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New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) A HUMAN
Guess what? I'm the recent victim that got thereatened by [xxxxxx name removed] Partner & Co! This is the whole case!

It was on a morning that I have an important client to meet up. I receive a call from them saying that they are from a legal firm. This guy call Devan tell me that I have an outstanding of RM7k+ for my Maybank Credit Card. I said I knew that. (I didn't manage to pay up all the minimum payment for the pass 2 months so it went into that total amount because I was in the process of changing jobs). So yeah. I said I know and I will slowly repay back to maybank. Whats the big deal now? He said I will have to pay half of 7k++ which is 3k++ by 3PM that day else they will WSS my stuff, then they keep on telling me that my bank account is now freeze by bank negara, can't be use, all my salary will go to the debts etc. Okay here comes the tension part, they said IF I don't finish paying up the 7k+ by this week they will issue me a summon/letter to attend court and every payment will be bear by me. So total they ask me to pay RM12k+. I WAS LIKE WTF? Then I said how is that possible? Thats the moment they start to be rude to me! Telling me YOU MUST PAY. ELSE WE WILL SUE YOU. THIS THAT etc.

I can't take it anymore. Why is there such a call telling me all these! Who are they? Why did they call instead of maybank?? And I was thinking, are they really gonna sue me? How am I gonna get RM3k in a short time? I dash off to Menara Maybank after I met up with my client. So at the card center they tell me I have 2 options.

1. Pay it off as term loan
2. Seek AKPK

Alright. I was determine to pay it off as term loan. I can earn the money in a short time. All I just need is TIME. They ask me to proceed to Menara Etiqa 8th floor which is located at Jalan Melaka.
So I went there. The moment I step in there, there's a receptionist which takes down our credit card number. (Yeah this is the dept that handles all the loan and etc) Besides me, there's 2 more couple and a young girl like me. Then we all seperately bring to discussion room with a consultant from Maybank. This lady tell me no matter what I will need to pay up a minimum payment by end of this month. (she was informant, nice) So of course I agree! I said the legal firm called me so I was here! She don't look suprise. So I wrote a letter (with a template she gave) telling them I would pay at least half of the 7k by 1st week of May. Then 1k each on every month until I'm done with the payment. Sign and stamp. Done. It takes a week time to get approval. Oh yeah she ask me to cancel my credit card as well! I didn't bring it with me. So she ask me to cancel it tomorrow at any branch. Okay then I return to my workplace. Work work work. Didn't had the time to google on this!

The next day morning I got a call AGAIN! I tell them I personally went to Maybank and settle with them. I talk to this lady at Menara Etiqa. So now I'm waiting for my proposal to be approved. Then they said OKAY. They will check.
I went to cancel my credit card. This guy at the Maybank branch (very polite, helpful) tell me that actually you don't have to cancel the card because your payment is not all cleared yet. In order to cancel you must finish paying the card first. I was like.. are you sure? cause I wrote a proposal saying that I will cancel my card in order to make term loan payment. He then proceed to make a call for me to clarify. So in the end yeah it was clarified, he proceed to cancel my card. Cut it infront of me and send to card center. I went back to office. Googled. And this is what I found. All insulting and threatening calls by [xxxxxx name removed]!!!! ####! I WISH I KNOW THIS EARLIER!!! I DIDN'T GET ANY LETTER AND STUFF. SO there is a possibilty that I DIDN'T HAVE AN ISSUE. I just need to pay the bank! But I went and sign on a proposal! WTF! Okay nevermind. So Screw it. I will pay and stop using Maybank ANYMORE!

The next day one stupid fella call Daniel called. He said I will have to pay 3.5k again by today. Else they will come to my house and find me! I was like wtf? Do whatever you want! I've settle with Maybank! Don't call me again! (i've already read the comments in lawyerment forum! seriously thank you guys!) They stopped calling that day. Then next day Devan called again!!!! Telling me that I will have to pay else they freeze my bank account and stuff. I got furious, then tell them I will seek AKPK!! (just wanna test them) This Devan guy said we will sue you before your file get to AKPK. I was like WATEVER. I don't bother la! Yea right yea right I said. He's mad! I put down the phone. He call and talk his grandmother story again.

So it was weekend for the pass 2 days. They didn't call. Until yesterday!!!! This time a guy name Morgan called me. REALLY REALLY RUDE! He said you must pay RM7k by this week else we will take all your belongings and freeze your bank account. I was like. YEAH GO AHEAD! Do whatever you want! I can't stop you! YOU ARE THREATENING ME! WHY SHOULD I TALK TO YOU! You are so rude I said. He said I'm RUDE! WTF!!! I Finally ask him WHERE ARE YOU FROM? He said [xxxxxx name removed] Partners CO!! This time I determine to screw them up!!! I was having my lunch and you call me for all these ####? F### YOU! I said. Can't take it anymore!!! I call up Maybank Card Center, ask them whether my proposal has been aprroved. They said still pending! Results will out today.(19/4)

[xxxxxx name removed] called again in the evening! EFFIN RUDE! THEY SAID MY PROPOSAL has been disapproved! WHAT YOU WANT NOW? YOU MUST PAY NOW! Else we will freeze your account, sabo you, with all these thereatening ####ss!! They said they will hunt me this time! No matter what I need to pay! Threaten again with WSS and etc. I didn't bother! Cause I've called maybank earlier to verify. Its still pending. :D (still got hope)

Till today! So far no calls from [xxxxxx name removed] yet! (relieved. cox they are a bunch of maggots that disturbed my daily life!!!) Called maybank just now. Proposal has been approved. DUH! Pun expected. WHY? I pay more than they requested!!!! SO now its deal! I will pay what I promised.

Do not fall into their tricks. If you wanna settle your payment, go to Maybank itself. Ask and ask. Sign a proposal. if big amount, look for AKPK.
If better still, you're not afraid/scared IGNORE it. There might not be a real issue happening. Its just Maybank outsourced files to [xxxxxx name removed] and you're one of them in the file that doesn't make prompt payment so they call you in order to collect some debts from you!

MAYBANK: IF YOU ARE READING THIS, did I say that I don't wanna pay? I pay you everymonth!!! Why use all these dirty tricks to collect money? You will get the money you want cause we are all scared but you will lose us as customers cause you use all these dirty tricks to ask for money. We are in debt, we should pay you but why outsourced to [xxxxxx name removed]? They are really a pain in the @$$! Our files get there. Details get there. This is so unsecured! Where is our rights??? Use a real LAWYER FIRM and stuff if you wanna issue us SUMMON. NOT USE ALL THESE DEBT COLLECTORS that will THREATEN OUR LIFE and make our LIFE MISERABLE!!!

NOTE: I WILL NEVER USE MAYBANK CREDIT CARD ANYMORE. I will avoid to put money into the account as well! WTF SERIOUSLY! I heard HSBC uses [xxxxxx name removed] as well. Can anyone confirm?

19 Apr, 2011 14:34:39

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) 1969
@ 1919 (from your earlier post)
If not, just wait for the bank to sue you bankruptcy. The photocopy summon you received, does
it has an original signature? If you are not sure, just call up the bank's lawyer firm to confirm.
As i mentioned in earlier post, if it is really a court summon and you did not attend, the bank
already got a judgement in default, meaning to say you already accepted what is claimed in the
summon. Judgement in default will still allow you to carry on with your normal life, so do not
worry. The bank normally can't do much to you at the moment until your debt amount reaches RM30,000
or more whereby it will give the bank legal empowerment to sue you bankruptcy.

If after 6 years from the date of your last payment to the bank, the bank still does not execute
bankruptcy proceeding against you, you are a free man and the bank cannot take further legal action
against you after the 6 years has lapsed according to the Limitation Act. That's all.


Reference to the above matter, wish to double confirm with you or anyone here.
I already got Judgement in default and has passed 8 years, the debt not reaching yet above RM30,000.
Am I totally a free man after the 8years from judgement and the bank cant sue me anymore?

19 Apr, 2011 16:30:26

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Bank Cust
My best advice is, if a collection agency called u'll, pls go to the nearest Bank Branch which they said u have outstanding and nego on mthly payment or full settlement (they will surely give you discount for full settlement).

Going to AKPK - the disadvantages are, u and your partner (if u r married) will not able to get a loan till you settle your payment. The duration is pretty long and in future since ur name is in AKPK list, u might face problems to get new loan.

20 Apr, 2011 17:14:59

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) To_Lost
LOST, what happen to your dad really angers me. I hope that guy goes to jail. If this thing happen again, take his picture also while he's taking the picture of the house. When he ask for what, say tat you gonna show his face to the police. #### i hate this kind of people. I also experience this, and they say they have took the picture of the house im staying, #### wat the heck are they trying to take a picture of the house, i can just move out somewhere isnt it? WTH stupid people only waste their camera's memory. not only tat but they coming closer to kena legal action.
24 Apr, 2011 22:14:49

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) mrdebt
[xxxxxx name removed] office located in kelana jaya. not so nice shplot. i think one day i wl go there n run amok. they are really rude n unethical. never want to listen but forcing n threathening. i got harassed by them via sms n fon cl as well. threaten to repot my debt @ my hr as well. they r using nickname n most of it indian name. wat they want is pyment n they wl earn comm. go to hell with ur comm.the principle of recovery is try to get payment no matter how much as long as dEbtor wanted to pay. but these stupid fella wl imposed pyment like money come from their grnd father ass. they really yet meet wat malay proverb say "bertemu buku dgn ruas". then they wl know how high is the sky. im really upset by their doing n harassment. i think its high time to declare war with this [xxxxxx name removed]. bring the matter to consumer tribunal, fomca, sprm, YB, NGOs, n to all relevant parties. who the hell behind this culprit. are they reallly succes in collecting. by using all gangster method we should put it to stop. go by law but dont ever over ur limit [xxxxxx name removed]. ugut org mcm2 one day people also wl go after u. to all bersatu menentang culprit fr [xxxxxx name removed]. deal with the bank direct.
03 Jun, 2011 00:20:01

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) peter
i agree with your guys, all these debt collector just like Ah long,..will force you until you made payment..
is their phone number start will phone 78742718.. because i also receied several call..but i only answer once then the next time they call me..i just hang up...

they even send their field officer to visit my house but unfortunately i not at home as i working. they sms me and ask me to call bank John 010-4015100.. i just ingore waiting their return

03 Jun, 2011 00:37:24

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) victim also
Hi "A Human", " [xxxxxx name removed]partnersBad", and others,

Extremely thank you to everybody for experience and exposure sharing with others on this [xxxxxx name removed] PArtners & Co (M) Sdn Bhd.

I am also one of their victims and also have all of your experience and exposure with this LEGAL ALONG !

Anybody who interested can visit their web http://www.[xxxxxx name removed] ! From there u will know which banks are their customers and where are their offices located. Based on their info their "Directors" are from police line, banking line, etc. I believed they have political support from our certain parlimen members.

Very lucky that i have few friends working in the legal firm. They inform me:

(1) A legal company will never use SDN BHD. Bar council is not allowed. Legal Firm should not has normal Sdn Bhd company registration id. Legal Film will not be set up through government ROC or ROB center. They should have BAR COUNCIL ID (start with BC.....).
(2) Legal company will never call or conduct field visit. They only sent legal or court related letters.

This is what I am thinking:

In order to &^%&*$ them, we must work together as a team: (1) Try to write complaints letter to relevant banks complaining on [xxxxxx name removed] services - let bank aware (2) Complain to a public media let everybody aware that certain Banks are actually "license Along" - i.e. 90% of the clients list in the [xxxxxx name removed] website(3) Try to use internet facility to circulate their bad service around (3) Write to BNM complaining on this issue: We take loans from bank is just because we trust bank will use a polite way to collect back loan. No problem if the collector agent is using good way to collect back loan but not this [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (M) SDN BHD. We will not use bank loan facility if government inform us that bank will appoint collector agent to collect money like "ALONG" from us !!!!!!!! (3) Worst come to worst just spent money (we can share), employe an private investigator to find out where they stay and then "visit" them in a group, take their house photo and publish on net !!!!!

Finally, we must use PUBLIC INFLUENCE to overcome this matter.

