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Students have different reasons for wanting to study Law.

You may be a person holding a degree or professional qualification but wanted to qualify in a new field for career. You may not be having the opportunity to follow a conventional course in the past but now wish to study for a degree. Some are seeking qualifications to improve their job prospects. Some also study for personal interest.

If you are considering a career in the legal profession, studying law will have an obvious appeal. LLB or a Bachelor of Laws degree provides the foundation to anyone who wishes to train as advocate or solicitor. It is also the natural starting point for those who wish to pursue an academic interest in the nature and function of law in society.

In fact, not all students who study law choose careers as practicing lawyers. One of the main reason why you'll find many lawyers leading successful careers as politicians and in the media is that Law students learn the art of good communication.

Studying Law improves your clarity of thought, the ability to analyze and express complicated ideas and powers of reasoning. Be it the public sector, commerce, accountancy or financial services, these skills are in demand.

There are thousands of Law schools in this world today. There are public and private institutions offering full-time, part-time, and external programs. To practice Law in Malaysia, make sure you pick a recognized Law School. However, if you do not wish to practice Law in Malaysia, you can acquire a law degree from any institution of your choice.

There are some requirements that a person must satisfied to be eligible for admission to the Malaysian Bar. Only certain Law Degrees holders are recognized in Malaysia to become a "Qualified Person" under the Legal Profession Act 1976.

Whatever your reason, Lawyerment wishes you all the best and hope you'll find what you are seeking for.

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