaysia will not be responsible for passports/documents lost in mail.

10 Jul, 2010 06:33:46

New MessageRE:Expired Passport (modified 0 times) Rakyat
Thank you for taking the time to post the procedure. I am familiar with the protocol, and as you can see, it reinforces much of what I had said.

One caveat though - more recently embassy folks have been insisting that you provide ORIGINAL passport to be renewed. This is a BIG risk for people who have their visa status or temp. GC stamped on the passport. Kalau hilang, habis cerita - especially if it has to go all the way to KL to be renewed.

I too agree that the govt. should recognize dual citizenship (see

To answer your question - a Green Card is not a recognized travel document, you still need a valid passport and/or visa to travel outside the US. (You can travel anywhere within the US). That said, a GC is usually sufficient ID for travel to neighboring countries like Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica ... no visa is required but it's best to have valid passport also, you never know when you might encounter clueless rogue immig. officers

10 Jul, 2010 14:48:12

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