08 Jul, 2011 13:29:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co and Zuri Associates (modified 0 times) ZuriKudratLanc##
Hello people.
Clearly you all know how I landed here. I received a phone call this morning from Zuri Associates namely Tuan Azmi (why in the world wld you introduce yourself as Tuan, how conceited!). He sounded very condescending and he had threatened to forward a letter of Permasalahan Tatatertib to my superior regarding my problem and how I am a feckless employee to my organization. He swiftly recited the names of my superior in full along with their designation. How did he obtain these in the first place? Because he called my subordinates yesterday!! He asked a lot of nonsense questions to a staff and made a point that he's going to release a summon to me should I refuse to return his call. His exact words were:

"Saya dari pejabat guaman. Kami nak buat tuntutan bayaran kpd Puan XXX, kalau dia tak call balik hari ini kami terpaksa keluarkan surat saman" of course my staff frantically contacted me and blurted out the news in front of everyone! I don't blame her, she was pretty shock as much as myself.

Now, i clearly know that I'm wrong for not keeping my financial on track but things happen and my hands are tied. I don't need this kind of swine arse having the audacity to disclose my problem to my staff.

When he called this morning, I managed to speak calmly. But he just had to provoke, first with this question,
"Puan kenapa tak call saya balik?"
then he bombarded me with condescending questions..i answered calmly saying that I'm at the verge of retrenchment and opting for AKPK. I told him also that I'm meeting a MAYBANK officer to discuss things thoroughly. I guess he was pretty annoyed that I kept my composure so he said this,
"Ok takpe Puan, saya akan teruskan forward surat kepada majikan Puan" and hung up. How classy of an associate!

Now, if he is genuinely representing MAYBANK as an associate, he shouldn't do any of these.

We'll see how things go. I shall update the progress. Thanks to lawyerment at least I know I'm not alone facing these wild hogs

11 Oct, 2011 12:59:54

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Leroy
No worries, these wild hogs have big bark but no teeth.
11 Oct, 2011 15:49:05

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) normal people
Easy guys....

Yang pertama
bila dah berhutang mestilah ada plan dan kemampuan nak bayar.

yang kedua
bila tak boleh bayar hutang jangan salahkan orang lain yang diberi amanah oleh pihak pemiutang untuk buat kutipan bayaran

yang ketiga
kenapa bank tak nak deal cust direct sebab customer selalu menipu,cakap tak serupa bikin,tak mengaku berhutang, berlagak macam bank yang hutang dengan secara tak rasmi bank nakkan payment tapi
taknak kotorkan nama bank sendiri untuk dapatkan bayaran.oleh sebab itu agensi kutipan diberi tanggungjawab
untuk call customer dalam masa yang sama "buat apa yang patut" yang mana pihak bank tak dapat buat.

yang keempat
masalah ini tidak akan berlaku kepada orang yang memberi kerjasama kepada pihak bank pada peringkat awal untuk membuat FIX REPAYMENT SCHEME yang mana interest diberhentikan untuk pembayaran bulanan selanjutnya.

yang kelima
Salahkan bank negara dan kerajaan kerana membenarkan collection agency dibuka,kerana orang yang bekerja disitu hanya mencari rezeki seperti anda,

yang keenam
dont blame other people to cover your own debt mistake.

11 Nov, 2011 01:19:29

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) vkpc
Yang pertama, bila dah berhutang mestilah ada plan dan kemampuan nak bayar.

Banklah yang salah kerana tidak mengkaji betul-betul kemampuan seseorang untuk membayar balik sebelum memberi pinjaman.
Bila si peminjam tak mampu membayar hutang, ini menunjukkan bank telah membuat kajian yang tidak sempurna.

Bank sepatutnya salahkan diri sendiri, bukannya upah samseng kacau orang, keluarga dan majikan.

11 Nov, 2011 09:08:09

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Iskandar
Betul betul betul.
Kalau pandai hutang . . . pandai pandai la pi bayar.
Salah sendiri tak nampak tapi salahkan bank. Tak halal dunia & akhirat.
Please don't run from your own caused of debts. MALU LA berhutang tapi tegakkan benang yang basah.
11 Nov, 2011 17:40:24

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) notalawyer
If you lent RM 5,000 to your fren, and then he can't pay you back,

Do you

1. Accept that he cannot pay back? or
2. Beat him with a stick? or
3. Complain to his parents, grandparents, boss and neighbours? or
4. Call and sms him every day and night threatening to sue but never sue?

11 Nov, 2011 22:47:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) normal people

lend 5k first to your friend then you can know what you will do .


bank give you the facilities , and you agree with all the term n conition.
masa nak pinjam mana ingat ape2,tau nak duit je, tnc semua campak tepi.

11 Nov, 2011 23:17:09

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jack
normal people,

You misspelt you name, let me give you a hand, it is, "I am a dumb### debt collector & I love to tell lies", got it?

So what if I can't or won't repay the banks? The banks should have taken insurance against unsecured loans in the first place, based on their records, they should know a certain percentage of their clients will default.

My free advice to all the lying sack of crap debt collectors out there, you can KISS MY ### - if you can find me!

One more thing, you simple minded loser, post in Bahasa till you brush up on your ####### lousy English.

12 Nov, 2011 19:23:09

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
haha..aku nak malu apa hal? bukan aku pinjam duit ko pun debt collector...kalau aku pinjam duit nenek ko lain la...
aku simpan duit kat bank (bank bg interest 0.003%) bagi aku pinjam duit aku tu dia charge aku 18% setahun...
nak kata pasal dosa..ko pun kerja dgn syarikat riba'..xke dosa gak tu...

nanti aku telefon ur father and ask him to lend me some money ya iskandar...then u can colect it from me...
baru la ada connection...

12 Nov, 2011 20:12:52

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jack
Hey ####face Iskandar,

If everyone repays what they owe, you won't have a job, si bodoh!

12 Nov, 2011 21:49:27

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) McGarrett
yang keempat
masalah ini tidak akan berlaku kepada orang yang memberi kerjasama kepada pihak bank pada peringkat awal untuk membuat FIX REPAYMENT SCHEME yang mana interest diberhentikan untuk pembayaran bulanan selanjutnya.

beri kerja sama bank......LOL.. aku pernah banyak kali buat deal sama bank..takat nak berenti interest memang tak mungkin la...lepas tu suruh bayar monthly pun luar kemampuan di offer fix payment siap caj interest lak..kalau ikutkanla..rasanya pokok aku dah habis bayar..tinggal hutang interest jer.. lebih2 lagi bank Maybank..tak pernah nak dengar pandangan pemiutang utk membayar, tak pernah nak tanya kemampuan pemiutang utk membayar bulanan..hanya fikirkan capai target NPL collection jer walaupun takde komisyen (effect bonus)...lagipun cadangan tu hanya membabitkan individu yg kerja di bank tu saja..ikutkan boleh..alasan standard yg di beri ikut sistem komputer..WTF..yg control sistem tu manusia..bodoh...
banyak2 bank yg bagus bagi aku HLB.. mereka kasi aku bayar RM 50 sebulan jer walaupun hutang tu di jangka habis 10 tahun lagi..bila aku tanya takpe ke bayar sikit..jawapan mereka takpe, walaupun bayar sikit2, lama2 habis.kalau ada duit lebih bayar la lebih...memula aku tak percaya..sekali bila tengok statement bulanan..min payment RM 50 jer walaupun bayaran kalau betul2 kena beratus lain cam ****..taknak bincang langsung.

14 Nov, 2011 10:23:18

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) McGarrett
Iskandar.... first toksahlah nak salahkan pemiutang..mereka salahkan bank kerana bila mereka kesempitan dan mahu berbincang dgn bank...pihak bank tak mau terima proposal mereka..mungkin ko tak pernah kena hal2 macam ni kan..ow..ko guna istilah agama yer siap2 cakap2 akhirat..aku pun guna istilah agama gak..ko kena ingat kalau ko selalu salahkan pemiutang bank ni tak bayar..kalau pemiutang2 bank ni doakan ko supaya jadi salah sorang pemiutang yg tak dapat bayar bank baru padan muka ko..doa orang yg teraniaya termakbul.kalau agama lain di panggil karma.kalau ko cakap pemiutang2 bank ni tak teraniaya..tak boleh gak..pasal dah la bank cam yahudi walaupun guna sistem islamic yg sistem perbankannya lebih teruk dari yahudi...bila pemiutang di timpa musibah..di cajnya pelbagai caj2 yg mengarut..lewat la..AR Register la..notice la..apa salahnya berbincang dan cari cara penyelesaian..kita pinjam pokok at least settle dulu pokokni siap2 bunga2 lak..stupid iskandar..
aku benci orang yg guna islam utk kutip hutang...kalau peminjam ni orang islam mesti agen bank or pihak bank yg beragama islam keluarkan hadis pasal hutang..tapi kalau pasal utk membantu orang nak bayar hutang takde lak nak di keluarkan hadisnya...cheh...
14 Nov, 2011 10:33:49

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) normal people
Jack ,

Loser still a loser.Accept it with your open heart and mind.

Learn a bloody manners!

14 Nov, 2011 23:28:20

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
we r a what? does it effect u normal people?
15 Nov, 2011 08:58:15

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jack
normal people,

First, you are NOT normal... because a lying piece of #### like you that have to lie (pretend to be from Bank Negara, a law firm, etc.) every day in order to make a pathetic living can't be normal!

Second, if you think I'm rude, why don't you post your company's name and full address here, I would be happy to visit your office to let you teach me some manners, how's that, you debt collector ########?

Third, for a start, your father is a PIG and your mother is a DOG (yeah, a #####), is this polite enough for you, Mr PIG-DOG descendant debt collector?

15 Nov, 2011 21:55:57

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) mickey
Hi, I just got a letter from the insolvensi dept "membuka / mengaktifkan akaun simpanan" . How long does the process take and back to usual after submitted the letter to the bank. Kindly advice. Thank you.
17 Nov, 2011 00:32:34

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Normal People
Hi Jack ,

Thank you very much to explained on your family history and your "expert" english .

Hopefully you can expressed you madness into your diary tonight 'sweet Jack'.

17 Nov, 2011 22:09:29

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Cikgu Ayu
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.. saya sekadar ingin membuat luahan apa yg saya rasa hari ni.. saya merupakan seorg guru dan telah menggunakan kad kredit bank islam sejak tahun 2008.. Saya tidak pernah mengabaikan tggjwab saya utk membayar hutang kad kredit tersebut.. cuma sebagai manusia kita tidak dpt menjangkakan apa yg akan berlaku esok.. dalam 2,3 bulan saya ada masalah kewangan.. justeru, saya tidak mampu untuk membuat bayaran kad kredit mengikut jumlah yg sepatutnya.. dan tunggakan saya pada bulan 9 menjadi rm 5 ratus lebih..

apa yg mengejutkan dan menyedihkan saya..saya telah menerima panggilan daripada agensi kutipan bank islam ni..saya tahu saya berhutang, tapi perlukah mereka mengejar saya mcm saya buat jenayah dan berhutang dgn ahlong? sampai tahap saya x boleh terima perempuan yg menelefon itu call kaunter pejabat sekolah dan marah2..siap tanya nama pengetua. staff pejabat yg ketakutan memaklumkan kepada saya betapa 'kurang ajar perempuan itu'

saya menelefon no. yg diberi. dan perempuan tersebut tanpa budi bahasa terus marah2 saya seolah2 saya tiada maruah diri..perempuan tersbut minta saya jelaskan bayaran sebanyak hampir 2k hari itu juga. saya berterus terang mengatakan saya tidak mampu.. dan minta beri saya masa.

hari ini saya kebetulan tertinggal telefon di rumah, perempuan ini sekali lagi menunjukkan kebiadabannya dgn hubungi pihak sekolah.. saya bercakap dgn perempuan kurang ajar itu dan dia menengking saya seolah2 saya ini bawah tapak kakinya..langsung tiada adab. dia mengatakan saya menyusahkan dan merugikan pihak bank islam.dia ugut saya utk dtg ke rumah org tua saya dan rumah saya utk sita barang2..dan akan laporkan ke majikan saya malah ke pihak kementerian..!!

saya hanya mampu menangis semahu-mahunya..sampai bengkak2 mata.
saya tahu saya berhutang, dan hukumnya saya perlu bayar..tapi wajarkah saya diaibkan begitu. kawan saya yg menggunakan kad bank islam juga menerima nasib yg sama..

17 Nov, 2011 23:18:06

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) vkpc
Zaman dahulu penghutang boleh dipenjarakan sehingga hutang dibayar oleh saudara mara.

