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A Ruling is an authoritative pronouncement or official statement.

In Malaysia, there are the "Rulings of the Bar Council" and "Conveyancing Practice Rulings" for legal professionals. There is also a "Special Ruling" which expires after a certain period.

These Rulings promulgated and enforced by the Bar Council are vital to the growth of the profession and act as guidelines for lawyers, clarifying their obligations and setting a standard.

  • The Bar Council has adopted "Rulings of the Bar Council" and there are 8 main sections, under the Ruling - Name plates and signboards, letterheads and stationery, name cards, main and branch offices, advertising, conflict of interest, pupillage and professional practice.

  • The Conveyancing Practice Rulings was made by the Bar Council and that applies to all lawyers involved in doing conveyancing work. The rulings consist of 9 parts - Advertising and touting, conflict of interest, fees and disbursements, preparation of sale and purchase agreements, Section 84 of the Legal Profession Act, Solicitor' Remuneration Order 1991, undertakings, stakeholders and Miscellaneous.

  • The Special Ruling will be made by the Bar Council on the special request of Bank Negara Malaysia and in supporting the national campaign on Property Ownership.

    Under this Ruling, the application and operating effect of the First and Fourth Schedules of the Solicitors Remuneration Order, 1991 (SRO) have to be waived and suspended in respect all property and loan transactions listed and falling within the Scheme for the period. In place of the normal scale costs, the new rates of fees shall apply.

    The Special Ruling applies to all lawyers involved in doing conveyancing work pertaining to the campaign and not apply to other conveyancing work where the SRO remains to be fully and strictly complied with. All property campaign transaction effect after the expiry date will be reverted to the scale costs under the SRO.

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