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This glossary of terms will help you with some basic confusing terms when using Lawyerment ! Online Forms & Agreements.

Please use our online Dictionary for terms you can't find in this page.

   Glossary Of Terms
Administrator A person appointed by a court to manage the estate of a deceased person.
Advance Prepayment that counts against monies that may be payable at some time in the future.
Affirm Make a solemn declaration in place of an oath.
Aforesaid Previously said.
Amend Alteration or change.
Assign Transfer formally to another. Example: Property.
Assignee Person to whom a right or property is assigned.
Assignor Person giving or transferring property to another.
Beneficiary A person or party who benefits from a Will.
Breach Non-observation of a law or a contract.
Buyer A consumer or purchaser.
Cause of Action Facts which entitle a person having a right to judicial relief against another.
Claims Demand as one's due or property.
Codicil An addition or amendment to an original Will that modifies the Will.
Convey To transfer the title to another. Example: Property.
Covenant A solemn agreement or sealed contract.
De facto In fact.
Debt An obligation one owes to another.
Debtor A person owing debts.
Deed A legal document used for transferring ownership of real property.
Defamation Libel or a false statement that attacks the reputation of a person in the community.
Default Failure to act as one should.
Disclaimer Statement rejecting a legal claim.
Estate All a person's assets and liabilities.
Evidence Statement or proofs admissible as testimony in law court.
Execute To make valid by signing or sealing.
Executor A person appointed by a testator to administer a will.
Force Majeure Unforeseeable circumstances excusing a person from the fulfillment of a contract. Example: Strike, earthquake, war or Act of God.
Full Name A person's entire name including, first, middle and surname.
Hearing A trial of a case before a court or judge.
Heirs A person entitled as the legal successor of its former holder.
Hold Harmless A phrase used in contract law to signify a commitment by one party to make good or repay another party in the even of a specified loss.
In Perpetuity Forever.
Indemnify Compensate. To secure a person in respect of harm or loss.
Inure To take effect.
Irrevocable Unalterable.
Knowingly Intentionally.
Licensee A person holding a license or permission to do something.
Licensor A person who grants a license.
Litigation A lawsuit.
Negligence Culpable carelessness.
Omission Neglect to perform what the law requires.
Pari Passu Without preference.
Pro Rata Proportionately.
Rescind Abrogate or revoke.
Stamp Impression of an official mark required to be made on legal documents as evidence of duty paid.
Successor A person having the right to property of a decedent by will or as a heir.
Tenure A form of right or title under which property is held.
Trial Judicial examination and determination of issues between parties by a judge with or without a jury.
Trustee A person managing property in trust with legal obligation to administer it solely for the purposes specified.
Year, Fiscal An accounting or financial year.

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