Zaman sekarang bank-bank tak boleh buat apa-apa, hanya bergantung kepada pengutip hutang berbohong dan
cuba menakutkan-nakutkan orang yang tidak tahu hak-hak mereka.

18 Nov, 2011 11:34:27

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jack
Hey normal people,

As expected, you don't have the guts to post your name and your company's name here. You're only good at lying & scaring women and children! What a bloody lousy way to earn a living!

Do the world a favour, #######, grow some balls and brains before you post another one of your ####### here, ok, Encik Pig-Dog Debt Collector?

Happy lying, lowlife j.erk!

18 Nov, 2011 18:20:27

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
to cikgu ayu...

dont worry about that..just tell them to go to hell..awak mesti kuat..dia biadab sebab awak layan diorang mcm manusia...diorang tu anjing yang diupah...jgn risau...kami semua alami masalah seperti awak...

first step..
dptkan nama pemanggil tu
then dptkan nama syarikat tu
then tgk internet,..dr mana syarikat tu
then kita ajar anjing tu manners...

when people is rude..we will be rude...just tell them to go to hell

jgn bagi muka pada diorang...lagi kuat suara diorang..lagi kuat suara u..kalau dia kata nak melawat..just ckp dtgla...dan bgtau dia..suruh respek hak u atau u akan buat polis report under harrassement act...

18 Nov, 2011 19:50:59

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Normal People
Jack ,

I understand your feeling.I suggest you to cry at your mom shoulder...

You can wrote all the bad words until you satisfied .You can say whatever you like.
It will never change who you are and what you are,BARBARIAN AND LOSER.

Congratulation for humiliate yourself.

p/s : Please fill in the blank. Jack _ _ _ .

19 Nov, 2011 01:23:23

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Rangga
Cikgu Ayu ,

Tunggu apa lagi ,komplen pada bank negara .Boleh saman bank kalau macam tu bawah akta bafia.

19 Nov, 2011 01:30:12

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Cikgu Ayu
Assalamualaikum..dan salam sejahtera..
Terima kasih atas komen yg memberi sokongan kepada saya.. rasa kuat sikit semangat.. saya bukan meminta simpati di sini..saya tahu saya mmg bersalah sebab x mampu jelaskan hutang kad kredit bank islam tu..

atas sokongan moral rakan2 saya, saya telah pergi sendiri utk jumpa pegawai bank islam.. jawapan yg diberi.."maaf cik kami bank islam tak bertanggungjawab untuk urusan kad kredit.. cik hubungi sendiri pusat kad bank islam ya.. ni no. tel nya..cik call la nanti ya.." saya yg dtg penuh dgn budi bahasa cakap secra berhemah dgn pegawai tersebut..dan menceritakan apa yg sebenarnya berlaku..saya berterus-terang..saya mengaku saya salah sampai tertunggak bayaran..tapi kenapa agensi kutipan tu 'kurang ajar' sangat.. mungkin pegawai bank islam tu kesian tgok muka saya yg mata bengkak2 nangis.. sikit lagi ala2 mata angsa tu.. terus kata " cik call pusat kad dan buat laporan ttg pemanggil tu..kami pun dah byk terima aduan ttg agensi kutipan hutang bank islam yg bersikap kurang sopan ni.." saya pun kata " Encik, saya tahu saya salah..tapi sikap agensi tu secara tidak langsung telah membuat masyarakat memberi persepsi negatif terhadap bank islam..encik fikirkanlah.."..tiba2 pegawai bank islam tu yg emosi.." cik saya bagi pihak bank islam mohon maaf byk2 pada cik ya.." saya pulak tiba2 rasa bersalah..saya kata "encik x salah apa2 pun..yg saya terkilan agensi kutipan tu..seolah2 saya berhutang dgn ahlong pulak.." ***2340106 mmg memberi trauma pada saya..kesian juga pada wanita agensi kutipan bank islam tu..telah hilang nilai2 budi bahasa dalam diri dan terpaksa mencari rezeki dgn marah2 dan memberi ugutan pada org..

19 Nov, 2011 11:48:20

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) vkpc
Bukan cik yang salah, banklah yang salah kerana tidak mengkaji betul-betul kemampuan cik untuk membayar balik sebelum memberi pinjaman.
Bila si peminjam tak mampu membayar hutang, ini menunjukkan bank telah membuat kajian yang tidak sempurna.

Bank sepatutnya salahkan diri sendiri, bukannya upah samseng perempuan kacau orang, keluarga dan majikan.

19 Nov, 2011 17:25:27

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
this time i am going to make an official complaint to bank negara...i keep all their sms and some of them used vulnerable words..that is after i have a heated argument with them..
so anyone..could u please enlighten me how to do the officail complaint?
19 Nov, 2011 18:52:40

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jack
Comment removed.
19 Nov, 2011 19:20:12

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) rookie
Comment removed.
19 Nov, 2011 22:21:50

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Normal People
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24 Nov, 2011 21:45:26

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jackie
Comment removed.
24 Nov, 2011 22:27:03

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) rookie
Comment removed.
25 Nov, 2011 17:03:56

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Eddie
This is my report to maybank .. still wait for answer & action from maybe .. 24 hours from now, is don't have answer .. i will going to police report, Bank Negara Report and Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) report .. Hope u all can support me ...........................................

To :

Outsourcing Services
Operation Card & Unsecured Lending

08 DISEMBER 2011
Perkara di atas adalah dirujuk.
2. Saya telah dihubungi beberapa kali oleh Mr. Thayalan A/L Arumugan (Mr Allen) yang memperkenalkan diri sebagai peguam dari [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO SDN BHD yang telah dilantik oleh pihak MAYBANK untuk membuat kutipan kredit dari saya. Walaubagaimanapun tindakan Mr. Allen kepada saya bagi mendapat kredit melalui perbualan melalui telefon pada jam 3 petang kepada saya adalah sangat BIADAP dan TIDAK PROFESIONAL yang langsung tidak mencerminkan etika korporat yang baik pihak MAYBANK dan [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO SDN BHD itu sendiri.

3. Perkara ini bermula pada awal pagi kira-kira jam 10 pagi apabila Mr Allen menghubungi saya mendesak untuk membuat pembayaran penyelesaian baki kad kredit saya. Saya memaklumkan bahawa saya telah menghubungi pihak Maybank seterusnya mencadangkan saya supaya mengemukakan surat rayuan berhubung perkara ini untuk diselesaikan melalui jadual pinjaman ansuran . Saya bersetuju dan memaklumkan akan membuat pembayaran tertunggak sebanyak RM2000 dan bakinya diselesaikan melalui jadual pinjaman ansuran tersebut. Perkara yang sama turut saya maklumkan kepada Mr. Allen untuk mengemukakan surat rayuan dan menyelesaikan bayaran tersebut tengahari hari yang sama.

4. Walaubagaimanapun saya mengubah fikiran dan telah menyelesaikan keseluruhan baki kad kredit saya berjumlah RM 5507.28 kira-kira jam 12.00 tengahari di Maybank Putrajaya, Presint 3.

5. Kira-kira jam 3 petang, Mr. Allen menghubungi saya meminta salinan surat rayuan yang dikemukakan seterusnya bukti pembayaran RM2000 seperti yang dimaklumkan lebih awal. Saya telah menyatakan bahawa saya tidak membuat surat rayuan terbabit. Dengan tiba-tiba beliau terus memaki hamun saya. Antara kata-kata yang beliau gunakan :-
· - mengatakan saya seorang putar belit
· - mengugut dengan menggunakan nama Jabatan tempat saya bekerja
· - mengugut dengan meletakkan tekanan untuk menjejaskan nama baik Ketua Jabatan saya.
· - menipu dengan menggunakan fakta yang salah berkaitan undang-undang berhubung kaedah pengambilan tatatertib yang boleh dikenakan kepada penjawat awam.
· - mengatakan saya seorang penipu
· - mengatakan saya seorang penghutang yang bodoh
· - mengatakan saya seorang yang miskin hina
· - menghina bapa saya
· - menghina ibu saya
· - membalas dengan menggunakan perkataan ‘puk* mak’ berkali-kali apabila saya terlepas cakap perkataan yang sama apabila dihina oleh Mr. Allen.

6. Persoalan saya kepada pihak MAYBANK dan [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO SDN BHD adakah itu etika seorang pengutip kredit dengan cara menghina dan memalukan orang lain? Sepatutnya Mr. Allen menghubungi dahulu pihak Maybank untuk mengetahui status pembayaran saya sebelum menghubungi saya.

8. Ketika beliau memaki saya dengan kuat, seluruh rakan-rakan saya di pejabat dapat mendengar perbualan tersebut. Hal ini telah memberikan tekanan emosi serta mengaibkan saya selaku salah seorang pelanggan Maybank yang di akui syarikat bank terbaik. Dengan nama baik Maybank yang diakui dunia korporat, sepatutnya hal ini tidak berlaku.

9. Oleh itu saya meminta supaya satu penjelasan bertulis dan juga surat permohonan maaf oleh pihak tuan berhubung perkara ini.

Terima kasih diatas perhatian pihak tuan.

Yang Benar,

email :

12 Dec, 2011 17:42:26

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Eddie
Saya telah pergi ke [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO. (M) SDN. BHD pada jam 2.30 petang 12 Disember 2011 .. Sebelum itu saya telah membuat temu janji lebih awal untuk hadir bagi bertemu MR THAYALAN A/L ARUMUGAN (Mr. Alan)yang pernah memaki hamun saya dalam telefon .. Walaubagaimanapun apabila tiba, dimaklumkan oleh operator terbabit Mr. Alan telah keluar bertemu customer (tadi dah janji, last2 x ada, sapa penakut dan putar belit sebenarnya) .. Untuk makluman, company HAMPEH ini berada di kelana jaya depan dgn padang sekolah ..

Walaubagaimanapun, saya hanya di entertain oleh manager beliau MR. RAGUNATH PILLAI (Manager) .. Takkan nak maki manager dia kot .. aku jenis orang gentleman, tak puas hati baik jumpa dgn orang tuh direct .. Manager tuh cakap akan buat siasatan dalaman (Boleh caya ker)) .. huhuhuhu ..

Bagi yang cuba mempertahankan tindakan [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO. (M) SDN. BHD dalam thread ini .. tolong jawab soalan-soalan saya :-
1. Mana dia undang2 kat Malaysia nih boleh maki hamun orang lain..sila tunjukkan
2. Mana dia undang2 kat Malaysia nih boleh ugut-ugut orang lain .. sila tunjukkan
3. Mana dia undang2 kat malaysia nih yang membenarkan mengeluarkan kata-kata lucah???
4. Mana dia undang2 di Malaysia yang boleh ganggu hidup orang lain ..

Untuk makluman, saya akan menentang kuat [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO. (M) SDN. BHD dengan apa cara sekalipun hatta keluar darah sendiri .. SIAPA MEREKA YANG BOLEH MAKI IBU-BAPA KITA???? .. dengan apa jua kebolehan yang saya ada, saya akan pastikan [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO. (M) SDN. BHD akan turut mengalami kesukaran .. INI JANJI SAYA !! Harap supporter turut menggunakan segala ruang yang ada untuk menghebohkan/memaklumkan/menceritakan tentang KEJAHATAN [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO. (M) SDN. BHD supaya imej mereka tercalar dan dimalukan .. seperti mana mereka memalukan kita

Ayuh gunakan suara anda untuk menyatakan penentangan kepada [xxxxxx name removed] PARTNERS & CO. (M) SDN. BHD !!!

12 Dec, 2011 18:16:16

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Jojo
Firstly, I would like to thank whoever who created this post and those who have shared their experiences and knowledge on this matter. This indeed is a very helpful and informative thread.

My story:
This is my 2nd time being visited by representatives of [xxxxxx name removed] & Partners. The 1st time was just a short visit asking for my husband. This time round I was really upset with them. I was about to go out with my 3-year old son when suddenly I was faced with 2 male saying they are looking for my husband. I told them my husband is out at work. I asked them where are they from and what is it about. One of the guy told me that he's looking for my husband regarding a banking matter. I told them to proceed to my husband's workplace as it's easier to find him there.

