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A permanent resident is a resident who is not a temporary resident.

Before you apply to be a permanent resident of Malaysia, you must first obtain an Entry Permit seeking to remain in Malaysia after the expiry of your pass.

The issue of an Entry Permit is not a right but merely an eligibility.

Only certain categories of persons are eligible to obtain an Entry Permit.

The categories of persons eligible to apply for an Entry Permit as set out in the Immigration (Prohibition of Entry) Order 1963 are

  1. persons in possession of specialist or professional qualification

  2. persons in possession of a certificate from the Minister of Home Affairs certifying that their admission would be in the economic interest of Malaysia

  3. wives and children under 6 years of age of persons falling within (a) or (b)

  4. wives of citizens of Malaysia who have been living separately from the husbands for a continuous period of 5 years

  5. children of citizen of Malaysia under 6 years of age

  6. special compassionate grounds

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