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This section brings you the self-help topics, documents, tips and Frequently Asked Questions on law of Malaysia for Business, Legal Professionals, The Public and Students.

Select your topic from the links on the right or search by entering your word(s) in the text box above and click the "Search Library Now!" button.

Laws of Malaysia
Constitution, Cases & Codes

Legal Professionals
Rulings, Bar Council, Practice and Etiquette Rules, The Pupil Master

Guidelines & Qualifying as an Advocate & Solicitor, Law Schools A-Z (Recognized by Malaysia), Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP), Pupillage

Business and The Public
Seeing a Lawyer, Legal Fees & Aids

Accident Law
Road Accident

Banking and Financial Law
Banking and Financial Legalese, Exchange Control Rules, Securities, Offshore Banking, Commodities, Buying on Hire Purchase, Danaharta Act

Bankruptcy Law
Business Bankruptcy, Creditor's Rights

Business Law
Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Companies, Franchises, Consumer's Rights

Criminal Law
Criminal Courts, Police Investigation, Arrest, Bail

Employment Law
Hiring, Firing, Sexual Harassment, Disputes, Pensions, Workmen's Compensation, Employees Provident Fund, Social Security Organization, Occupational Safety & Health Act

Estate Planning
Wills, Probate, Islamic and Customary Laws, Estate Legalese

Family Law
Marriage, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Children

Immigration Law
Citizenship, Visas and Passes, Passports and Internal Travel Documents, Permanent Residents

Insurance Law
Property Insurance

Intellectual Property
Computer Law, Copyright Law, Patent, Trademark, Industrial Design

Civil Matters, Tribunal, Small Claims

Real Estate Law
Buy or Sell a House, Landlord or tenant

Tax Law
Corporate Tax Law, Income Tax Law, Property Tax, Sales Tax, Service Tax

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