He said: "I don't know. I only have his house details". He then said he wanted to go into my house to discuss with me (my thoughts: do you think I'm stupid enough to invite 2 male strangers into my house). I told him I'm rushing out. Then I asked him, what kind of banking matters is it about. I saw him carrying a Maybank folder so I assumed he's from Maybank. I said, "You're from Maybank looking for my husband is it?". He was then very defensive. He said, "No, I didn't say I'm from Maybank. I am just a representative of Maybank. We've been trying to contact your husband but we can't get him. Do you know why he is not paying." I said, "How would I know.". Then he said, "We will issue your husband a court summon if he doesn't pay up. Do you know how difficult it has been for us to try and get him."

I said, "Why don't you just proceed with the summon. Easier for you all then." He said, "We want to help your husband out first before we proceed with the summon." I said, "If it's easier for you all then just proceed with the summon." He then said, "So are you asking us to summon your husband? If you are I want you to sign a black and white letter." I looked at him and said, "How can you ask me to sign a document when I'm not related to Maybank nor [xxxxxx name removed]." When he heard that, he was very upset and he raised his voice saying, "See, see, see!" I was upset when he raised his voice at me so I just said, "In that case I wish you luck in finding my husband" and walked away with my son. He started shouting at me and I turned around and shouted at him too saying, "You are very rude. Very rude!". He shouted and said, "Who started it first, you were the one who started it first." I told him, "I'm going to report you to the police". He shouted and said, "Report la, report la. You think I"m scared of you ar!". I just walked off with my son and ignored the rest of his shouting and screaming.

After I came home, I went to my condo's security room wanting to find out if they registered their name so that I can get hold of the info and proceed with a police report. Too bad, it seems they didn't register in. Sigh, I wonder how they got in then. Got to give feedback to my condo's security crew. Also, I noticed they left a small envelope addressed to my husband's name with a small red reminder asking my husband to return call. The funny thing is the envelope and note don't have any company name nor details. Just 2 generic names with mobile nos. If indeed they are the representative of Maybank, why can't they issue a formal letter then. Strange indeed.

I was very disturbed at the whole incident but after googling online and found this thread, I am at peace now. I am going to proceed with a police report this evening. Though I don't have the name of the guy who argued at me, I will hold the company reliable for their employees action. How can they harrass someone who is not related in the matter in the first place.

After going through this thread, personaly, I think Maybank ought to take some sort of responsibilities. Why can't they contact their client and talk to them first. Why must they resort to hiring such unprofessional debt collectors. Anyway, am not surprised because I've boycotted Maybank for more than 15 years. I think it's in their blood for being rude. Their tellers are very rude too. They have this high & mighty attitude depicting that we a/c holders are the one depending on them. I've seen tellers scolding and shouting at customers in the bank.

The issue of debts increasing will soon be a very huge issue to us observing the way banks are promoting their credit cards to the public. I always disagree of them giving away free credit cards and luring clients with free gifts like what they are doing in the malls nowadays. I think banks should be more responsible by checking an applicant's background thoroughly first to see if the person is really eligible in applying for a credit card before approving.

14 Dec, 2011 17:01:21

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Nina
Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..
saya sebelum ni mmg mengalami tekanan perasaan dgn agensi kutipan hutang bank Islam.. saya buat bayaran tiap ikut tahap kemampuan agensi kutipan bank islam mmg kurang ajar!terutama perempuan yg bernama 'elly'.bila call bahasa dahla kurang ajar..mengalahkan hutang duit dia pulak.

saya yg dah tak tahan dgn ugutan perempuan ni cuba tanya kawan yg kerja sebagai pegawai bank..kawan saya kata..sebenarnya ramai dah serik dgn bank islam islam yg guna khidmat agensi kutipan hutang berlesen ni mmg dah melanggar etika perbankan..

bayangkan perempuan 'elly' ni call pejabat..marah2 staff opis yg jawab call tu..dah tu minta no. majikan..yg tak tahan boleh terus call majikan saya dan marah2 bgtau yg saya xbayar hutang kad kredit..apa punya manusia la perempuan ni..!!

tak cukup dgn tu..perempuan ni hari2 call mak saya dan kutuk sumpah seranah saya..ugut mak saya lagi..adoiii..saya kalau ada duit mmg dah settelkan semua kad kredit bank islam tu!! tak tahan dgn sikap agensi kutipan bank islam ni!!

apa yg harus saya lakukan..???tolong beri cadangan..
saya telah pun dipanggil oleh majikan saya..dan saya bukan xnak bayar..saya bayar tiap bulan..cuma tidak mengikut amaun yg diminta oleh agensi itu..apapun kawan2 pun serik dan xkan sekali2 menggunakan bank islam lagi..!!!

27 Dec, 2011 15:38:10

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) bonda
kepada Nina dan kawan2 lain yang mengahadapi masalah yang sama.

untuk pengetahuan saya juga telah digangu oleh debt collector agent dari Zuri Group of companies. Mereka menipu mengatakan mereka dari pihak Maybank dan lawyer firm. mereka juga telah mengugut untuk menyita rumah...barang2 rumah, saman serta akan istiharkan saya bankrup disebabkan hutang RM5K. Mereka juga berkali2 perji ke pejabat dan rumah saya untuk memaksa saya membayar kesemua tunggakan tersebut.

aper yg telah saya lakukan,menghubungi pihak bank sendiri dan atas nasihat pihak bank saya diminta untuk membuat satu surat mengatakan jumlah yang mampu saya bayar setiap bulan. Saya juga telah membuat satu surat aduan berkaitan perlakuan yg sangat tidak beretika oleh pihak zuri. Dalam surat tersebut, saya ader menyebut akan membuat laporan polis dan surat aduan terus ke bank negara sekiranye pihak zuri masih menggangu saya.
sekarang saya tengah tunggu jawapan daripada pihak maybank berkenaan aduan saya.Tapi yang pasti
deb.collector agent tidak ader kuasa untuk memaksa kiter membayar kesemua jumlah bil dalam mase yang mereka tetapkan.mereka juga tidak berhak untuk mengugut dan mengangu kehidupan kita. apatalah lagi hendak menyita rumah, perabot dan saman untuk jumlah hutang yang tak seberapa. Jadi jangan takut dengan debt collector.

29 Dec, 2011 15:47:50

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) lynx
Jojo and Bonda,

Thanks for your experience sharing. I've been harassed by this guy called Zulkarnain from Zuri Associates Kuala Lumpur (according to him). He visited my office and my parents house and asking everyone they met to urge me to settle my debts. They even went to my paraets place and told my sister they want to lelong my stuff in the house if i didn't pay within the next 2 days.

Just yesterday, this Zulkarnain called me an told me he will send a letter to Jabatan Buruh stating my behaviour and will confiscate my salary (you must be kidding me by saying this kind of silly thing), then this morning they went to my parents place and said they wanna lelong my stuff within the next 2 days.

I got furious, i called this Zulkarnain. I said why are you telling me different stories yesterday and this morning? which is it that you wanna do?? send letter to jabatan buruh or lelong my stuff?? he replied saying it wasn't him that went to my parents place, it was his staff. so i asked - you mean you guys dunno what you guys wanted to do before suggesting them? then he got furious, he said you gave us the agreement to proceed 'cos you don't wanna pay the money. I said since when I said i didn't wanna pay?? and who gives you this right to lelong my stuff?? he replied - under akta penghutang 1957, when a penghutang owe bank money, the bank has the rights to sell off my stuff to cover the debts.

i got more furious because i know this guy is bull####ting. throughout the entire conversation, he didn't wanna let me have a chance to finish my sentence, keep on interrupting me. and when i asked him his full name, he didn't wanna give me. when i asked for his full company name, he didn't wanna give me also. he said, you as a penghutang, why are u asking so many questions when you dun wanna pay the money? you never wanna answer to our calls and now you wanna ask me questions? penghutang just pay money, don't ask questions.

i was like WTF???? now you are asking for war. i said, i'm going to report police 'cos you have been threatening my family and brought fear in them. he challenged me - go ahead, and send that police letter tome, i'll be waiting.

fine. you asked for it. be ready for it.

07 Jan, 2012 14:31:38

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Phillips
@Lynx - Good for you. Make that Police report and then send that idiot a copy too. Next time they call to threaten you that they want to confiscate all your stuff, tell them to go ahead cos these debt collectors have NO POWER to confiscate property, take your salary or close your bank accounts.

In fact people, you all need to be well versed with debt collection. These guys paid money for your file and they will do all kinds of low down tricks to try to get you to pay. Remember, you don't pay, they don't get their commission. They'll pretend to be all kinds of people like lawyers, bankers or even the president of the united states. Just remember that they're just debt collectors. Lawyer will not waste their time calling you on the phone to threaten you. They just send you official legal letters.

So, don't be afraid of these debt collectors, just tell them you'd rather deal DIRECTLY with the bank. Once again remember that if they don't get you to pay, they don't get paid and maybe karma will come back and haunt them when they lose their jobs from not being able to con and threaten people to pay back. They just might end up owing a bank money and get harassed by some other nasty debt collectors! LOL!

07 Jan, 2012 21:54:10

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Saudagar Singh
[xxxxxx name removed] Partners Directors
- The Management Team -

Saudagar Singh (Managing Director)

- Ex-Police Force
- Reputable Entrepreneur
- Diversified Business
- Very Experience

Jas Binder Singh (Executive Officer)

- Ex-Perwira Affin Bank (Over 15 years)
- Very experienced & in Collection Industry
10 Jan, 2012 15:04:44

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) lynx
So what are you trying to say @Saudagar Singh??
17 Jan, 2012 16:22:48

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
maybe he just want to let us know he is the hotshots from [xxxxxx name removed]..who cares about the director...u will still hurt when u r stabbed or shot
17 Jan, 2012 17:12:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) john daly
I kena once, change my number...settle, they came to my office but I wasn't bad [xxxxxx name removed] coz u aint got enough [xxxxxx name removed] to catch me...catch me if u can...wakakakakaka....cio..
24 Jan, 2012 20:22:46

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) superx

I am an ex debt collector and I totally understand the issues that the debtors are facing.There are certain agencies that go overboard doing these kinda things (threatening, abusing, etc).As for myself, I have always been the nice decent one and through my experience 1/10 debtors paid compared to my abusive colleagues where 8/10 debtors paid. Most of the times, debtors shout at me as though I owe them, they talk like they own the world.As for the relatives (wife,mom, etc.), they never co-operate with the debt collectors'.All they say is "TAK TAU",where is the customer?TAK TAU!Does he stay here with you?TAK TAU!Sudah makan?TAK TAU!
Finally, I did quit this job because I realise that the debtors always take me for a ride, they promise you that they will pay RM100 (DEBT : RM10K) and they end up not paying even that just because they are dealing with someone who is not abusive.
So, for all you guys out there who have gone through this bad experience, I am sorry for you but please stop referring to the Debt Collectors as low life scum bags, anjing and such.They are also doing a job and face all kind of pressure from the bank.

10 Feb, 2012 12:30:23

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Phillips
@superx - True, we should stop referring to debt collectors with abusive names, they're just doing their jobs I suppose. But please accept the fact that when a debtors say they got no money to pay really means they have no money to pay.

I owe banks money due to my own recklessness in my younger days and cannot afford to pay back. These debt collectors ask me how much I can pay, I tell them RM50.00 a month and they don't accept. So I tell them, then by all means, return my file to the bank so they can sue me but they don't want. They keep calling and using all kinds of abusive words.

Now, that makes me think these debt collectors are just plain stupid and don't understand the words 'I got no money to pay you' or are just a bunch of idiots who want to make life difficult. So 'SuperX' do you blame the rest of these people for calling them lowlifes and scumbags?

so, until these debt collectors learn some manners and obtain a little intelligence, they will be called all kinds of abusive words by the debtors. If they can't afford to pay, just return their files to the banks and let the banks sue them, but wait, that would mean they don't get a single cent, right?

Oh and another thing, of course la the relatives and friends will always say TAK TAU, they are not the ones who owe the bank la so don't even bother harassing them. If I were them I'd report these debt collectors to the police for harassment!

10 Feb, 2012 16:09:10

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) KCKC
To be honest, i m no pushover when dealing with Debt Collectors(DC). They have been times when they shout outside my house and then i went out with my camcorder and guess what??? LMAO.... U juz have to see their faces when they see me with my camcorder. pmsl!

And also, if u guys are often visited by DC... I would advice u guys to instal cctv and u will start finding them talk like a graduate. "Excuse me Sir, may i know if Mr.ABC is around?" Lol

Lastly, if u are trying to evade them, do not register any account with digi, maxis, celcom... They can trace u from there. Use the name of your friends or relatives to register a line. And ask your family members to tell them that u have moved out mths ago and stop coming to the hs otherwise you will make a police report.

