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Silver Hair Programme is special program launched by the government of Malaysia to allow senior citizens, pensioners along with the spouses from around the world to stay in Malaysia on a long term year-to-year basis social visit pass for 5 years initially and followed by an extension of stay for another year-to-year basis for the next subsequent 5 years.

Even though this program is not a pre-condition to a permanent resident status eligibility, qualified applicant are welcome to spend the rest of their lives in Malaysia as "permanent tourists".

The Silver Hair Programme is not available to citizens of Israel and Yugoslavia.

This is also the only program that is being offered to foreigners with financial qualification to stay in Malaysia on a long term basis.


You must be at lest 50 years to be eligible for this program.

However, the age of your spouse is unconditional.

If you are applying with spouse, you must

  • derive pensions or royalties or other income of not less than RM$10,000 per month or
  • have in possession of savings of RM$150,000.00

If you are applying as a single person, you must

  • derive pension or royalties or other income of RM$7,000.00 per month or
  • have in possession of savings of RM$100,000.00

Your savings must be transferred to a local bank or financial institution in Malaysia and you must maintain the income or savings when renewal of your visit pass annually.

Additionally, you must have a medical coverage or insurance applicable in Malaysia unless in case of person of old age the insurance coverage is refused by an insurance company where you have to provide proof.

Where your application is successful, you will be granted a visa in Malaysia if the nationals of your countries require visa to enter Malaysia.

The renewal of visa, where applicable, will be followed by the issuance of a year-to-year visit pass.

The fee for 1 year social visit pass is RM$90.00 and for visa will be based on the existing bilateral agreement of visa fees between the two contracting countries.

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