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How To Make Bankruptcy Law Fascinating new
A Bankruptcy Paralegal's Perspective - Give bankruptcy law the credit it deserves and you will find it to be a fascinating field of law.
Author : Victoria Ring (November 2001) Category : Bankruptcy Law

The Communication Convergence Bill, India - A Lawyer's Perspective
An article on the recently introduced bill on Communications Convergence in the India parliament. This paper was presented by the author at the inaugural meeting of The Media Law Forum, organized by The Faculty of Law, Mahatma Gandhi University, India.
Author : Advocate V.K. Unni (September 2001) Category : Communications Law

The New Economy Patents In U.S.
Are they really beneficial ? This article includes a brief analysis and highlights on the current economy patents in the United States.
Author : Advocate V.K. Unni (June 2001) Category : Intellectual Property

Complex of Federal and State Laws Regulates Franchise Operations As Their Popularity Grows
This article includes the advantages and disadvantages of franchising and application info on operating a franchised business in United States.
Author : Mitchell J. Kassoff, Esq. (March 2001) Category : Business Law

Law Democracy and Economic Growth
An article about the connection between law and economic growth.
Author : William Gamble (Jan 2001) Category : Business Law

International Trade & Finance : Current Trends And Difficulties
A presentation on the above topic during the 12th Commonwealth Law Conference in Kuala Lumpur, September 1999.
Author : Wong Sau Ngan (Jan 2001) Category : Finance Law

Restructuring in Asia - A Brief Survey of Asian Bankruptcy Law
A brief survey by author on the Bankruptcy law of China, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Author : William Gamble (Jan 2001) Category : Bankruptcy Law

Women's And Children's Rights - And The Protection Offered By Domestic Law
A presentation on the above topic during the 12th Commonwealth Law Conference in Kuala Lumpur, September 1999.
Author :Aneeta Kulasegaran (Jan 2001) Category : Family Law

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