10 Feb, 2012 16:36:47

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) MyNickName

Very good advice! Thanks!

10 Feb, 2012 18:41:30

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) KCKC
You are welcome, MyNickName.

I m facinated by the contents of this forum and wish to pay my highest respect and appreciation to the webmaster/admins in hosting such a great forum. And also a million thanks to the likes of notalawyer, 1818, vkpc and many more for their selfless act in sharing their knowledge and experience with us. With this forum, the bankers /creditors/DC will find it harder to bully us.

Previously, i have gotten some bad advices from my friends during my 'pre-bankrupt' days abt APKP. They told me that APKP will squeeze us dry and literally left us nothing to survive if we seek their help.

Anyway, though i m a bankrupt now, i find that life is so less stressful... Now, whenever the creditors chase for payments, i can 'proudly' tell them - "Saya dah bankrupt, sila rujuk Insolvensi! Lol

10 Feb, 2012 20:46:01

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) KCKC
Juz sharing my way of dealing with Debt Collectors from Banks:-

1. Install cctv at your house.

2. Change your phone number- dont register a line under your name at ANY of the Service Provider.

3. If they come to your registered address, ask family members to tell them you have shifted to sabah/sarawak.

4. If they call your office, tell your receptionist to inform them that you have resign.

5. If they ask for your hp number, tell your family or colleague to give them the old number you are using.

DONT be intimidated by them, they cant do anything against u. They can only mentally torture u, so if u caved in, then they have succeeded. But if u ignore them, they will juz bang balls

10 Feb, 2012 22:38:44

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) KCKC
p/s: And fyi, the smaller the amount, the more persistent the Debt Collector will be as they know we can settle small small amount. They are not very much interested in sky high outstanding as they know the chances of getting them will be slim.

So if u owe 1k-5k, then they will bite u and wont let go till u pay them.

10 Feb, 2012 22:46:27

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
for debt collector that use nice words...i will eventually treat them nice...but those who send sms saying that they will come to my office..i will tell them to go to hell...
when we say we do not have money to means we got no money and we even sometimes skip our meals to meet things up..cant u guyz understand?
10 Feb, 2012 23:11:33

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Mimie Alia
hi guys,

i need your help, im so freaking scared right now, after reading this thread and others:

yesterday i received a call from [xxxxxx name removed], alan denial..grandmother story blablblaaa..
same like other, credit card from maybank, im quite shock because even my on9 maybnk2u been block i did call maybank customer service and they said its regard to my credit card, nevermind la..i still deposit money to my account so they automatically deduct from there,
so when this guy from [xxxxxx name removed] call me..on saturday afternoon ask me to sattle payment amount of RM5,300++ on monday before 9am..i pun kata for sure la xbleh bayar, ckp la akn saman la, blalablabalaa bankrupt la nnt, kene pegi court la, i said okay la pegi court no problem,,then dia kata court in kl, not in jb..well i said for sure i x pegi, im about to due..and going to be single mother whre got time to go to kl, i said i paying my credit card,and maybank still deduct from my account..if not enough i will pay RM500 every month,
this guy kata ask me to call Mr lim from maybank, i did call ..gaya mcm x membantu..kata tak tahu saja, ask me refer to [xxxxxx name removed] juga..
so well said this morning kononnye bos [xxxxxx name removed] mr daniel ke ape nama, kata i need to pay RM2200++ mcm tu la, must pay, after then baru bayar RM540 per month, send me a proposal to maybank and ask me to reply..
so i try google ttg dieorg ni, because while on the phone td, bos dia marah i, bila i kata send me letter i need black and white, so i can go to nearest maybank and verufy with them..since they called my via mobile, yg appear pun mobile no. i cant simply percaya them right, so bos die marah2.kata i jgn lebih2..die dh tolong patut respect and precaya lalalalaaa...di sebabkan itu i google ttg dieorng, dan jumpe treads ni..
serius i jd takut n terkejut..x sangka mereka akan maki2,
i dont know nasib i after this, they might memalukan me or ugut i..i pun x tau whether i able to provide duit spt yg dieorg mintak tu which is RM2200 ++, dlm masa 3hari la,,ptg td call (monday), ni dh nk masuk thursday i dah kene bayar..

what should i do?

14 Feb, 2012 00:30:52

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) KCKC
Mimie, tak payah layan kulat kulat tu le... The more u r intimidated, lagi syiok la dia org. Repot polis bahawa anda diugut oleh kulat2 tersebut!! Mesti nyatakan anda DIUGUT dalam repot tersebut. Kalau selepas repot di balai masih diganggu, then pergi bkt aman repot ya, ataupun pergi ipk! Buat la muka takut2 so that polis pun kesian kat u ok
14 Feb, 2012 13:05:26

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) McGarrett
tak payah bayar...actually u kena call the right person kat maybank kalau nak deal cara bayaran..memula memang dia mintak banyak lepas tu monthly sikit... btw orang maybank yg u call tu just in charge agen jer.. ada rumors kata depa pun dapat habuan dari agen kalau fail kasi kat dia.. so cari right dept n right person.
14 Feb, 2012 16:28:50

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Mimie Alia
Okay, thank you so much..
i pun x open pun email proposal that they sent to my email, td pun ada call dr no mereka 010, few times tp i tak angkat..
i need time to think the things to looking for contact no. maybank, but not sure whtr collection department or credit card department.
14 Feb, 2012 17:22:59

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) McGarrett
010 memang no depa... maybank pernah send i surat rasmi pasal proposal i nak bayar..dia reject tapi proposal yg dia kasi balik i tak mampu....mmmm i dulu send letter kat card center maybank kat bangsar pasal proposal.. u boleh try
14 Feb, 2012 17:37:42

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
please mimi..dont ever give them 2200...diorang akan dpt komisyen dari duit yang u bayar..just bgtau diorang that this conversation is recorded. then tell them that nu r going to AKPK..nak pergi mahkamah..pergila...jgn risau...
better that money u guna untuk persediaan untuk anak yang bakal lahir..u will need lots of money..besides...after this u kan cuti 2 bulan sebab melahirkan anak...
15 Feb, 2012 21:30:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) defaulters
Wife received a call today from a guy asking where is our house, base on the address he has. He said his from Zuri & Co. He want to sent notice of WSS to the house. I told him go find yourself. I asked him where he get the no. from he said the office. Referred to a guy by the name of Haji Syawal, I called him saying that we will deal with the bank and he replied he will still post it to the house. By doing that then the whole of Shah Alam knows my wife is owing the bank he says. I said do whatever you need to do. Anyway my wife owes Alliance Bank. Both of us are upset and angry about this. First of all the contact no. that they have doesn't even registered with the banks, they must have got it from their inside people at the Telco company. We make a Police report regarding this, even the Police claim that any Telco don't have the right to give their customers details to any third party without any consent from the court. Probably we can sue the Telco for this? Any advice? Also does anyone knows how actually the WSS been issued? What is the procedure for the banks to issue WSS to the defaulters?
20 Feb, 2012 13:27:01

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Phillips
@Defaulters - The debt collector is just trying to scare you with the issuing of WSS nonsense. They have no rights to do that cos they're just a debt collector. Just be cool cos they'll try and threaten you with all kinds of nonsense. The best weapon is to arm yourself with knowledge about these debt collectors. Let me remind you, they have NO power to issues legal letter, WSS or anything at all. They're just a bunch of people out to get their commission in anyway they can. Just ignore them or hang up the next time they call. Don't waste your time worrying about them.

As for the Telco selling your details, I highly suspect they do but it's really impossible to prove that. The same thing happens to me too and I know the Telco's sell my details to them but no way of proving so just leave it be. Register a new number and use a different address or something.

Hope that helps a little.

20 Feb, 2012 14:57:50

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) @Phillips
Thanks for the info...appreciate that.
20 Feb, 2012 15:00:46

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) vkpc
Banks don't do WSS on normal houses, only lies from Debt Collectors.
20 Feb, 2012 15:05:27

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) defaulters
@vkpc I was thinking of that too. Is there any reference to refer regarding this WSS?
20 Feb, 2012 16:58:23

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) James
Just to share my own experience. I was also a victim from this [xxxxxx name removed] piece of ####. Yes it was my own problem to owe Maybank a small debt of 3K but it was out of anger I refuse to pay them when they blocked my card for non payment to my other card account which I had cancelled and paid off to the very last cent but didn't know there were a few more ringgit that was not cleared after the bill cycle and I didn't know about it. My mistake I didn't peek at the statement they sent. That causes my only card to be blocked and cancelled. After appeal and much arguments they refuse to listen and my card cancel stays status quo so I decided not to pay them at all. Collections started to call and I told them my story and ask the bank to reconsider to reactivate my card but no news. Six month passed and I had also changed my HP number since I changed to my new company.

Then it started. I received a call through my company line identify himself from the legal firm [xxxxxx name removed] Partner. I told him what give him the liberty to call me through my company line and how the hell did he get my number and my new work place info. He told me non of my business how they get my info and ask me when am i going to pay up. I told him that I owe the bank and only the bank calls me to collect my debt and not a third party. That is when he became arrogant raising his voice and threatened to visit me at my office and stuff like that. I told him he is most welcome since my new company is also my friend's company and my friend knows about my problem with Maybank. He became mad and told me to wait and don't go anywhere and he will reach in one hour time. I waited and he didn't turn up. The next day he called again and straight away i asked why didn't he turn up and he avoided my question and started harassing again with all the threats I will be sued and my days are counted for bankruptcy and stuff like that. I laughed at over the phone telling him he must have missed his medication time asking him since when Malaysia law sues a person for bankruptcy for a 3K debt and he got furious and started yelling me with vulgarity. For the next few days calls after calls from different person from the same firm calls to harass me with the same script and until he triggered my nerve and that's it. They triggered my mood to start playing with them and I told them to be prepared for my turn of bombardment.

I did as I promised. I wrote to Maybank c.c to BNM, MOF and even told my personal lawyer to be on standby. I went all out to get them. My letter went to Maybank and i used my lawyer to sent another follow up letter also c.c to BNM and MOF. Maybank called immediately to discuss the best way to settle my problem. I told Maybank to engage the bosses from [xxxxxx name removed] to meet me up at Maybank to table the problem together. Finally [xxxxxx name removed] chickened out and refuse to meet up and as mentioned by Maybank, [xxxxxx name removed] had asked Maybank to take my case from there which I refused. I insist [xxxxxx name removed] to take on my case and request to meet all the people who had harassed me but they had cowardly chickened out. Maybank "appealed' to me to let the matter rest and gave me all sort of proposal to reinstate my card and give me the discounts to my outstanding. I refused all the offers and requested [xxxxxx name removed] to contact me which they refused until today. After losing all the mood for the game I let the matter rest but I found the conclusion. These bunch of people from [xxxxxx name removed] may act like they are some gangster jalanan or some street fighter but in fact they are just some sissy bunch of coward chicken that only dare to bark behind the phone.

Tips: until today I still call the number using my private number and ask for the names I remember like Jega, Azri, sumitha and harass them and threaten them with all sort of threats. I hope that will give them the shivers and spoils their mood and stop acting like they are above the law.

28 Feb, 2012 19:38:51

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Yeah!
Bravo, James! Clap, clap, clap! Keep up the good work for all of us who have been harressed by these low life coward, ball-less debt collectors!
28 Feb, 2012 21:24:04

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Beat them up!
Well done! James.

This shows we must be tough with the debt collection agencies and teach them a lesson!
One secret is that the debt collection agents, no matter how they threaten you, they
are in fact POWERLESS simply because as far as legal empowerment is concerned, only
the banks' lawyers are empowered to do so. Even if those agents yell or bark one million
times to take actions like visiting your office, execute writ of seizure & sales, freeze
your accounts, bankrupt you, frozen your passport, bring you to court and so on and so forth

Yeah! is right. These debt collectors are indeed low life creatures/cowards with no balls.
If they do have, it is only one big and one small. One bang! All drop! Leaving their "bananas"
dangling there only to be eaten up by wild monkeys !!!


28 Feb, 2012 21:56:59

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) KCKC
I juz read an advert by a Debt collection agency...

