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good lawyer in Johor bahru

New Messagegood lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) Wee Ling
Can anyone provide me a good lawyer w family matter in JB?
My ex-husband has not been paying child maintenance fee for almost one year. I want to take legal action against him because i am badly need the money for my son.
19 Jan, 2010 17:28:44

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) ....................
any firm except Zaman - over charged
28 Jan, 2010 16:12:41

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) ..............
maybe we should list down all the expensive and irresponsible lawyer here so that no one will be cheated by them again
28 Jan, 2010 17:02:58

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) Allison
I am totally agreed to put in all the list of the bad lawyer in Malaysia.

Can we do this here?

28 Jan, 2010 17:48:56

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) Bunny
Don go to this woman at Jln Dedap, Tmn Johor Jaya. Nasty and unprofessional
14 Aug, 2010 16:15:08

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) Bunny
Alison, we cant list the nasty and cheating lawyers/law firms here..its called disparagement and it's illegal to do it on this webpage.
14 Aug, 2010 16:29:00

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) Lowyar
today, it has come to be that most Lowyar (as the name implies), are in it for the money. All the same, they #### blood from you till you are dry. And they would also collaborate with the other side without your knowledge. This is the worst ever so called profession in society today. Bad people are known to be bad but not lawyer they live in pretext of protecting your interest. but the truth is their pockets come first. THey care the #### about you. Think it out very carefully and get the fees agreed upon before you ctart. Win or lose they will take your money. Every thing they do they charge you - nothing for free, even if it was a mistake on their part. That's the type of liars for you.. In Malaysia, the profession is at it's lowest ebb since indepedence.
20 Aug, 2010 23:36:47

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) fefe
anyone but Tay & Partners... the women there are #####es.. they act high and mighty like royalty, extremely brash and rude to clients and associates, why bother giving business to such people?
12 Oct, 2012 15:23:03

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) vkpc
If you badly need money, I strongly advice you to avoid lawyers.
13 Oct, 2012 10:18:12

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) justine
try using a mediator then. his fees are stated upfront even before the process begins. Plus it is faster. I respect lawyers but with litigation, only one party comes out a winner. for cases like this, she needs help in the proper manner. mediation's chances of maintaining relationships is higher compared to the services of lawyers. I too am a lawyer but really the process takes too long and you need the money fast. do contact for some free advice.
25 Oct, 2012 07:35:46

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) sister of court
Mr Tee yee koon from sheng lee law office... most of the people in this field must be agree with me.. young but always humble with his knowledge in law....
01 Nov, 2012 17:45:18

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru and KL (modified 0 times) defi
Not the very so call old law firm in Raja Chulan AmBank Building -- very greedy lawyers there
11 Mar, 2013 11:43:18

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) johormum
Dear wee ling

even if you r in need of money, DON'T EVER, EVER, EVER APPROACH THE JOHOR BAHRU LEGAL AID BUREAU !!! You will 'vomit blood' and hv to wait until you hv a grandson or granddaughter before you case be hear in court.

Msia govt set up the legal aid bureau that's suppose to help those in need but those work in JOHOR BAHRU LEGAL AID BUREAU JUST WASTING TAX PAYERS HARD EARN $$$.

14 Mar, 2013 11:03:48

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) victim of crook lawy
DONT GO TO SHENG LEE LAW OFFICE, they are con man, only know to take your money and never do your case properly and always give lame excuse, they always lose the case!!!!!!!
22 Mar, 2013 03:04:12

New MessageRE:good lawyer in Johor bahru (modified 0 times) bluefire
Fact: Lawyers cost money and you don't seem to have any. Don't engage a lawyer if you can avoid it. It all starts well and good and they *&^* for good! Then all the money you have got from the case will go towards the lawyer.

Is your ex-husband financially sound enough to actually pay for child maintenance? Sometimes they have run out of money. But this is not to an excuse for them not to contribute towards the upkeep of the child. Best course of action: mediation or negotiation. Call him and talk to him and tell him that you need the finances for the child. Produce receipts that are relevant as some men view their ex-wives as money ######s. Get a 3rd party to act as a mediator. Most mediator who handle this sort of situation are actually quite good at what they do. Your ex may be willing to pay a smaller sum first and slowly work to settle all the outstanding amount.

I am of the opinion that most men will pay towards child maintenance if they believe that the money if being used to bring up the child and not for the wife's expenditure.

01 Apr, 2013 10:15:30

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