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Legal Profession itself is a vast topic. The preamble to the Bar Council Malaysia's Legal Profession Act 1976, introduces the interpretation of the legal profession with the words, "Advocate and solicitor, and solicitor where the context requires means an advocate and solicitor of the High Court admitted and enrolled under this Act or under any written law prior to the coming into operation of this Act".

An Advocate and solicitor is also known as Barrister and solicitor, attorney or lawyer. A lawyer should promote the public interest, serve the cause of justice, be faithful to the client's trust, maintain the authority, be courteous and candid with others and be true to good conscience. A lawyer is more than only a citizen. They are qualified person in the Judicial and Legal service and to become a "Qualified Person" in Malaysia under the Legal Professional Act, 1976 (Act 166), one must

  • has passed the final examination leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws of the University of Malay, the University of Malay in Singapore, the University of Singapore or the National University of Singapore      OR

  • is a barrister-at-law of England      OR

  • is in possession of such qualification as may by notification in the Gazette be declared by the Board to be sufficient to make a person a qualified person for the purpose of the Act.

Lawyers represent your interests and process the legal documentation required. Advocate and solicitor have the right to appear and plead all Court of Justice in Malaysia according to the law in force in those court.

The Legal Profession Act, 1976 * (Act 166) is an act to consolidate the law relating to the legal profession in Malaysia. However, this Act shall apply throughout Malaysia and shall only be made applicable to Sabah and Sarawak with such modification as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may be order make and such order shall be published in the Gazette.

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