Debt Collectors.
- Able to converse in English/BM
- No experience require
-Retiree and OKU encourage to apply

Field Visit Officer
- No expeperience required
- Familiar with KL/PJ routes

29 Feb, 2012 15:39:29

New MessageRE: Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Goliath Goh
Comment Removed
01 Mar, 2012 21:13:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) ramarama
i just settled all my credit card debts last month. Out of a sudden, i received a letter from this [xxxxxx name removed] Partner asking me to pay telekom debt which i have lost track for the past 10 years. What makes me curious, how did he get my current address? Which is my mother in law house. After all these years, i never received any letter from telekom or [xxxxxx name removed]..but all of a came today!

Can i just ignore?

02 Mar, 2012 23:22:47

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) utellme
Profile | Email
If I were you, I just go, direct Telekom and make a payment to clear off my bad name.
This is so because you could settle all the CC, why not another one?

As a debt collection agent, they have to try all ways to get your address. Otherwise, what is the usefulness of them on behalf of the creditors?

Just, my 2 cents opinion.

03 Mar, 2012 15:34:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) James
Yes and I still do that call these numbers 03-78735945 / 78742769. Different people will pick up the call and you ask for their names and then you just pretend you had once been harassed by them and ask them to meet up because you already have nothing left and only one rotten life and willing to take on anyone. Tell them how hard you've trace them and finally found their office address and all sort of things like this. Ask them to make a police report first or anything might happen to them any time from now. One lady by the name something like suzila or suzina got so scared and even appeal to me that she is just cari makan only and have a child at home to take care of and things like that. I told her when she call and harassed people do they thought of that? The conclusion is why didn't we call them everyday to harass them and only letting them to harass us everyday?

My friend is even good. He have this telekom bill god know centuries ago and this Malay chap calls him and harass him and what my friend did was, he told this malay chap he worked in [xxxxxx name removed] before and he was also trained to harass people. He ask that guy not to cross the line or he will walk up the office and teach him a lesson and that Malay chap never call from then. So my advice, need not scare of another human being as they are exactly what we are. We became a victim because we felt shy and intimidated by their threats and tone of voice. Fight them and when they know they could not intimidate you, they will lost their composure and start to act like a clown without a proper script to follow and that is when you take your opportunity to wack them left right up down.

12 Mar, 2012 14:31:33

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) united we stand
James and others,

please help me harass these people from [xxxxxx name removed], Rashidah & Rizal 019-3310119 /03-79486000, cannot stand anymore. The girl is so unreasonably rude

22 Mar, 2012 22:20:39

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) think they are big
I found their job advertisement (school leavers are encoraged) eja encouraged pun salah:

[xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (M) Sdn. Bhd.

We are a Professional Credit Collection Agency on the panel of Leading Foreign and Local Banks as well as Large Telecommunications Companies. Our Head Office is located in Kelana Jaya.
Collection Officer
MYR 1050 - 1350 + Commission + Incentive
Selangor - SS5, Kelana Jaya

You will be required to contact customers of our clients to recovery outstanding debts. Your remuneration will consist of Basic Salary + Incentives + Commission on Collections made.

Good command of Bahasa Malaysia and English. The ability to communicate in other dialects is an added advantage
Possess stong communication and negotiation skills
Results driven and able to work extended hours
Fresh graduates and school leavers are encoraged to apply as training will be provided

Candidates are invited to attend a walk in interview from 9.00 am to 5.00 on Monday-Friday or 9.00 am - 1.00pm on Saturday at our HQ

[xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co. (M) Sdn Bhd
No 4A, SS5B/2, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya

Miss Sharon
Tel: 03-7873 6652

22 Mar, 2012 22:29:52

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) sahmira
bukan nak sebelah mana mana... apa pown "UKUR BAJU DI BADAN SENDIRI" kalau dah ttau tak leh bayar jangan buat pinjaman ke nak pakai kad kredit ker apa.....nak simpan duit pown jangan pakai bank... simpan duit bawah bantal ke bawah tilam ker..... ok per.... jadi hidup lu org semua tak kene kacau ngan diorang tu.... lu pikir lah sendiri..... ada otak pakai.... jangn simpan dalam peti ais...
13 Apr, 2012 22:39:43

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Pi RAH

Lu jgn ingat dunia besar...LU kalau Nak berlagak lu BLH bLAH DR SINI...

NANTI GUA CARI sama lu baru tau

15 Apr, 2012 08:36:59

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
20 Apr, 2012 23:48:23

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
another looser debt collector try to immitated me...haha...once a loser..will alwayz be a loser...spm pun entah2 xlepas debt collector ni kan? let me guess...owh..pmr pun sangkut..belajar mesti kat kelas hujung kan? nice...memang low class people...
21 Apr, 2012 21:54:15

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) JANET
Saya mula tahu tentang forum ini last week.

Apapun, tqsm sbb ruangan ini byk memberi maklumat pd sy.

Sebelum ini saya tidak tahu senario sebenar. Untuk makluman, sekalipun saya tidak pernah mengangkat panggilan/menjawab/mereply any calls yg dikatakan agen/pemiutang ni.....byk kali sungguh mereka call, tp sekalipun sy tidak pernah angkat....ini bukan krn sy xalert/xmhu bertanggungjwb. Cuma ianya satu kesedaran yg saya tahu saya xkan mampu berjanji apa2 LANGSUNG ketika itu. Calllah byk manapun....i've NOTHING to promise that time. I've no event property...tak ada apa...ugutlah apapun..ketika itu, syarikat saya jatuh..projek 4 juta tidak berjaya..tutup...wahai org2 yg menghina penghutang, ketahuilah,xada siapa yg minta nk jd begitu.that time i have xrsa takut...cuma sedih...pd dr sendri....they can say anything, do anything.....i have nothing, kecuali, u just can come n kill me, n u also'll get nothing, that's all.

Apapun, yg saya tahu, satu hari jika saya diberikan pasti akan menghubungi pemiutang utk membayar semula hutang2 itu. Itu sahaja. Dan hari ini...syukur...sedikit demi sdikit, Tuhan tetap buka peluang rezki pd kini cuba nk byr semula....cuma sy xpasti bgaimana & status sy...krn sudah 6 tahun, berlalu...

Can u'll guys advise me. Tqsm.

22 Apr, 2012 01:31:22

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) tiger gen
Lu jgn ingat dunia besar...LU kalau Nak berlagak lu BLH bLAH DR SINI...

NANTI GUA CARI sama lu baru tau<-----------hei der.... gua bukan debt collector...gua penghutang nagn bank gak ada bepuluh ribu lagi gua nak kene apasal terasa der.... lu sudah banyak makan cili ni.... muka serupa hantu la.pedas ker der?...kalau lu mau cari gua lu cari lah.... gua punya lutut sikit pon tak goyang.... lu mau bawak berapa kapal pon lu bawak lah der....kalau nak ajal gua jumpe lu gua redha....heheheheh... apa pown lu pikir lah......

22 Apr, 2012 15:52:10

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
surprisingly..why did u post here since u r a good debtor?
23 Apr, 2012 21:31:31

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) bryan
Yup, [xxxxxx name removed] has been harrasing with phone calls. My case is this...I have already made an agreement with maybank to pay monthly on an agreed amount but the day before the agreed date of payment and on the day itself I will receive calls and smses..I told this boy Magen last month not to call and also informed Mr. Lim Riang Thong of MBB collection and recovery department about this matter to which Mr. Lim said he will check but today I still received calls from [xxxxxx name removed]'s 787.... numbers and handphone which I ignored all of those. The last straw was an sms from Magen saying I did not pay to which I did this morning and I got upset, called Magen on his mobile and fcuk him upside down, telling him to check properly before calling and harrasing. He was apologetic and said he will not call again..(I didn't take his word).
What I'm presuming is this...Maybank is fully aware of all these is their only way to retrieve all those outstanding amount from their customers. Maybank will take your complaints and ignore them. I sent 3 appeal letters to them to convert to term loan but they rejected..imagine paying late payment of RM50 on top of the interest on 17.5% on the outstanding's like not paying at all. I have another bank which willingly converted to term loan facility. Maybank wasn't fazed at all when I mentioned in my last letter that I will seek assistance from AKPK. Luckily I refinanced my home loan from Maybank to another bank. (Maybank tak boleh pakai lagi...). I have just sent a complaint to maybank via their website..just waiting to see if they will reply with positive remarks..I doubt they will.
25 Apr, 2012 19:26:49

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) anti maybank
dear bryan...
for your information..maybank is the ####est bank in malaysia... mereka besar kepala pasal their back by gov... most bankers lain cakap kat saya.. maybank boleh buat sesuka hati pasal kata mereka bank negara ikut cakap maybank so apa2 saja yg mereka buat di terima saja tapi kalau bank lain buat akan di kenakan tindakan oleh bank negara.... i hope maybank will fall down. i transfer my loan from maybank to other bank..more peaceful and easy to negotiable
27 Apr, 2012 12:40:33

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) nagnos
[xxxxxx name removed] (KPC) ni memang bengong. Kes aku lagi laa lawak bodoh oleh agen agen KPC ni. Aku tak dak hutang langsung tapi ada sorang mamat KPC nama SAFARIZAL. Siap hantar sms pakai nombor 0192184078. "We r calling from [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & CO. Call us immediately. SAFARIZAL 010-402 6119,03 79486000"

Isunya aku pakai phone number baru tapi dah 2 tahun lebih, nombor ni aku tak tahu ada sorang lelaki cina pakai dan dia ada hutang. Aku dah pernah beberapa kali layan agen KPC ni dan siap bagi salam lagi, tapi punya la bangang agen ni, dia boleh cakap "MR XYZ jangan main main sama saya." Lepas dah bagi penjelasan yang aku bukan Mr XYZ agen bongok ni masih lagi dok call aku dan hantar sms. Minggu ni aklau ada call lagi, aku akan layan lagi baaaeek punya.

07 May, 2012 10:51:09

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) eu gin





08 May, 2012 04:34:39

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
congratulations for being a good for these loser like i am...we r so so sorry to be in this messed...i hope and pray that u will never ever get into holes a deep holes like the rest of us...and u can get a medal from ur bank for being a good paymaster..
once again..congratulation..cause u mange to settle all ur bills on time...

but then again..this thread is for people who r having trouble..why did u bother to come here? no one invites u..we r here to share our if u dont like what we r discussing here..please..the door is always open for u..and if one day u r in the same flight as us...dont worry..our door will always be open for u...

09 May, 2012 22:33:50

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) eu gin
Mr faqs: yes i would not want to be in the hole u are in now n maybe its because of me spending within the limit thats why i'm not in your shoes...and yes fyi,i have been getting good deals from bank "as a medal" for being a good paymaster...but thats not the issue here,the issue is that u guys are just looking for some1 to blame and find reasons to settle this matters....
The best way solving this is by going to akpk and get an approval letter and submit to all the banks u owe,thats it!!!how hard can that be...ones u inform the bank directly that u are dealing with akpk,they will ask the agency to abort the file...i know cause i work in a local bank legal dept...lets be smart n not blame other for doing their job..anyways Mr Faq,i joined this forum t same way u did so dont ask me who invited me...And yes if 1 day if things turn bad for me n i'm a bad debtor like u,i wont put any blame on how people work to recover back the cash from me...there is a saying "berani buat berani tanggung" hard feelings buddy,tc
09 May, 2012 23:58:38

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) NPL guy
dear mr eu gin and anybody
semua orang yg dah tak mampu bayar hutang dlm forum ni asalnya a good paymaster... sometime #### happend..kita tak tau..macam ada seorang dlm forum ni gunakan kad emergency pasal pembedahan jantung.. mungkin ada forumer lain cakap gi la hospital kerajaan..tapi gi IJN pun kena bayar banyak.. begitu juga GH kalau utk pembedahan.. nasib dia gak kena retrench... sesapa yg pernah kena di berhentikan kerja atau kontrak tamat memang terasa.. bank hanya suka good paymaster dan bank akan lupa betapa bagusnya seorang good paymaster tu bila dia di rundum masalah..jangan citer AKPK la.. aku pernah pergi sana utk selesaikan hutang..hasilnya..permohonan aku kena reject pasal menurut AKPK, ada satu-dua bank tak setuju dgn cara pembiayaan AKPK...walaupun ada bank lain setuju. AKPK pun kira ikut income terkini kita..cakap2 hebat kononya AKPK tu bawah bank negara dan mereka akan terima proposal akpk.. tu bull####.. patutnya AKPK minta diskaun sama bank dan tiada interest pd NPL tak.. ikut jugak cakap bank kasi interest 8 %..patut kalau dah NPL tu mudahkanlah dia.. aku dulu pernah mengutuk orang yg NPL elakkan bayar bank ni..tapi bila aku terkena barulah aku faham mereka...itulah karma..
10 May, 2012 17:25:09

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
to eu gin

i use to be like u..a good pay credit cards were upgraded from gold to platinum...and i used to think that i will never get into that mess..but i did..
we did n never blame anyone for their action as we know that these bank just want to get their money back...
we r here only to share our plight..our despair towards things that happens to us...
about [xxxxxx name removed]..yup..they just do their job...they just want their commission...we dont have any grudge over that. But we were discussing about the way they r treating us...bullying someone is unacceptable.threatening someone and shouted at someone is totally unacceptable.
Give them time to settle the bills and put their lives back on their feet. I do know because i am now back on my feet...and i am now proudly to tell u that i do not have any credit cards with any bank after i had paid all the debts after 2 years of suffering.

10 May, 2012 19:22:03

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) eu gin
I agree with u NPL GUY n FAQS...Using your credit cards,personal loans for reasons such as npl guy mention is unavoidable...
But the issue is not with those with valid n strong reasons,its with those who knows how to avoid settling the outstanding when they can but refuse to do so...

no worries buddies...i have no comments for those who has good intentions n reasons,but only for those youngsters n shopaholics out there who knows how to spend irresponsibly then find reasons how to kenakan the banks for waiver n

14 May, 2012 23:59:10

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Angry Bird
please note down all the threads and send a copy of complaint to bank negara, directly to the named bank and made a copy of police report.

bank has disclose all our address and contact no to these agency whose sound exactly like ah long and since they name themselves bank staffs then pls make sure the bank is liable to their decision for appointing such... rude people to represent for the small amount we owed

We should get together to fight this ONE WAY TRAFFIC - we need to fight to stop this action!!!

23 May, 2012 00:04:47

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) madamepawx
Thank you Lord I found this board....
I found this board while looking for [xxxxxx name removed] & Co's address...SEBAB SAYA NAK HANTAR PARCEL YG PENUH DGN TAHI KAT OFFICE MEREKA!!

To Cikgu Ayu.....Kisah kita sama...Sy seorang guru juga dan telah DIMAKI HAMUN di DEPAN PENGETUA SY MELALUI TELEFON oleh org dr [xxxxxx name removed] ni....Mula2 nama Devan...Pastu Jack...Pastu Allan....TAPI 3 3 suara pun sama....
Cikgu tabahkan hati....Saya dah lali dgn keadaan ini...Sampai kerani2 kat sek tak mahu tgk sy..ada yg marah..ada yg takut...malah pengetua pun tgk saya 1 mcm dah skrg....

Nasib baik sy terjumpa forum ni dan BUAT APA YG DINASIHATKAN..... dan kepada yg MENCARUT TTG KAMI TAK MAHU BYR/LARI DR HUTANG.....kami tak bodoh...kami bukan tak mahu bayar...hanya TERLEWAT SHJ.... dan suami mempunya bukti ( kami rakam perbualan2 mereka)....Kalau makin menjadi2...kami akan bawa segala2 bukti ni kat Balai Polis dan buat laporan pulis...

Thank You to Mr Eddie dgn adanya info ttg surat aduan dgn pihak Maybak dan Bank Negara..sebab...yg menelefon kita-kita semua tu..Devanlah.....Jacklah...Allan lah...nama sebenarna ialah THAYALAN A/L ARUMUGAM!!! Org yg sama.....

Dan kepada geng2 [xxxxxx name removed] yg ada di sini...kamu call kami semua DGN KURANG AJAR...kami beramai2 akan menjatuhkan KUDARAT & CO....

29 May, 2012 01:12:32

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) MLady
I am being harassed by the same so called [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co.And I owe Maybank for less than RM 10k.
It's really awful & the agent collector very arrogant, rude and they even insulted me.
Every single day they keep on calling to my handphone and my office but one lucky day, the call was answered by my boss. They were very rude towards him till my boss also get very mad at them. The good thing is my boss will tell them off whenever they call me on my office phone till they stop calling.
I think they are the legal Ah Long for Maybank and don't tell me that Maybank is not aware of this. Is there anything Bank Negara can stop this kind of debt collector's agent? I do wonder...
21 Sep, 2012 15:24:40

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) terrymc
i find a lot of information from this thread. just want to share mine.

i owe 3k from maybank credit card. back in those days, my spending habit was so bad, i didnt pay regularly, but when i did, i usually pay extra to cover the outstanding. due to something, i skipped the 3 months payment, and because i moved from my old apartment, i did not receive the reminder (i did received a text msg, but i always forget).

so, one fine day, i went to my old apartment, only to found this letter from some legal firm (which i forgot the name) demanding me to pay the outstanding. since it is legal firm, i was quite scared. A day after, i received a call from this one guy, asking me to present myself to the court due to my debt. I told him, I didnt receive any court order whatsoever and i was still in the process of requesting to pay the debt by installment. he said, no cannot, else he will confiscate bla bla bla. that was the moment i know it was a fake. i asked him again for his name, he hang up.

the next day, my saving account was frozen.i just received my monthly salary, but cannot do anything. so i called up maybank to ask, they point me to this collection agency. they were asking me to pay minimum 1500 and to agree monthly installment. i said, i agree, but 1st they need to unfreeze my acc so that i can withdraw my money and pay the 1500. they told me they cannot do it. i asked them to deduct the 1500 directly from my svg account, they said it is impossible. then i asked her, who give the right for them to froze my account because i already went thru my t&c, they can offset the amount that i owed them! just deduct la, why you want to freeze. i also read somewhere, they can only freeze my account if i was declared bankrupt.
i was so devastated, i call the cust service to seek for their help, they said, they cannot do anything.

finally, i wrote a complaint letter to BNM explaining the whole situation. the BNM forward my complaint to the Maybank officer, asking them to clarify. the officer said, he will revert back with explanation within 2 weeks. that was in august 2012, now still no reply!

1 day after Maybank received my complaint, they deduct the amount from my account. SEE!!! actually they can deduct it / offset the amount, but the collection dept is so freaking troublesome

even after they deduct all money from my svg account, my account is still frozen. i call the CD again, they said, ok they will reinstate within 24hours. WTF 2 days also still cannot use my svg account. they point me to this and that, still no solution. finally, after calling up maybank hotline, they were asking me to call the branch at where i opened my account to release the tag so that my svg account will be actvated again. i was so thankful to the officer. the next day, i can use my svg account.

and i start to pay the remaining balance of the debt monthly. i might pay it a day or two later, due to my working condition that i dont have easy internet access and maybank is not that near to reach.

last week, i only have 600 remaining debt. i was going to settle the full amount, since i really dont want to use maybank service. the CD again called me, asking me to pay before 31Jan. i told her, i cant because i was outstation, and i'm going to pay it 1st feb, to pay all the outstanding and cancel the card. she was so angry! she said, i MUST pay by 31st Jan. i told her again, its okay, any additional late fees, i will pay. then, she shouted 'u nak dengar siapa skg ni, i ke awak?'

omg. i was so surprised that i answered, 'saya. and btw, u are so rude'
i hang up. then she called again for a brief seconds telling me 'hello, you ingat you ni sape?' she hang up before i can reply.

now ladies and gents, tell me if the b**** deserve a hard slap. i was so eager to know as to why she was insisting me to pay on the 31st... it is only a day late. and since i want to cancel my card, thats it la. i talked to my friend, she said it is possible that they have to close the account on that day, and she might want to earn some sort of points/ komisyen- that, i dont know if it is the truth. it is our assumption.

whatever it is, due to this b**** that had gone way too much, i am going to write a lengthy letter to BNM, cc the Maybank. again. will update u on this matter.

01 Feb, 2013 21:10:48

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) putra

Saya nak minta advice kawan-kawan yang terlibat dengan masalah kad kredit. Saya sudah cuba study apa yang ada
dalam forum ni dan web tapi masih tak dapat pasti kesemuanya.

Masalah kad kredit saya bermula tahun 2004. Saya memiliki kad kredit eon bank dengan kredit limit RM3000. Bayaran sangkut awal tahun 2004 masa tu saya guna dalam RM2500 shj. Sejak itu saya tak mampu bayar sebab kerja tak tentu/tak kerja dll. Tahun 2011 saya dapat panggilan XXXXX minta saya settle... total 20k. saya minta diskaun tapi dia tak layan.. saya juga mengatakan ada kad kredit (MBB) yang telah full settlement sebab dapat diskaun. bayar initial + faedah munasabah. Malang ejen tu tak layan. Saya bagi surat minta diskaun dan mengatakan pernah jumpa AKPK (saya mmg pernah pergi AKPK dan pihak AKPK minta saya deal dulu dengan Bank) sejak surat tu ejen senyap. Tetapi bank terus antar bill dan sekarang dah lebih 25k.

Kalau ikut limitation Act mmg saya tak layak bankrap.. betul ke? please advice..

* note saya pasti akan setel hutang tu jika dapat diskaun yang munasabah.

07 Mar, 2013 10:45:02

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) harrie
Di sini ya nak memohon pandangan saudara saudari semua..,
Rasa2 nya masalah kita lbh kurang sama..,
Asalnya kita adalah good paymaster..,tetapi adakalanya kehidupan tidak selalunya memihak kepada kita..,
Ketika ibu saya mengalami masalh kesihatan yg amat teruk, sy memang tiada cara lain selain menggunakan kad kredit atas urusan menyenangkan pembayaran perubatan. Mmg sy cuba membayar mengikut apa yg ditetapkan oleh pihak H**C n H*B., tetapi adakalnya sy terlambat sbb komitmen yg tinggi juga..,
Masalah sy, sy selalu diugut oleh KP n assc nih..,memperkenalkan namanya sbg FATIN.., sungguh kurang hajar dia itu..,
Sesuka hati call ke pejabat saya.., dan memalukan serta memaki rakan staf sy yg lain ketika sy tiada di pejabat..,sy bekerja mengikut syif..,
Dia menggugut sy dgn memberitahu pihak pentadbiran saya..,etc.., sy juga menerima SMS dr pihak yg sama yang mengatakan namanya SATWINDER..., tapi yg memusyilkan sy, bgmana diaorg sanggup menelefon pihak pejabat kita n bertindak kasar serta kurang ajar.., sepatutnya kita berbudi bahasa serta bersopan ketika berurusan dgn klien.., dgr apa yg masalah klien dahulu..,bukan bercakap melulu.., saya mulanya tidak kisah..,tetapi sy rasa sekarang saya ingin bertindak dgn membuat laporan polis ke atas KP ini.., sy tension.., sy seolah2 bingung dgn tindakan diaorg sehinggakan terjejas prestasi kerja saya..,
Mohon bantuan rakan2..,
16 Mar, 2013 02:28:45

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) epic1122
i just got a visit from this so-called Officer of this Collection agency. and they ask me to pay rm3k within this month, if not they will froze all my account. Can they do that to me? Please advice......
20 Apr, 2013 20:57:55

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
frozen account? cuba lepas bankrupt je boleh..abaikan jek...just minta surat dari mahkamah next time they come
02 May, 2013 16:25:35

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) curly bizzare
Hi All, i think we should just pool our resources and file a class action against them.
03 May, 2013 13:06:51

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) sleepless
if u want to file class action, might as well sue the banks.
without them feeding these gangster parasites, none of the above would have happen.

there is a very very thin line seperating the banks from the ah longs when u cannot service your debt.
really disgraceful.

04 May, 2013 05:14:22

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) hafilah
"Proses lelongan (WSS) adalah jalan terakhir dan tidak akan dilalukan tanpa arahan mahkamah.
My own experience - Wakil bank & mahkamah (bailif)akan datang ke rumah (pastikan ada perintah mahkamah) dan mengambil listing barang yang ada dalam rumah anda. Jika anda ada barang yang mahal, cepat-cepat hantar ke kampung @ jual @ simpan di tempat lain. Selepas mengambil list barang-barang & andaian nilai, mereka akan beri anda salinan & tempoh (14 hari - 1 bulan) sebelum tarikh auction. Ambil peluang ini untuk deal dengan bank @ cari wang @ AKPK."

Dear SSSS,
Blh share x kes yg mcm mn blh smpai sita brg ni ye? Kalo let say hutang asal kita dgn bank tu around 8K, then after few years, plus the interests n charges etc, amt total up to 15K... blh ke sita2 brg mcmni? Actually apa tindakan yg bank ambil ke atas blacklisted ni? (Besides all the phone calls). Can it lead to legal action, such as kne tangkap or jailed?

29 May, 2013 21:41:50

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) hafilah
They may freeze ur account if it's in the same bank. Let say u owe Maybank, then ur saving account with Maybank may be frozen. But if u owe Maybank, but ur saving account is with CIMB, they may not do anything. They may... because it's their bank. But legally, I don't know whether they really can or not.
30 May, 2013 10:05:53

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) silent
what should i do if they threaten n harrass my colleague? i know i have NPL with the banks due my husband dont have permanent job n looking for a job since jan 2013. at the first i answer all the calls from DC and they claim that they are from legal dept/firms...when i google, they are not. after that i dont answer any calls from them. they start to call my office and angry to my colleague and threaten them.
04 Jun, 2013 02:00:06

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) ali all
04 Jun, 2013 02:21:21

New Messagezuhri and associates (modified 0 times) carrie ann
Happened to me recently, and this time they claimed to be someone from the logistic dept frm mahkamah jln duta. I made a payment to maybank rm1500 right away and they i have to pay 5k instead and that the bank didnt accept the money and is going to return what i have paid. Seriously? They weren't rude to me but what ####es me off was do you really have to cheat and lie to get the money? The excuse would be, maybank is processing the summon. So? When i made the payment, there were no indicator stating that my acc is blocked. Too much bull####, i sent them a text using the hp number they use saying that i know who they are and that i am going to lodge a police report, and write a complaint thru bnm and suhakam. It was a rude text but come on, aku paling pantang org yg menipu!
24 Jul, 2013 17:59:08

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Apahal
Pls foward all these comments to BNM to reconsider outsourcing of debts due to collections agencies.Untrained personel,can be rude approach,if the agency employs ex bankers ok la got experience.created Tension and presures as need negotiations always want more payment even though customers unable to pay or want to pay less.

BNM should encourage banks to employ own collection staff as now there are thousands of graduates from IPTS/IPTA to employ them graduated each year.Lagi pun bankers untung billions and hundred of millions so far .

Banks should have systematic practices to handle promblems customers.IT based system that can give fast approval.Stop interest policy by bNM so that the interest do not accumalated and ballon the non performing loans.Pls chase the customers that do not pay since disbursement until become NPL.

Study la case by case customers who have been paying but later years failed to pay due to many reasons business failures,los of employment all want payment only seldom ask customers what their promblems or sometimes one month due also calls.

Dulu pun in 83/84 n 97/98...banks pun kena goverment tolong hidup balek ..if not no jobs for them now..ok thats all for all to ponder and consider.

03 Aug, 2013 01:46:24

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) whateveruwantocalme
This morning i finally got the "visitation" by [xxxxxx name removed] partners, like they so many times have threatened me to do. i dont need to list all the details of my financial problems here because my story is no different from the stories u guys just told.
after reading the comments here & finally know what they ([xxxxxx name removed] partners employees) really are, i've decided not to give in or feel intimidated by them anymore. i owe maybank a little less than 30K on creditcard & i've managed to pay 7k. i really can pay, it's just that their attitude is so *&^%^$&^% that i want to make sure the next time i make a payment to maybank, they will not get any commission from it.
they are really only going after the commission. they are so rude & sometimes they can caused u to be rude too. dont sink to their level. if u owe maybank, pay directly to maybank. dont make any deals and dont let them make arrangement for u.
13 Sep, 2013 13:41:39

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) debtor
Hello Hafilah which bank do WSS? Normally don't do that. Did you buy goods with the card that's why they are came to seize n auction your goods? I received such warnings from a bank just precaution.
13 Sep, 2013 18:39:34

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) kersani
Maaf mencelah......sape2 ade info berkenaan apakah bentuk tindakan tatatertib yg dikenakan terhadap penjawat awam yg mengalami masalah keberhutangan yg serius seperti kes2 sebegini...??

cth ; i) outstanding debt by credit card...sEhingga court letter sampai office..
ii) debt collector harrasment sehingga meleret ke pengetahuan majikan...

Soalan : Bentuk Keberhutangan serius yg mcm mane sebenarnye sehingga tindakan tatatertib dikenakan?Mohon penjelasan kepada sesiapa yg maklum/berpengalaman dlm hal ini...terima kasih

17 Sep, 2013 20:36:11

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) debtor
Hutang bukan salah tatatertib jikalau bankrap mungkin besar di berhentikan kerja. Cuma kemaluan Dan kekacauan debt collectors human senang kerana kacau talipon Dan Mari ofis.
18 Sep, 2013 12:47:11

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) faqs
Setakat ni penjawat awam xpernah kena buang kerja sebab bankrap...bukan senang nak buang
18 Sep, 2013 15:08:55

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) GoGreen
23 Sep, 2013 17:43:39

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Nick
is the bank or the debt collector had authority to auction my furniture?
is there any violation of law or they are following the procedure?
i had been given 14 day to settle down the amount before they come to auction my furniture in my house.
but somemore i had already sell this house to my relative, so this house is not under my name anymore.
can this treat as a reason that those furniture are not mine and not allow them to auction it?
well, i owe credit card loan for almost 3 yr, total 6 bank and total amount around 200k, any way i can become bankruptcy? as i know from my friend, bank wont so easily let me bankruptcy.
i had receive many letter from court, and lawyer firm, and i ignore it.
please help me on above problem, i had been suffer all this thing for few year.
thanks a lot for advice and comment.
19 Nov, 2013 01:14:14

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) lalallili

i pun ada masalah camnih. utang crdt card maybank rm5k. Sy bekerja sendiri skrg and living as a single mother. i pernah call dan email pd coll. maybank utk restructure pymt. Maybank did reply my email, tp i tetap x leh nk bayar sbb dorg mntk separuh dr jumlah utang.. i byr 30% dr jumlah yg dorg mntk.. itu je yg mampu. masalahnya this [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co keep calling me. i dh x larat nk jwb call dorg. x tau lah berapa byk no phone yg dorg ada... worse the agent tried to scare me saying that maybe nnti i akan dpt problem bila nk renew lesen perniagaan or what so ever. dh ckp x leh wat full settlement soh kita pinjam sedara mara.huhu.. mula2 tu tkot, tp lepas bila otak dh well function i search kt internet.

pastu ada satu lg bank yg i utang crdt card gak, rasanya tunggu masa je debt coll. kol i, so i amik keputusan nk g AKPK. ada yg kata nama kena blacklist kalu dh attached dgn AKPK... tp rasanya yg penting kena pilih yg plg selamat dan dekat... i pun x tau samada AKPK nk terima i atau x... next week baru blh jumpa kaunselor AKPK yg many worries in my mind... & i sgt fobia dgn rejection... huhu

28 Nov, 2013 17:09:41

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) anonymous
Below are some of the things you should know regarding your rights (if being harassed by debt collector):-

1. You have a right to dispute the debt. If you don't think you've incurred the debt, you can dispute it with the company. Collectors have to inform you of that right.
2. Ask for verification. Even if you think the debt might be legitimate, you can always ask the collector to send verification. Calls must stop until it's been sent.
3. Late-night calls are not allowed. Phone calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. in the consumer's time zone are presumed to be unreasonable and therefore illegal.
4. Abuse is not permitted. Frequent calls with the purpose of harassing, annoying, or intimidating debtors are not allowed; neither is verbal abuse or profane language.
5. Calls must stop when you file for bankruptcy. If your financial situation leads you to file for bankruptcy, the law assumes you're trying to pay your debts. Once the collector knows you've filed he must stop calling, although he can ask for proof.
6. Your attorney can handle it. Hiring an attorney not only makes the situation easier but it also means you don't have to take the calls. When you're represented by counsel, all calls should be directed to your lawyer.
7. Your debts won't be publicized. Some people worry that their debts will be made public in an embarrassing way. But debt collectors can't publish your debt, nor can they send embarrassing mail that loudly proclaims you are in debt.
8. Lying is illegal. Debt collectors are bound by the law to be honest about your debts and the collection process. Misleading statements are just as bad as lies.
9. No one else will know. The collector can't talk to anyone about your debt except you, your spouse, and your attorney. That means if your kid picks up the phone, the debt collector shouldn't mention your debt.
10. State laws can offer great protections. The FDCPA is a federal law, but states have also adopted consumer protection laws about debt. Your state may offer more than what federal law can do for you.

18 Dec, 2013 09:26:41

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Annalia
I have personal loan from CIMB and BIMB. In 2008, I got retrenched. In the same year, I got a new job with less payment than my former job. BIMB was nice enough to listen to my problems and offer a solution. But not CIMB. It doesn't mean that I stop paying back to CIMB. I do so every month, but not as much as what was stated in the agreement. I thought everything was okay until I got a call from a debt collector yesterday. I have to pay RM5,000.00 in 48 hours. If not, they will visit me at my work place and home. I'm not afraid if they come to my work place because I work at a gated area with security. But, my home is another matter. My mother is old and sick and if she was harassed, I don't think her heart can take it. CIMB only wanted their money back. I understand that. But, if only they were nice enough to listen to my problem and work out a better plan. If BIMB can do it, why can't CIMB?
18 Dec, 2013 10:15:14

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) noob debt
harassing people?that's not what licenced money lender do,repot polis kalau mereka buat macam2 saman sahaja
18 Dec, 2013 14:18:00

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) 3 tiang
kalau ada duit...semua orang tak mau berutang..

harap satu hari nanti, firm2 collection nie dibatalkan lesen...
dengan ekonomi yang merundum nie..duit gaji sesetengah orang cukup untuk survive their life je..

cukup2 makan je...

bukan apa..kalau dilayan permintaan DC nie..depa paksa2 jugak nak amount yang depa mintak tu..tak de pikiran, last penghutang tu rasa malas nak bayar, walaupun ada niat nak bayar sebab menyampah dengan depa..

penghutang pun salah sebab tak bayar utang...tapi depa pun memang nak selesaikan utang tu..duit tak na nak bayar...

08 Jan, 2014 10:54:57

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) cheah
sy rase xde siapa mau berhutang & dikejar pengutip hutang.

smlm sy call bahagian discovery RHB tuk minta bt settlement. 03-2776 3111 & sy disuruh call **** Ezry directline 03-27125082.

tp..bila sy bc komen2x di bwh notice ezry bkn kerja tuk [xxxxxx name removed]. apa ini??? patut la officer [xxxxxx name removed] yg dtg opis sy ckp klu runding dgn bank pn sy xkn dpt amount yg sy nak.

bole ke kita call tipu kita bg no 3rd party??? jahat nya

28 Jan, 2014 09:28:23

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) Singhal Sahib
I was contacted by [xxxxxx name removed] too. I don't know why as I do not have any debt.

Anyway, based on their website [xxxxxx name removed], it is Managed by Saudagar Singh. He is a famous MONEY LENDER who diversified profits into debt Collection and Call centers.

Debt Collectors are doing their JOB. HOWEVER, they can only ask or remind defaulters to pay. THATS's IT!!

They cannot harass, threaten, defame or curse in any other word. If that happens, YOU have the right to report to police. The POLICE will take action. Just because we have defaulted payment, does not mean the bank or debt collector can talk dirty.

So to [xxxxxx name removed] & Partners, if you are reading this STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!! Or you'll never know who is waiting outside your office.


03 Feb, 2014 20:25:52

New MessageRE:Has been harrssing by [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co (modified 0 times) cheah
One ladies call me from [xxxxxx name removed] Partners & Co last month. Jerit kuat seblh sy pun bole dengar. sbb sy dh byk baca ttg cara kerja diorg so sy terus letak je...thxs for this forum. help me a lot.

today she call me ask me about bull####. i just give the date & amount i nk bayar for this mth & i letak je phone tu. ni masa keje i, call pulak my pegi mampus la u

if kudart partner & co hantar org lg dtg my office this time, i tak akan bg muka. i akan pukul dia kali ni...lebih baik mati atau duduk dlm penjara dari hidup dlm ketakutan!!!

18 Feb, 2014 11:59:37

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